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  1. Nice gift basket in the referees room from st mirren?
  2. Gollum has probably killed this as a decent game. The right winger for st mirren has had Lithgow for pace every time. Think sibbald has been asked to drop in to help which has nullified his attacking ability. Hardie has done really well but had one chance to make it 2-0 and passed it at the keeper from the edge of the box
  3. That'll be getting appealed....Halkett takes the ball cleanly and gets sent off....SFA w**k w**k w**k
  4. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Neither of whom have set the heather alight this season. Jorginho certainly looks a neat passer but has been found out defensively a few times and Fred seems to be out of his depth any time I've seen him play. Gundogan has been the best at filling in but as you say...not good enough against the better teams.
  5. Most articles about Livi can usually be binned....unless its written by Calum Carson
  6. Where are you reading this? I wouldn't believe it tbh...we have the smallest budget in the league with one of, if not the, smallest squads...can't see us being in a worse state than the likes of st mirren, Hamilton etc. We appear to have been run very sensibly over the last few years.
  7. Lot of people mention Byrne. Lithgow stepped into the captain's role against Hibs when Halkett was missing and I thought he did great. Either of them would be a good choice but I'd opt for Lithgow, his communication seems to be slightly better than Byrne's
  8. Premier League 2018-19

    Chelsea are actually shite
  9. Premier League 2018-19

    Chelsea have been crying out for a striker all game...no focal point to their attacks. Hazard is being crowded out playing through the middle
  10. MMA Thread

    Reckon Poirier has the better chance of the 2 to beat Khabib. Outstanding fight...which one gets fight of the night??
  11. MMA Thread

    I'd watch these guys fight every week
  12. MMA Thread

    Big round for Max...this is where his cardio might start to come into play. You can tell even though he's taken so much punishment that max loves to be in this fight
  13. MMA Thread

    [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54] [emoji54]
  14. MMA Thread

    That's some chin on Max
  15. MMA Thread

    If this goes the distance and Holloway signals to trade like the Pettis fight I might just combust