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  1. I noticed that he didn't challenge for every ball...he picked his moments but took up a great position that allowed him to win the second balls...that's something that only comes with experience and hopefully Shinnie can impart some of his knowledge to Hamilton and Anderson
  2. Let me try marking the players in the style of Scrutinizer [emoji16] Stryjek - 3/10 didn't hold every shot and one kick went out of play Devlin - 1/0 early booking meant he didn't go on his driving runs up the park Fizzywater - 1/0 should have scored Obileye - 7/10 best defender Longridge - 2/10 got the assist but isn't good enough for this level McMillan - 1/10 had the audacity to go off injured Williamson - 3/10 noised up the Celtic supporters at the goal Holt - 2/10 silly booking, not good enough for this level Penrice 2/10 virtually anonymous Lewis - 1/10 send back to Liverpool Shinnie - 4/10 got the goal but isn't an attacking player...plays best deeper like Sibbald It's like he never left [emoji16]
  3. I've been patiently waiting for scrutinizer to come on and say how shite Holt and Fitzwater were and tell us how we're still not going to get any points in our first 6 games....that and J.Domingo telling us how this result is good for business relations
  4. Lot of stuff thrown at Livi players from the away support yesterday. Noticed it at corners and especially the goal....big fan of Williamson giving it big licks in front of them and Shinnie shushing them.
  5. Imagine paying £20 to see it too [emoji12]
  6. Can't decide between Shinnie, Devlin or Holt for man of the match...all 3 have been unbelievable
  7. There's Alan "brother of Celtic's James" Forrest coming on
  8. Big save from Hart...could have/should have been 2 up. Great performance from the Lions so far...hope we can keep it up. Shinnie and Devlin have been outstanding
  9. You'd think the referee would at least TRY to hide his Celtic bias... holy f**k
  10. He takes the ball...fucking ridiculous booking
  11. Referee setting out his stall early by booking Devlin for a perfect tackle [emoji2371]
  12. No Celtic fans passing comment on the batshit claims either....can they see it's ridiculous???
  13. Would have loved BT to just pull all coverage of the rangers game last minute citing "safety concerns". That would have been poetry [emoji3526]
  14. My mate sent me this article about us gouging the poor Celtic fans [emoji23] https://celtsarehere.com/livingston-in-sunday-celtic-cash-grab/ Bit rich Celtic moaning about ppv when they don't offer it for away fans
  15. Finally got a look at the highlights...think we've been done out of a penalty in the dying stages for a handball. Would be harsh on Dundee but it's no different to the one that Crystal Palace got against Spurs
  16. Incidentally, I thought he was pretty decent for us. Didn't do anything spectacular but did the dirty work in the midfield
  17. Not much in it...Dundee have edged it on chances though and Stryjek has pulled off a couple of top quality saves. Hope Sibbald is ok but looks like there was a fair bit of blood on his sock after the tackle. Hopefully we can come out firing in the second half as we were starting to turn the game in our favour before half time. Not been impressed with Williamson, he looks like out of his depth. Forrest looks like our most likely to create something and is really starting to look like the player we were hoping to see last season. Would also like to see Montano come on to run at the backline.
  18. Aye but I'm actually really handsome...or so my mum says [emoji2371]
  19. I can't tell if your serious about coming the hard man or having a laugh but either way you're not very successful. Hope you get treated to a Capri-sun at the game wee man
  20. I don't want to break your heart but A) I'm not one of these ridiculous manchildren that go to football for a fight B) I'll no be there today as I have a job C) A job is somewhere you go and complete a task for money
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