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  1. Livingston v Dundee

    Just in from work....what's the story with Byrne's red card?
  2. Livingston v Dundee

    Is he offering a fight or a wee kiss Both...he's a nice guy. He'll kick your head in but he'll give you a cuddle after to make you feel better
  3. Rise of Astro Pitches

    The ball bounces like a bouncy ball, depending on how the pitch has been prepared the ball either moves at the speed of light or twice the speed of light, the pitches look shite. Weren't the Celtic fans/players/management moaning about the ball holding up on the pitch? Just shows people are having an uneducated stab at picking faults in the pitch
  4. Oliver Burke

    Standard weeknight
  5. Think the booking points reset after the winter break
  6. Motherwell v Livingston

    Potentially Tiff on the wing with Erskine up top alongside Hardie
  7. Motherwell v Livingston

    Perhaps...also I hadn't seen the article about De vita until after I posted lol.
  8. Motherwell v Livingston

    The only reason I suggested dropping lawless was due to the physical Motherwell team and the fact we'll likely be on the back foot it might be an idea to set up with 2 more defensive wingbacks in Hakeem and Lamie
  9. Who’d win this fight?

    The ugly sisters to release statements regarding Brenda and steeeeeeevie's poor performance
  10. Motherwell v Livingston

    Can see Hakeem maybe starting this one on the right...only natural RWB we have now. I also reckon Erskine would be a better starting point against Motherwell's physical backline. Tiff on for pace when they've had enough. Kelly Gallagher, Halkett, Lithgow Hakeem, Byrne, Jacobs, Pittman, Lamie Hardie, Erskine Subs: Stewart Sibbald Brown Tiffoney De Vita Lawless Wylde
  11. Who’d win this fight?

    Gerrard goes to throw the first punch but slips, misses and knocks himself out on the pavement. Reckon ex military man Gary Holt would be in with a shout but agree that Tommy Wright is probably the bookies favourite
  12. Nah you're right, the 27th "goal" was actually offside and correctly not given by the officials...hence this article being in the terrible journalism thread
  13. my pocket had a lot to say this morning In fairness, it was more insightful than some of the shite some of the old firm fans come away with
  14. Good to see he's on the road back...I'd imagine Holt and Martindale don't want to rush him back too soon and risk further injury...we've already seen that with Hardie.