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  1. No interesting story about mine. Just Mr Livingston, Keaghan Jacobs, celebrating his goal against Partick Thistle in the play off final that took us up to the Premiership
  2. Yes but that doesn't mean they can go breaching the sponsorship rules of the agreement. The deal is in place and all clubs should adhere to the rules in place...they'd be quick enough to accept any prize money from them
  3. Agreed to an extent. It was always going to be a huge ask to get anything from the game with a full squad who have had a full preseason but with us missing a lot of key players and many more still not fully fit it was made even tougher. I would have liked us to offer a bit more going forward but all things considered I can't complain.
  4. why no? everyone else is! Reckon Rylan will present the trophy a la Howard from the Bank of Scotland adverts?
  5. seems to be ranjurz doing ranjurz things, can't allow celtic to dominate the banter years completely
  6. Some of the knicker-wetting on the Livi facebook group is mental. I could understand it if we were playing a Ross County or Dundee but everyone before the game seemed in agreement that anything less than 3 would be a great result. We lost a cheap goal early but kept the best team in the country at bay for a good while. Kabia was starting to cause some issues until he went off, hopefully it's nothing serious as he's EXACTLY the type of player we need. Would echo the Hamilton fan's thoughts on Hamilton and Anderson together, think there could be a Miller-Hardie type partnership in the making there.
  7. It's like celtic are consciously trying to recreate some of the highlights of the the rangers' journey - but in green. Why wouldn't they? They can't let their best pals in blue across the city have ALL the fun
  8. There's a "possibility" of hot beverages being carcinogenic let's ban bovril at the fitba
  9. Can see us going back to the same formation we played last season against the rangers Stryjek McMillan Fitzwater Obileye Parkes Montano Holt Lewis Sibbald Pittman Anderson
  10. Assuming you're referring to the postponed games v Aberdeen. If we had a grass pitch it would have been the same outcome...and possibly many more games called off
  11. Close the internet...Rostov have completed it. Wonder if this is a nice wee nod in support of Mark Hoppus in his fight against cancer
  12. The article that the picture of Celtic's pitch is from has Scott Brown complaining over the state of it, the rangers one is from when the game against Livi was postponed, the hearts one may have been due to an event* and the easter road pitch was being complained about by Steven Gerrard in an article. There are plenty more instances where I've seen on the highlights some of the pitches looking in a sorry state but can't find pictures.
  13. So is Livi's darker looking pitch with black pellets any worse than the tattie fields many of the pitches in Scotland become in the winter months
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