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  1. Shite David De Gea is gonna get Lennon the sack [emoji23]
  2. It's been confirmed they'll be wearing the current kit at the euros
  3. Isn't Turnbull still isolating after a covid scare on national duty?
  4. We look a team possessed and much more like the Livi from last season
  5. im sure a 3rd season has been confirmed already
  6. Nobody overspent twice...it was 2 completely different boards.
  7. Not feeling as confident as I should tbh. Ayr will be the biggest test we've had in this competition. Holt leaving is a bit of a bombshell and this game could be quite telling. If there's wholesale changes and even a change of tactics then it perhaps suggests Martindale and Holt weren't seeing eye to eye. Saying that...I'm sure most Livi fans would be happy to see changes, drop Jet for Poplatnik or Tiffoney plus get Mullin and Forrest on from the start. A good performance here will hopefully lift our spirits and push us on for the league. As for the ex Ayr boys, Forrest has been arguably our best player this season. A real threat cutting in from the left...he can sometimes take a touch too many like his brother though but is still young enough to improve. Devlin is fantastic at getting down the line and skipping past defenders like they aren't there but his deliveries into the box tend to be awful. He got our Player of The Month award recently but I'd like to see more of McMillan who is better defensively. Robbie Crawford is, for some reason, on loan at Motherwell. I'm a big fan of Robbie and if he learned how to shoot he'd be first choice in our midfield. Had he still been here he'd be putting some serious pressure on Bartley for the starting spot.
  8. Gary Holt would be a great fit for Dundee. A decent group of players who need to be more organised. I'd be surprised if he's not on their radar now
  9. Source? or are we just making things up now? Peter Crouch has been spotted at Asda in Livingston looking at extra large towels for his new digs in Dedridge. Surely he's a shoe in with mentioning how he'd love to try management on his podcast
  10. I can genuinely see us going down that route. Go for the media coverage and sponsorship to help keep the club afloat and hope that it works out on the pitch. It's a major gamble but other than the usual names (McIntyre, Hughes, Hartley etc) there's not many REALISTIC options out there. Perhaps Marvin Bartley would be the easy option with him currently being the reserves manager. If that were to happen I'd hope he'd retire from playing and concentrate on management. Would love Tommy Wright but can't see him playing well with Martindale like Holt and Hoppy did. Those calling for Hoppy back need to have a look at his record since leaving us. He struck gold with the players we had and how they fit a system but as we've seen this season...we don't have the players to play Hoppyball anymore.
  11. I'm genuinely disappointed. Felt he was the right man to turn it round and personally can't see who we'd replace him with. Think there will be a few happy folk though as the "Holt out" shouts were growing
  12. The keeper is always going to move when the player stutters before hitting the penalty. If the rules have changed to keep keepers on their line then they should change to stop stuttered run ups
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