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  1. Halkett, Lithgow and Pittman are shoe ins surely...could make a case for Byrne too
  2. Ya beauty!!! Third very important win on the trot! Nice gap between us and Morton now. Well done to the brave few that made it along to the game tonight
  3. Following the Twitter from Lanzarote...got an update on my score app but ignored it thinking it was the second half starting...super Nicky Cadden!!!!
  4. The boy mikkelson should be affronted...he's been caught cheating on live TV...what a performance from the Amber Machine with 2 great goals and at least another that should have stood. Ryan Hardie is a wonderful human being...he's now heading off to cure polio before his next game
  5. Really need to bounce back this game. The league is starting to bunch up quite a bit and now that we're out of the cups we should be focusing on that 4th spot. I'd take a 1-0 Livi win...Hardie to score
  6. Was at Steel Panther last night in the O2 Academy...ears are still ringing like big ben...fantastic show...flawless musicianship and hilarious banter plus plenty of flashers in the audience. As for the support acts, wayward sons were pretty bland but Inglorious were fantastic, will definitely be keeping an eye out for them returning to Scotland.
  7. Sunderland fans don't seem too keen right enough https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/matthew-knox.1413508/
  8. I've wanted Knox to be as good as the hype but I've never really seen it. I've said for a while now that we should be looking to cash in on the hype and put a nice wee sell on clause. It would free up a wage (probably not a huge amount though) and give us a nice cash injection which might allow us to bring in the striker we need
  9. I got the Google home mini and t works great...only opted for the google as we have the chromecast tv and audio so figured the compatibility would be better. Works a treat too
  10. It's easy done with the long, rich history of Livingston FC
  11. 27 league goals in 3 years at Falkirk first time round when he had a bit of pace maybe but doubt he'd be any better than what we have. You're comparing him to strikers who aren't playing every game, are fairly young and one of which plays as a defender regularly. Definitely a player in his day but not worth the risk these days
  12. I had it in my head he was on trial with us a while back...might be making it up though lol
  13. I'd add Lee Makel, David Bingham and Stuart Lovell to that list. Would love to see the club do something like this though...could help with the positive image the club are building under Ward
  14. He's never been the most prolific of scorers and he's another big striker in a team with Todorov and Mackin
  15. Bit disappointing...thought he looked like what we have been crying out for up front
  16. Prices are agreed between both clubs...can hardly blame Livingston for it
  17. X Files is my all time favourite. Of the current shows though, I'm quite partial to Young Sheldon's theme and the Goldberg's theme
  18. Wasn't at the game but did he play right back or right wing? I'm sure he started as a winger
  19. Livi's longest serving player is Keaghan Jacobs with over 220 appearances since 2006 but did have a year in South Africa in 2015/16. Current continuous serving player currently at the club is Scott Pittman having signed in 2014
  20. Mangala is a bombscare...sold Stones completely for the penalty (he did get a touch on the ball but still a penalty). Young Zinchenko looks decent at left back considering he's an attacking midfielder.
  21. This. I find it totally bizarre tbh but maybe that's because I've never witnessed any form of persecution. I struggle to believe that English clubs, who are all absolutely driven by getting the EPL money, would purposely hire a worse manager purely on the colour of their skin. Exactly...I'm sure if a black manager with the management ability of Pep Guardiola went for a job he wouldn't be passed over for Tony Pullis
  22. Surely that's positive discrimination...getting an interview purely because of your skin colour.
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