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  1. Watched the wee piece on youtube about David Turnbull and his recovery. Seems such a genuinely nice young man and down to earth as well. He loves motherwell as much as they love him. Deserve every penny you lads get for him when his big move eventually comes about.
  2. Giroud has also scored 39 international goals in 97 appearances averaging a goal every 3 games. Bit selective using a period of 7 games in the biggest tournament in world football to justify starting mcburnie in a crucial game for scotland. Facts are facts 0 goals and as many assists in a scotland Jersey. He could also be the greatest centre forward in terms of hold up play the world has ever seen but ultimately strikers are judged on goals and 4 goals over the course of 29 games falls a long way short of being a good striker. Hes average at best in an over achieving team.
  3. Should have went to bed after the last fight , barely anything traded between the 2 of them. Disappointed is an understatement as that had the potential for fireworks.
  4. Couldn't argue about it either way tbf. Agreed on the greatest womens fight ever though was mad. Rematch is a must surely.
  5. Holy f**k jj's head is grotesque. What a fucking fight.
  6. Mate of mine tipped leishman at the start of the week at 40s , 2 shots behind Hatton but rory in a similar position. Should make for an interesting final round.
  7. Telling somebody to have a pint and chill out when you seem to be a seething mess is a bit ironic. Or so it would seem.
  8. You always seem to be permanently raging. Should try having a beer and a nice mellow Sunday afternoon. I've heard it helps.
  9. Sandy's cop a lot of flak on here but fair play intonquaters and will fancy themselves especially at home.congats to all teams as they are there on merit at this stage.
  10. Always a problem when sunday teams have a lot of saturday boys playing.thats the dangers I suppose.
  11. Seen your team play a couple of times this year , on a bad run if results but genuinely dont think the table does your team justice . Well organised and try to play football the right way. I'm sure with a rub of the green you will start picking up positive results.
  12. McKenna was outstanding, consistency with his talent will see the sheep get close to what they value him at. A long way off the projected 10 million though.
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