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  1. "They're a team who like to play football" - Heard this a lot last season as a Livi fan. Surely all football teams try to play football

    "He's got a wand of a left foot" - never heard of a wand of a right foot

    "He knows where the goal is" - There's 1 at each end of the pitch


  2. 3 hours ago, Mpire said:

    I was slightly disappointed with the numbers tbh. Not exactly a glamour tie though.

    Anyone else think that putting down the new pitch might actually put people off coming along? I've got the feeling that it does tbh... "football should be on grass etc. etc."

    I've heard that from people I work with when talking about our new pitch...mostly men of a certain age. I get where their coming from but we're trying to guarantee that football WILL be played...albeit on an artificial surface.

  3. On ‎22‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 04:32, scotfree said:

    The Who - Live At Leeds

    Would say maybe Isle of White tops that for iconic but a good shout

    For me it's Queen at Live Aid...everyone has seen pictures/video or heard audio from the concert...even Freddie's stage outfit from that show is more iconic than some of the concerts mentioned here.

    Beatles at Shea stadium a close 2nd

  4. Looks like we finished 0-0 tonight. By the snippets I caught from twitter we seemed to be under the cosh a bit. However, a clean sheet with Stewart and Maley getting some game time (the former making a few good saves by the sound of things) and an experimental defense is a pretty good result. We're still missing Hardie and De Vita who carry the goal threat we may have lacked tonight.

  5. That's what I thought as well but our Twitter listing him as trialist threw me off, maybe they're just going by the team sheet though. 
    Sibbald comes off after 25 minutes. Hopefully that's not a bad injury. 
    I suppose it allows Knox to get a run out...could be his last chance this season. Agreed on sibbald though...hopefully nothing serious as he's looked fantastic in the first few games
  6. 10 minutes ago, Fernandez Love Child said:

    Halkett was at fault for the goal but Kelly did himself no favours by his positioning. It wasn't a long ball forward so he never had a chance of intercepting. From the highlights of the QOS game and seeing the goal yesterday he needs to be wary of being caught out in no-mans-land. Overall a good first half performance and shakier second. Thought the midfield was solid, in particular Robinson, and Lamie had a very solid debut. Lots of positives to take away and should be set for the season to come after the Betfred Cup action.  

    TBF we were in possession so he'll have been pushing up to make himself available for a pass.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Afro said:

    Kelly wasn’t blameless but chance stemmed from Halkett’s mistake, simple as that. We need to sharpen up defensively and hopefully Tuesday will be a good test in that regard. A lot of chances created yesterday and on another day it could’ve been 5 or 6... Roll on Accies.

    If Kelly blocks the shot it'd be seen as a great starting position for him...he was unlucky, Halkett is solely at fault I reckon, should have just put his foot through it and send it up for BSLM to contest. Missed the game due to work but watching the highlights and K. Miller seems to be dropping deeper almost like a 10 which is allowing Pittman etc to push forward into scoring positions...we've got great goalscoring midfielders and it seems Kenny has taken note of this. Think we'll see goals evenly spread throughout the team again this season. Also nice to see BSLM get off the mark early this season, the only thing he lacked last season was goals but that was overlooked due to his work rate and ability to bring others players into the game. We're going to have a great strikeforce when Hardie is back.

  8. 1 hour ago, LiviLion00 said:

    Quite a rubbish picture but what on earth is Kelly doing that far out. Resulted in a goal for Airdrie. Obviously not good enough and has lost us goals.  Shocked we had Maley on the bench and not the new boy we just signed. 


    Some fans seem to have a bee in their bonnet about Kelly. Last season we had players who made mistakes and were left wanting defensively (some were even defenders) but the supports got behind the entire team...why does it seem to have changed?

  9. 3 minutes ago, Mpire said:

    The below is from an interview with L Miller on BBC. Not sure how i feel about changing it up. Was this not what everyone was worried about happening....

    'Mix it up a bit more'

    Livi made it back-to-back promotions via the play-offs, using long balls to good effect.

    However, Miller suggested a move away from the direct style adopted by former boss David Hopkin.

    "I think we're going to try and pass the ball a bit more this year," he said.

    "Obviously we had a style of play last season under Davie that suited us, but this year we want to try and add to that

    Against the better defences in the premiership, the direct game might not be as effective....I would imagine it'll still be there as a Plan B when the passing game doesn't work. We have players in the squad who are more than capable of playing a passing style as we showed numerous times last season. I think the part we as fans are worried about losing is the tireless closing down and harrying of opposition players when they're on the ball...if the energy and effort levels in that sense stay the same then I'd be happy.

  10. On ‎11‎/‎07‎/‎2018 at 08:40, DutchBorderer said:

    Newport County continue with FBT, who also supply Livingston in Scotland, and Crewe and Doncaster in England. Their new home and away shirts are modelled on the tops worn from 1938 through the second world war. Very nice, although the bands across the tummy end rather abruptly. The third kit is a more modern affair, reminiscent of Spain's away kit of yesteryear (click to enlarge, you know the drill);


    Would be more than happy for Livi's kit to be similar to, or the same as, this.

  11. 24 minutes ago, Zetterlund said:

    I like that big b*****d Dzyuba, looks a proper handful for defenders.

    Been an absolute standout. Not the most skillful or pacey but must be up there for player of the tournament with the way he's led the Russian line.

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