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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

    I think he's in the same boat. It seems his feet move faster than his brain at times. I guess that makes him unpredictable but if he can keep his composure more often he'd be unplayable
  2. Livingston vs Hearts

    The Hearts' defence will be having nightmares about Menga and Hardie after tonight's performance. What a difference it makes having a recognised striker and not having to rely on Menga doing it all. Having Hardie alongside him has allowed Menga to concentrate on the link up play and holding the ball up which is what he does best.
  3. Livingston vs Hearts

    I'll point you back to this.... We are finally getting the recognition that our performances deserve...even the mentions of the pitch being a leveler have reduced in the last month or so.
  4. Livingston vs Hearts

    Funny how it coincided with us being televised...it seems with a lot of pundits that if it's not on telly it doesn't count
  5. Cadden looks a better prospect at wingback than Mullin ever did last season. His delivery still needs a bit of work, especially if he's playing on the left as he keeps cutting onto his right. Struggled to find a man or clear the ball with his left tonight. However, he's still young and has already come on leaps and bounds so fingers crossed keeps it up because he'll be an important player if he can.
  6. Livingston vs Hearts

    I wasn't sure who our penalty taker was...It seems to have been ages since we had one. Thought Hardie would have taken it and was gobsmacked when Halkett who had just been flattened stepped up. Sums him (and this team) up perfectly, willing to go get hurt and showing serious composure when required. Can any Livi stattos tell me when the last time one of our players was booked for dissent? The discipline in the team has been outstanding for the last few seasons. Robinson might have been recently as he has a tendency to push buttons etc
  7. Livingston vs Hearts

    I thought he was slightly off the pace in the first half tonight...gave up possession a lot and got caught out a few times(plus the chance he had to score from a yard out)...luckily Decs and Lithgow were alongside him to keep things safe until he came out in the second half and put in a usual Craig Halkett performance. He's been sensational for years now so I can't complain too much about a small dip. Hopefully John Ward can give us a nice Christmas gift and get Craig signed up for at least another year.
  8. I've been impressed with Cadden too. He's certainly improved defensively so could be a shout for nailing down that position
  9. To be fair...with the way the team is playing (especially tonight) he wasn't gonna be knocking on the door anytime soon. Saying that, I still feel that out wide is our weakest areas...plenty of players that do a good job in there but no real stand outs.
  10. Livingston vs Hearts

    Had both teams to score, Livi to win for a £35 return too He's like a wee boy on Christmas day!! What a performance, what a team, what a night, what a season...thought we'd edge a close game 2-1, did not see that scoreline coming. If I'm being honest, the red card was very harsh but we lost on Tuesday night after a horrible call from the officials so it was nice to get the rub of the green a bit. Watched the second half at work and the boy next to me seemed concerned by the noises I was making throughout...hope he doesn't look over or he'll see the spooky ghost!
  11. Livingston vs Hearts

    Surely the team will be better recovering from that lush grass pitch we had the privilege of playing on last night [emoji23]
  12. Livingston v St Mirren

    Much better fight in the second half...Menga was like a man possessed, must have had a rocket up the arse at half time. Great to see Hardie get off the mark. Jack Hamilton made quite a nuisance of himself after he came on, hopefully keeps it up. Hope Lamie's injury isn't too bad either although Jack McMillan was superb coming off the bench. I thought Burns was the straight forward replacement but McMillan did really well.
  13. Livingston v St Mirren

  14. Livingston v St Mirren

    In fairness, Menga has come out a different player in the second half