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  1. Larkhall Thistle thrown out of Caley League

    The boy Gibson then
  2. Larkhall Thistle thrown out of Caley League

    50 mile round trip to go to training probably twice a week. Every match an away match. Don't understand why anyone at his level would play with an amateur team so far away from where they live
  3. Larkhall Thistle thrown out of Caley League

    What league are you hearing?
  4. End of season

    I think teams should try to play more midweek games at the beginning of the season if possible. Always seems to be lots of games to play at the end when maybe they could play a few more at the beginning
  5. Larkhall Thistle thrown out of Caley League

    So Cambria and Wishaw getting promoted to the Premier and Doune getting relegated
  6. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    He wasn't suspended
  7. Amateur Applications

    You don't need a stadium. I believe you need a enclosed pitch to stop anyone from just turning up
  8. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    I thought you weren't allowed to play any games when Scottish games were called off for that reason
  9. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Douglas or Thorn are away to Shortlees or Dumbarton in the Quarters
  10. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    According to dumbartons Twitter it's at Grange academy with a 2.30 ko
  11. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Central league looks wide open. Hard to pick a winner from that. Dumbarton looking strong in the cale. Only thing that could stop them is if they go further in the west and scottish and end up with 3 games a week.
  12. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    How is the weather looking for the 8 games getting played this weekend? More chance being on the further west you go?
  13. Scottish cup weekend predictions

    Pennies Douglas Academy Bannockburn Oban Saints Goldenhill (after a replay) Dumbarton Academy (after a replay) St Patrick's Stenhousemuir Community (after a replay)
  14. West of Scotland Quarter Final Draw

    Easy win for Shotless this weekend against Dumbarton then if this thread is anything to go by