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  1. 9 hours ago, wastecoatwilly said:

    I'm not clicking on that M8,I watch and listen to Ange after and before every game to my knowledge he has never mentioned it.
    He talks about getting better at champions league level in a footballing sense never in a financial one. 

    The Wrong Car: Ange has previously spoken of the financial disparity

    WCW: Ange has never mentioned financial disparity, i've listened to every single word he's ever said...unless i've missed it

    TWC: Here's proof


    TWC: Here's the quote then

    WCW: Ange has never mentioned financial disparity


    Welcome to a P&B thread involving one of the Glasgow 2

  2. 10 hours ago, Tony Wonder said:

    I was just about to say this. I don't dislike the pitch because Livingston have an unfair advantage and I'm not sure anyone, on this thread at least, has said so.  I don't like it because the pitch isn't a particularly good one and it's not enjoyable to watch games on. If fans are spending near enough £30 for a game, they are within their rights to say they think it's not enjoyable.


    11 hours ago, Empty It said:

    Has anyone actually said this?

    Livi are 4th because Martindale sets up well and are probably one of the hardest teams to beat in the league.

    I should have said, it wasn't on here I was seeing it posted...some proper yer da stuff on facebook and twitter

  3. 12 minutes ago, The Wrong Car said:

    Saying it gives us an advantage isn't the same as saying we shouldn't have one. The fact we're doing well in relation to Killie and Hamilton etc is down to other factors (recruitment etc). Essentially the pitch helps give us home advantage, which is our right, but it doesn't keep us in the league on it's own

    I get that but the stuff I've seen posted by opposition fans makes it sound like we're only 4th BECAUSE of the plastic pitch

  4. 2 hours ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Usually play Nouble up front for these games so that aint happening

    I was wondering if Martindale was saving Nouble for this game. I know it's a free hit and we don't expect to take anything from the game but Nouble is the kind of player that can give any defence a problem. We had matched Hearts twice already this season and Martindale maybe thought we could do it again without Nouble so gave him that extra few days to be ready for midweek.

  5. I don't get the argument of the pitch giving us an advantage. If there was a huge advantage by having a plastic pitch then wouldn't Killie, Hamilton etc be doing better than they are? Also, why shouldn't Livi have an advantage? Every other side in the league has a bigger budget than Livi....that's an advantage. Celtic, Rangers, Hearts Hibs, Aberdeen, St Mirren etc all have international quality players...that's an advantage. Many other teams have better training and fitness facilities than Livi...that's an advantage. All teams have some sort of advantage at home as they are used to the surroundings etc. 

  6. Usual time in to the royal rumble as there's always a few surprises. Was expecting the rock or stone cold or even a Cena but all we got was about 90 seconds of a barely able to move booker t and a no-show by Rey Mysterio....damp squib indeed. Best part was Logan Paul and Ricochet flying across the ring at each other

  7. On 24/01/2023 at 23:14, KirkieRR said:

    Re 'Darwen' above. The BBC site has opened a forum - 'Have Your Say' - on Darvel and one thing noticeable about the ha-ha-bleedin-Jock-football-is-a-pub-league-innit  Premier League armchair fanboys who are HYS's core market is that they can't handle the word 'Darvel' even when it's written on the screen they're looking at. 'Derval' and 'Darwel' are the most common variants.

    See also Livvie, Livy or Livvy

    On 25/01/2023 at 08:34, Leith Green said:

    Aye, but if you are an English journalist, it probably scans as "Daavil" because the useless twonks dont care about pronunciation of towns further north than St Albans and throw the "R" away (per The Proclaimers).

    The Poclaimers?

  8. 16 minutes ago, LiviLion said:

    Aye, I'm sure we'd open up all 3 stands if required (think we have to Hearts on occasion?), only giving another 400 is a bit weird, but if those go fast then the next lot will be given as well. Doing it little at a time probably sparks a bit of FOMO so folk are more likely to get them quicker before we announce tickets being sold on the day.

    Surprises me* if we've not got the tickets available online, best way of avoiding the high number of people buying a ticket on the day.


    *Unless it's a Ticketmaster problem, those will never surprise me.

    It's pretty much guaranteed that the OF will fill 3 stands but not quite as nailed on that Hearts will. Opening the 3 stands would require a bigger outlay for stewarding/policing which would hit the club if Hearts only end up filling 2 stands. Releasing them gradually seems like the sensible thing to do. As for PATG, I'm not sure if there will be the option on the day. I'm sure there's restrictions around these bigger games

  9. You can see the bond the respect have for Martindale and vice versa. It's well known he goes tonto during games but behind the scenes there's clearly a bond there. You've got some absolute giants in our team with guys like Nouble, Ayo, Guthrie, Shamal and now De Lucas who make it even funnier when this wee man is going off at them. There's clearly an understanding that it isn't personal and away from the football it's forgotten about. The length of time Martindale has been involved as a coach, assistant and now manager you'd expect a lot more former players lambasting him if there was any sort of an issue with his conduct but Panayiotou is the only one I've heard with anything negative to say. When we play against former players they're all very keen to catch Martindale before or after the game to speak with him which speaks volumes. Panayiotou gave the impression that he thought he was better than he showed on the park and was rightly told so. Martindale won't be the first or last manager to go tonto at his players, Sir Alex Ferguson was famous for it, we've seen Pep do it on the touchline, Phil Brown did it to the Hull players on the pitch.

  10. 14 minutes ago, Theroadlesstravelled said:

    Mahrez is a far better player than Jack Jack, Jack Grealish IMVHO.

    Grealish has been much better in the last few games...looks more like the Grealish at Villa. Mahrez goes through bursts of brilliant form but then also goes through long periods of being utter dugmeat and only being able to kick the ball with one foot.

  11. 6 minutes ago, tintax said:

    Tierney to move on from Arsenal in the summer? Clearly Arteta doesn’t fancy him to be play in that midfield role that he expects from his full backs. Was even hooked early on in the recent FA Cup game.

    City a potential destination apparently with Guardiola not happy with Sergio Gomez

  12. 4 hours ago, Durnford said:

    I still  cant fathom why he was deemed surplus to requirements by Hibs

    Could say the same about Anderson at Aberdeen, Stephen Kelly and Craig Halkett at rangers, Nicky Devlin and Jon Guthrie at Walsall...it amazes me how some of these players have been let go by their previous clubs

  13. 4 hours ago, ATLIS said:

    The Amber Pound is rolling on in, enjoy the show Stenny :D 

    On the other side of it Gary Naismith famously had our number in the League 1 title winning season. Here's hoping that was an East Fife related one off and not some foreshadowing of an upset.

    I genuinely wouldn't be surprised to see Martindale starting Esma in this, no, seriously (stop laughing). Front three of Bradley-Esma-Moyo would be some laugh. Even better if it was Nouble-Esma-Moyo, I'm not sure that's something lower league defenders could get close to


    I think Moyo has dropped to a bench player since the introduction of young Bradley who has been superb in every appearance 

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