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  1. Yeah, we certainly don't have the personnel atm for the back 3. The rumour of Montano signing points to a potential WB role. Would also allow Mullin to play more centrally behind a striker where he shone previously.
  2. I'm wondering if the back 3 was down to Davie and the 4-2-3-1 was Holt's input. We played the back 3 so well with Gallagher, Halkett and Lithgow and it would allow Devlin and Jacko to get forward more
  3. He hasn't even tried to hide it in this game
  4. That's given as a penalty just about every week
  5. Ring walk will be around 4am at the earliest according to some sources
  6. Woolly and Tig has Tam from Still Game in a few episodes plus Tig is played by Betsy McCredie, the daughter of Taggart's Colin McCredie who appears as Tig's dad. I've been lucky that my daughter has moved away from Peppa Pig and is now into Scooby-Doo which is still a firm favourite of mine.
  7. I seem to remember seeing the Dundee United v Dunfermline QFs the year Livi won the playoffs. I'm not sure how legitimate the source of the video was right enough
  8. Rick Beato is fantastic, has an insane knowledge on production and writing. A good music doc I watched on Netflix a while back was Artifact. It's about 30 seconds to Mars and their fight against their label. Gives a good insight into how the major labels bend the artists over even if Jared Leto can come across a little preachy.
  9. Maybe not technically but his style suits us better
  10. I'd have him back in a heartbeat. He maybe won't been offered a deal until Martindale knows his budget
  11. These two statements seem contradictory. Ian Wright should turn off his DM's as he's a person in a sensitive job but normal folk with sensitive jobs should be allowed to hide their identity to allow them to use social media? You say using your proper identity defeats the whole point of social media which is nonsense...the whole point of social media is to connect people, not to disguise people. What you've described is covert ANTI-social media
  12. He was walking away from the ball when it was battered against him...mental decision to book him IMO
  13. Congratulations to Arbroath on staying up. Been following your results since Hamilton joined. Hoping to see him get more of a chance in a Livi shirt next season after two impressive loans.
  14. I used to watch repeats on Gold with my Papa, the two of us used to howl with laughter at it while my wee sister sat bemused
  15. Hoping we give him another contract. I really like him as a player but many Livi fans don't rate him
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