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  1. Great boxer , total fucking idiot of a man though.
  2. Agreed the ferguson fight would make the most sense , wee curveball though anybody any thoughts on khabib moving up to welterweight and trying to take usmans title?
  3. Amir Khanesk looking good coming through but who will be DD's breidis Prescott ? I agree though he will be on a highlight reel in the not so distant future.
  4. Considering the guy slapped him at the weigh ins absolutely no issue with him big a bit ott. Does seem a bit of an extrovert though.
  5. This is surely one of the worst womans matches of recent times , so bad.
  6. Aye ok , wasn't watching the press conference hence why I asked the question. As you were.
  7. Glad someone pointed this out. Bennett desperately trying to scramble a couple of points 2 games into a season that looks like it will struggle to be played to a finish already. People saying boli should be savked are hypocrites. If this was one of our better players theres no way this would be mentioned. The player will be punished , fined 2 weeks wages and made to adhere to the SG's guidelines in the future. Just hoping no other player breaks the rules or it really could see a stop to the football for a while all over again.
  8. 100 percent agree , declaring bullshit on the would choose the 1st option though as it is sheer stupidity. Fraser seen out his contract and choose not too extend it to see out the season. He's not done anything wrong in the slightest hes took a gamble on receiving a new contract on bigger wages which he will most likely get.
  9. Disco30


    The spfl has finished their season and you think an amateur league are going to try and play out the remaining games. No chance it will happen.
  10. Buy an external hard drive ? Will be needed with cod constantly updating stuff.
  11. Having to go back to the lobby for a win to count is terrible. Been robbed out of 2 wins because of it. Still on double figures though winning on solo was the best buzz but playing with yer mates is a good laugh. Eats up a lot of time though.
  12. Laps up the statements from the bears and shouts from the rooftops till hes blue in the face. Silly silly ***.
  13. Some of the biggest leagues in the world have spent multi millions of pounds to try and ensure this season is finished. Money the scottish game has not seen in a long time. To think grassroots football is going to worry about playing semi finals of the scottish or the west is ludicrous. Its disappointing for the clubs involved to have made it so far. But we will be lucky to see next season started by August/september and that's being optimistic. People need to look at the bigger picture.
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