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  1. I'll greenie it though cause AND is a sound c**t
  2. Seriously, a bet she's the sort of bird to get fucked and dumped but then complain like f**k about guys despite her putting up that photo, she must know guys don't see that and think "oh she's wife material" fucking idiots. Can we get back to racism please that photos making me angry
  3. My rep tends to be like a roller coaster, slowly increase then one post and it'll just plumet, thats two posts of mine got -13 now
  4. I've given everyone two minutes which is more than enough time, and no one has disagreed. So the most liked celebrity on P&B is me
  5. If there's no disagreement then aye that's game over
  6. You realise it was a joke about finding dead Jews funny? There's much much worse in the jokes thread and I wasn't being serious
  7. Is there any celebrity that is universally like on P&B? I'll give the first shout - Pat Nevin
  8. Literally just thought it was banter, didn't realise people were that easily offended by shite banter.
  9. Sorry Kev.I.N Bridges, this was back in January and it gave me and my pals a good laugh in college (it went on for quite a while but couldn't be arsed screenshotting it)
  10. Yeah I shouldve just lied and pretended I had 10 birds on the go at all times like you eh
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