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  1. 2 teams fancied for championship b dropping some points as of late should give the other teams roundabout the chance to catch up.
  2. Hopefully that's mcgregor finally screwed the nut , doesnt need all the other stuff to hype fights anymore as hes a big enough draw.
  3. Stab proof vests over an amateur game of football ? Settle down you absolute wet wipe. Lauriston should be in the next round and it stinks harestanes have lodged an appeal , either way if a replay is to be had hope they go and beat them again.
  4. Surely any ref worth their salt would have mentioned to both teams about the lack of corner flags ? If it's been mentioned and harestanes have still lodged an appeal its lower than a snakes belly. If not then I know corner flags are required for scottish cup ties so it's the rules. Stinks of sour grapes though.
  5. Think your mistaking the meaning of derby and rivalry. A derby tends to be between local clubs or clubs from the same city.
  6. Who would you rather lead the line for your club out of alfredo morelos or odsonne edouard ? Few guys in work been having this debate the last few days and would like to know the general consensus on p&b.
  7. 7 points behind midtjylland, couldnhave been a lot worse. Also get to see the enigma of Nicklas bendtner at parkhead again he loves visiting paradise.
  8. Just imagine if you actually done something About it when the old club died.
  9. Furys last opponent laid a few gloves on him , and Ruiz is a far better boxer than him. Was a dull fight but joshua was never likely to make the same mistakes as last fight.
  10. Smith touches the ball out, barisic then volleys Smith's studs and craigans saying it is verging on a yellow card. Commentators are dung on bt.
  11. A quick check shows Henderson has started 9 of 12 games in the premier league and has featured in 11 of their 12 games , your talking out a hole in your arse. Mctominays a good young player but henderson is unquestionably better at this moment in time. Mctominay will become better imo though.
  12. I wouldn't play a striker centre mid either that would be silly. What about mctominay though would he play over pjanic ?
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