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  1. We're done with that shite in this thread This is the stuff we're here for
  2. Penn and Teller are still doing plenty. Their stage show, produced alongside mischief theatre, has been touring around the country this year, they still have their TV show "fool us" running as well as numerous cameo appearances in other TV shows. All this plus their Vegas show in the Penn and Teller Theatre still runs.
  3. I'd imagine we'll stay with the 4-3-3 and the only possible personnel changes I can think of would be Fitzwater coming back in but Kelly hasn't done anything to warrant being dropped. Shamal Devlin Kelly Ayo Montano Holt Pittman Omeonga Moyo Guthrie Nouble Anderson should be nearing fitness too which hopefully means we'll start to see more of him being reintroduced. Games against St Mirren are always tight affairs and we seem to be quite keen on winning 1-0...so i'll go for that
  4. A Nation's League Carriage Clock....if we'd beaten Ukraine we'd have won the Speed Boat
  5. I'm certainly not gonna pretend I fully understand it all but I understand what it means to Scotland which is the most important thing. Its certainly given teams like us a chance at decent competitive(ish) football even if it's not officially recognised by FIFA
  6. Very brave of the team to wear an all white kit tonight after "kitchin-gate"
  7. You just know Porteous is gonna cost Hibs this weekend against county after that stellar display tonight.
  8. The same player who was in acres of space in their box but didn't run for the pass? Surely no
  9. He genuinely looked like he was gonna whitey
  10. Could argue the ball was out of play for a corner before the ref blew...not sure if it was but these are the grey areas that'll arise
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