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  1. Jeez...it wasn't that long ago in the grand scheme of things but it's frightening how different our team is now. I believe there's only Scott Pittman left from that squad....unless you count Gary Maley who didn't play and only registered as a player this season to sit on the bench in the game Stryjek was suspended for
  2. Sean Kelly looks to have taken responsibility for penalties after Holt took over from Obileye. We don't tend to do well at Fir Park but Nouble has made better defenders than Ricki Lamie look like wet paper bags so it could be interesting. Mugabe also looks liable to a headsgone at any moment so hopefully we can take advantage of that. Would take a point right now considering our previous struggles there. Would love Sean Kelly to smash a thunderb*****d passed his wee brother
  3. He certainly had a dip towards the tail end of last season. That's why we saw more of Kelly in the post split games. There may have been underlying factors such as injury or maybe his head wasn't right but he hasn't shown that full season consistency that Holt or Devlin does...YET. Even looking at someone like Jack McMillan who didn't play a lot but was always consistent when he played. Omeonga is an unbelievable player on his day...if he can go through the season playing like he has so far then he'll probably surpass Holt/Devlin levels
  4. We should really be chasing 7 figures for Fitzwater if we're serious about not getting shafted every time we have a top talent to cash in on
  5. I get the feeling Cancar was signed with a view to replacing Fitzwater. Davie hasn't been shy in saying he expects him to leave shortly for a fair wedge
  6. Omeonga went to tackle but pulled out, Boyle threw himself down in an attempt to con the ref and even claimed (as did a, clearly visually impaired Hibs supporter on here) that he was kicked in the chest which is some going considering Omeonga's never got above waist height. It's never (regardless of how vociferously Hibs fans protest) a penalty, even Johnson agreed. It should, however, have been second yellow for Boyle regardless of how soft his first booking was. The challenge between the Hibs LB (on a yellow) and Devlin looked like a normal coming together on first viewing but the Hibs boy grabbed Devlin and hauled him down which, not only injured Devlin, but was cynical in that it impeded Devlin from breaking away. A case for a second yellow for the Hibs player. I get the ref has tried to keep it 11 v 11
  7. Can't say I'd describe us as rigid....certainly organised in defence but in an attacking sense we seem very fluid with Nouble, Pittman, Shinnie and even Omeonga interchanging positions.
  8. He probably didn't need the loan to Arbroath either....one of the stranger decisions from Mr Martindale I'd argue we're playing better football now than we ever have under Martindale. Some great quick passing between our midfield and now we have guys like Nouble, Montano, Omeonga and Shinnie who are very good with the ball at their feet
  9. Looking forward to seeing Nouble bully Porteous although I'd like to see Anderson come into the team to give us a more clinical finisher
  10. I'm sure Mrs Arnautovic would buy one...maybe some for the nieces and nephews...
  11. Only gripe I would have is our slight lack of cutting edge... probably should have had 2 or 3 in the end.
  12. Looks like Sibbald kept a copy of our playbook. Fletcher looks deceptively quick for his age. We've been the better side and created the better chances by a slim margin, need a cutting edge though
  13. Was it? Nunez misses the ball and the defender kicks it back off him
  14. Cptn Hooch


    Yeah, watched this recently too, purely down to the fact the Russo brothers were involved and I was hooked from the first scene. I like Harold Perrineau's performance as Sheriff Stevens and I really enjoyed how mental Jade is. Felt the ending of the season was a bit flat but hopefully they build on that in the next season. Would like to see more of the "monsters" backstory and abilities in the second season but understand the writers were trying to build the sense of dread in the unseen rather than straight out jump scares. That scene in the crashed RV was brilliant horror writing
  15. dont know if i'd take joy in hearing a referee say he didn't give a penalty because the manager picked a diddy at left back...perhaps if it went against certain teams
  16. From the Livingston OS to get to that page you need to click a link that states "buy home tickets"....away supporters are sent to a different link
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