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  1. Give yourself a day aff mate. where's the Garry O'Conner OOF meme when you need it?
  2. He's made several better saves this season already. Point blank saves seem to be his speciality...letting long range shots squirm through him also seems a knack of his unfortunately. He's a top keeper though.
  3. I get why you might say that but as you say it's the refs prerogative to stop the play there. The big celebration was down to who scored. Pittman has been a vital player for us since the league 1 days and he's had a tough time with injury and struggling to come back at his best. The relief was painted all over his face after the goal and it was brilliant to see.
  4. Overjoyed for Pitts!!! He's needed that!! You could see the joy/relief in that celebration
  5. That's a Martin boyle-esque dive from O'Halloran...and he gets the foul [emoji23]
  6. Was just thinking 1 goal isn't going to be enough then an absolute gift from Clarke. Nice finish from Anderson though
  7. It's bad craic when you're looking forward to international breaks to see some success. The unshakeable hope that we'll come good that o usually kept for the national team is still there for Livi though....probably not this game
  8. He's referred to Scotland as "us" and "we" in plenty of interviews, he sings the national anthem before kickoff. If he didn't "feel scottish" he wouldn't have chosen to play for us. He's not the most polished with the media but I've noticed him improving slightly. Listening back to some of his early interviews as a Livi player and it's night and day already. As a player he's got the potential to improve even more and that's the most exciting thing. Genuinely can see him playing in the EPL and being a fair success.
  9. I believe he's suspended for the Moldova game. Canny believe there's still folk out there that don't want him in the team. He's not the best player in the world but he's EXACTLY the type of player this Scotland team needs.
  10. That looked offside there, surely the English officials wouldn't make a mess of VAR [emoji848]
  11. Watching it live I thought both looked marginally off. The ref pointed to Lukaku though
  12. The reasoning seems to be that he hadn't played a lot of football before joining and the management felt that to get the game time required for him to be up to speed with Scottish football he'd need to go out on loan...at the time it kinda made sense with us having Anderson, Hamilton and Reilly but in hindsight it appears to have been a mistake. I suppose seeing how much Panayiotou, Montano and Parkes have struggled to be match fit coming from a similar or higher level to Nouble it's understandable
  13. I see Celtic are demanding Aberdeen find and punish the fan who threw something at Kyogo last weekend...how many things were thrown at Shinnie by Celtic fans when he scored against them? Other players had things thrown at them while taking corners too yet....silence
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