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  1. Wouldn't mind if we took a punt on him and offset his wages by patching Isma. Would still leave us with Anderson, Nouble, Guthrie and, to a lesser extent, Shinnie as options to lead the line. All of whom have contributed more than Isma
  2. In addition to the ones already mentioned, Juranovic of Celtic and Barasic of the rangers in the Croatia squad. New Celtic recruit Johnson in the Canada team. Van Dijk and Frimpong for Netherlands both played for Celtic Danny Ward was at Aberdeen is representing Wales as is Aaron Ramsey who, it seems, has carried his rangers form into the world cup.Wales also have Dylan Levitt of Dundee United
  3. Nah, I'd rather have Soto than Goncalves....Soto may have been a bit of a headless chicken but he made the effort of running and I actually remember him with the ball at his feet. I don't think I can recall seeing Goncalves do anything productive with the ball other than miss a couple of sitters
  4. Aaron Mooy Alexis Mac Allister has Scottish heritage
  5. In fairness, being suggested for the rangers job puts him in the same bracket as David Martindale. We both agree that he's a fantastic manager though and he's definitely suited to international management. Would love to see him in a top job though because the performances he gets out of his players for Saudi Arabia, Zambia etc are always brilliant
  6. i was thinking this too...this result really puts the pressure on Argentina in what is already a tricky game (on paper) against Mexico
  7. Underrated? He's been hyped for the last ten years. yet he's not linked with many big jobs.
  8. Herve Renard has always been an underrated manager IMO. Was hoping he'd have been on the list for the Scotland job
  9. It's a stoater of a save...not sure if it was going in right enough. Hope the crown prince kept the receipts for those rolls royces
  10. I'm very much a fan of current experienced players (who have a bit of personality and decent media training) doing co-comms. Their opinions on the game are up to date and they always seem to have a bit more insight into how teams want to play. Certainly beats the likes of Danny Murphy and Steve McManaman
  11. Some of the refereeing performances at this world cup have rivalled Beaton and Collum for ineptitude
  12. They've made up for it today...what with all the unrest in Iran at the moment it's nice Wales let them win
  13. They certainly should be acting like that. The captain should be speaking to the ref, not 5 or 6 Iranian players effectively squaring up to him. The decision was wrong...the way they acted was also wrong
  14. Wales really are a one man team...that one man isn't Gareth Bale though, Keifer Moore has been head and shoulder their best player today
  15. I'm really enjoying the game...plenty of action, end to end at times, posts being smacked, goals disallowed and a sending off. Surprised more of the Iranians weren't booked for getting in the ref's face ..while they were correct in that it should be a red, they were screaming at him, inches from his face...a few were even pushing him around
  16. Decent game so far... hopefully the second round of games are less cagey now that teams know what they need
  17. 1 pass too many...the first guy should be shooting
  18. Rob Page comes across as a thoroughly decent chap
  19. https://www.srf.ch/play/tv/sport-clip/video/die-showeinlage-von-joerg-stiel-heute-vor-16-jahren?urn=urn:srf:video:467ef836-a8b7-4b8e-b1c2-239fa39a37b2 Jorg Stiel v Croatia at Euro 2004
  20. Was it not Switzerland that had the nutter of a keeper a few years back. I'm sure it was at a tournament where the ball was rolling towards goal and he lay down and stopped it with his forehead
  21. Clearly goalposts are taller and wider in Canada.... MUCH taller and wider
  22. Canada are a great watch....until they get within 20 yards of the Belgian goal
  23. Nah the other one nearer the end where the referee just stopped and stared in panic without making a decision. Witsel stands on the boys foot
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