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  1. I mostly agree with the lineup you went for but I'd have Efe at DM alongside Marv with Brown hopefully fit to partner BBJ at the heart of the defence. Think Efe carries the ball well and would excel in that role...sibbs was really quiet against st mirren other than his speculative shot, plus after his injury I'd be surprised if he was fit to play.
  2. How have Livi done? Do we have a "history" yet? 😄
  3. I have to agree with Hassan Kachloul...been trying to find footage of "that" free kick for ages.
  4. That'll be the same sibbald who had to go off injured after being clattered in the air?
  5. I'd have Efe (our best player today) at RB with Fitz (unless brown is fit) and Guthrie in the middle and ATS on the left. Back to a 4-2-3-1 and play to our strengths. We looked an absolute shadow today. Defence were operating the 2m social distancing for the goal...3 centre backs who don't know each other is a nightmare
  6. It's gonna be a long season if we continue to defend like this....toothless
  7. If that's a foul on obika then we should have had a penalty earlier...for a big guy he doesn't half roll about
  8. Need to bin the 3 at the back...I get we have an abundance of defenders but Gary needs to stop trying to shoehorn them all in. The extra man at the back means dykes lacks the support up top
  9. Surely Gerard Deulofeu could make them some money. Would probably have seen them safe if he hadn't been injured for the majority of the second half of the season.
  10. Odoffin looked decent going forward and has pace to burn but seemed to be lost in a defensive sense plus he doesn't have the physicality the rest of our team does
  11. When Antigulov took him down it played to Paul's strengths...very good off his back.
  12. it's on in the background at work so I'm catching some of it...looked a late stoppage by Herb Dean (shocker) there in the Trinaldo fight, the guy looked out on the deck
  13. The Tony Hawk games had outstanding soundtracks...THPS2 was probably my favourite so I'm looking forward to the remaster.
  14. I'm wondering if the 3 at the back is an experiment to help us pick up more positive results away from home...the 4-2-3-1 seemed to work great at home where we are stronger
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