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  1. We've been due that. Was looking like normal service with Pittman's chance and the goal line stramash in the first half not going our way but we kept our heads up and took the 3 goals well. On another day that's 5 or 6. Lawson was my man of the match closely followed by sibbs. Dykes was very good too and when he took the ball down the line in the second half, taking 3 Killie players with him he looked like he was bursting with confidence and it showed with a fantastic finish and an assist.
  2. Would have taken a point before the game but disappointed to drop 2. Greg aitken is still a grade A c**t booking every foul by a Livi player and letting the same fouls by hearts players go.
  3. For a 50-50 where he took the ball....Greg Aitken reverting to type already
  4. I'm not blaming them for how shite we were... they're constant timewasting from the 10th minute as well as getting away with holding and leading with elbows all game added to my bad mood
  5. f**k Willie collum, f**k the diddy alliance, f**k the could weather!!! Shite all round, Hamilton are the most negative side I've seen in years
  6. I agree he's certainly not a goalscorer but his ability to carry the ball up the park is something we don't have a lot of in the team at the moment. Think he injured himself when he missed that chance against aberdeen and that's why we haven't seen much of him. There are plenty of players i'd have in ahead of him but I like him as an option on the bench
  7. He's been very good in his few appearances so far. Maybe one game I thought he was poor but he gives us a different option. Ran Kilmarnock ragged last season and I think one of the games against Rangers this season he was very dangerous and his close control and strength caused them all sorts of bother.
  8. I'd say Sarkic can't be far off Broto standard. For a young guy his kicking is superb....plus he has the sideways kick similar to Broto
  9. Im not saying he was one of our better player but there has been a lot worse than him. He didn't fit our style of play. GK - Tony Bullock - Possibly the worst EVER keeper to play for Livi RB - Jonathon Brown - Reasons for his inclusion have been covered by other posters already CB - Neil Hastings - By all accounts he was a decent coach with the youngsters but a football he was not CB - Michael O'Byrne - Signed from Albion Rovers as "an exciting prospect"....maybe exciting for opposition teams when they saw him in the lineup. LB - Ibra Sevane - Tough decision as we haven't had too many bad left backs. Sevane takes it due to being so unfit and only managing to play 1 or 2 games. RM - Aaron Conway - Watched him in the preseason friendly against Spartans that year and thought him and Bobby Barr would destroy teams up and down the wings....Conway always looked overweight like Lee Matthews playing on the wing. CM - Hugo Faria - Looked every inch the cultured continental midfielder that would be spraying pin point passes all over the park and strolling every game....then he started playing and literally strolled everywhere having zero effect. CM - (The Famous) Mathew Knox - The player with the best agent in the game...not sure exactly what position he was supposed to be...he played a bit in the middle, a bit up front, a bit on the wings....and was hopeless at them all. Had a terrible attitude by all accounts and never looked close to living up to the hype that surrounded him when he was on trial at Rangers or Manchester United and had interest from Spurs and Liverpool too. LM - Moses Duckrell - Scott Pittman summed him up best when he said he's a great guy...a terrible footballer though. FW - Ibra Sekajja - Harsh inclusion considering he obviously had a bit of talent and scored an important goal at Ibrox....but then injured himself celebrating said goal and will now forever be known as a complete diddy. FW - Rob Ogleby - A nothing player who has already retired from playing at 27. His wikipedia entry for his time here sums him up nicely "Ogleby signed for Livingston in July 2014" Honourable mentions Andrew McNeil - Terrible keeper with a haircut that looked like the knot in a bin bag Kenny Miller - Still has the mental side to his game and can still stick the ball in the net, however was always dropping so deep to manage the team on the field that he was useless as a striker. Showed in his time at Dundee he could still do a job when he didn't have the pressure of management over his head Gary Maley - An absolute gent and bit of a club legend but he's not a professional footballer Gregg Wylde - Another one that caused some excitement and flattered to decieve. Livi aren't the kind of team that can afford to bring a player in and not play him...but Gregg Wylde was one of those players Darren Cole - Was brilliant in his first season then became one of the worst players in that team after that
  10. I did watch him play and I'd have said a finish was all the lad had. Don't seem to remember him spurn many chances but didn't create many for himself. Relied of loose balls or great set up play
  11. That the same Dylan Mackin that ended the season as our joint top scorer despite playing half of it for another team?
  12. The level of decency expected as part of the diddy alliance. That plus the turnstile operator may question it and send you back round to the ticket office to purchase an adult ticket.
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