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  1. Just seen line up, Mclesh and Gunn useless, no goals there then, b*****d looks like a win for Forfar
  2. As I said he hasn't done that well and it shows when Sutherland is missing,Dodd's hasn't done much either, I haven't seen much of them I am just trying to dent Elgins ego
  3. I should have said compared to Sutherland 24 goals 32 apps.
  4. " plenty of players who can score easily if we have a good day " Must have had a bad day on Tuesday
  5. 8 goals in 32 appearances, thats no that good
  6. If Sutherland is out then its a def win, they have a flaky defense and 2 junior players, one a winger and one who is supposed to be a striker with 90% effort and 10% skill.Last time I saw them the right winger was out run by the linesman and the left back plays like a schoolboy 3-1 Arbroath
  7. A customer invited me to Montrose for free drink and food so sitting watching was no hardship,I hate to say this but I think Montrose were the unlucky side and Elgin had all the luck, two ex junior players who should be back playing junior and a wee fat guy on the wing who was out run by the linesman and the ballboy and the worst defense in this league, at the start of the game I had Montrose down for at least a draw, the new manager seems to have made a big difference
  8. Great win, Weir reminds me of a previous Arbroath manager, when things are not working out, its rabbit and headlights until its too late
  9. Weir scared of Arbroath , playing for a draw
  10. You will see , second half, Arbroath start scoring
  11. Arbroath win if we can score early, Linn and Skelly to take the piss out of a crap Elgin defense
  12. Calm down every team has an of day, its early days yet
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