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  1. Surely the appointment of Kenny Miller takes Livi up the table a bit in this sense...probably second or third
  2. TBF we were in possession so he'll have been pushing up to make himself available for a pass.
  3. If Kelly blocks the shot it'd be seen as a great starting position for him...he was unlucky, Halkett is solely at fault I reckon, should have just put his foot through it and send it up for BSLM to contest. Missed the game due to work but watching the highlights and K. Miller seems to be dropping deeper almost like a 10 which is allowing Pittman etc to push forward into scoring positions...we've got great goalscoring midfielders and it seems Kenny has taken note of this. Think we'll see goals evenly spread throughout the team again this season. Also nice to see BSLM get off the mark early this season, the only thing he lacked last season was goals but that was overlooked due to his work rate and ability to bring others players into the game. We're going to have a great strikeforce when Hardie is back.
  4. Some fans seem to have a bee in their bonnet about Kelly. Last season we had players who made mistakes and were left wanting defensively (some were even defenders) but the supports got behind the entire team...why does it seem to have changed?
  5. You're not alone there...the site states the shirt is a throwback to the first SPL shirt. Would have been nice to see the black shorts too....saying that...two very nice kits
  6. Against the better defences in the premiership, the direct game might not be as effective....I would imagine it'll still be there as a Plan B when the passing game doesn't work. We have players in the squad who are more than capable of playing a passing style as we showed numerous times last season. I think the part we as fans are worried about losing is the tireless closing down and harrying of opposition players when they're on the ball...if the energy and effort levels in that sense stay the same then I'd be happy.
  7. Would be more than happy for Livi's kit to be similar to, or the same as, this.
  8. Just been announced that we've signed Ross Stewart (keeper) from you. What's he like?
  9. Was decent at Livi...think his time at Hamilton was blighted by injuries though.
  10. I was still fairly young in 98 but McFadden against France was insane scenes...totally out of the blue!
  11. Been an absolute standout. Not the most skillful or pacey but must be up there for player of the tournament with the way he's led the Russian line.
  12. Take a bow KDB...Belgium have been pretty good in the tournament so far without having to try too hard...they look quality tonight though
  13. What was the deal with the disallowed Colombia goal?
  14. Ref helping England there...let off with a shocker
  15. I'm sure there was mention that players making the VAR sign should get a booking...at least the English commentators said as much earlier in the tournament. Sure it happened at Almondvale when Livingston were playing Celtic and the ball was in the Celtic half and someone took a kick at larsson in the livi box. As ball was in play a pen was give. I don't believe Livingston would ever kick anyone
  16. That was my thought. I'm also assuming he's talking about future loans from Rangers as he's planning on staying around for a while...got ambition
  17. If they aren't gonna play halliday or dorrans I wouldn't mind them on loan until Christmas...you know...just to give them a bit of fitness [emoji6]
  18. Cptn Hooch

    FIFA 19

    Will definitely be getting this...more for Livingston being in it than anything else but hopefully the story is decent and the defending is better
  19. I'm more excited for the fight now...has the potential to be an absolute war
  20. Agreed, if Miller gets the job it seems he might be in an uphill struggle straight away with some fans. Whoever it is we need to get behind them
  21. How sure are you that it's Miller that's holding this up?
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