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  1. He would in basically every game until he comes up against Paterson's cousin in Michael Travis as he is an absolute tank!
  2. Heard last week that we are after Gavin Reilly from Queen of the South is this true or not?
  3. C'mon Forfar, Forfar to win 2-1 another Kerr Hay goal would be great if he gets on!
  4. Why is there Hibs fans posting on a Hearts forum? Do you not have stuff to speak about on your own ones about how you are going to TRY and go up through playoffs??
  5. Hope Michael Travis is at left back this week honestly thought he played pretty well from a guy that hardly knows that left back.
  6. Ziggy Gordon is a great defender would be a great signing
  7. Clearly am if I am a season ticket holder at Station Park. Yes I also support Hearts but I can't get down to Edinburgh every week so I go and watch my local team play on a Saturday. When I don't visit Tynecastle
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