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  1. Not quite true. The Lowland Development League don't strictly enforce that rule. If there is no barrier they "advise" that people watch the game from outside, but it is not mandatory. My understanding is that there has to be a barrier or roped off area in place otherwise you have to stand outside of cage If some chose to ignore this rule this will be interesting .... even more so with social distancing possibly being implemented too (Standing close to coaches & players???) Again ... as I said not keen to stand outside a cage to watch & asked to pay either, don't think it will go down well with ex Junior punters either ... IMO
  2. You are good at making one off attempts at smart arse comments without any real justification, just like the question I asked you the last time & still waiting for a constructive response ... was the question too difficult for you?
  3. Not suitable in meeting required criteria then .... I wouldn't fancy watching any games from behind a fence like that ( And might have to pay for the privilege)
  4. Nah .... You are getting me confused with my Brother
  5. if you watched any of our games YOU WILL KNOW ME as I was actively involved with team
  6. At that age just a parent & helper/treasurer .... had my badges & Disclosure Scotland/PVG
  7. I was involved in some capacity with teams from 1995's through to 2002's but my main team was 1996's
  8. With respect then I think you need to take control of the guys on your committee & "practice what you preach" before coming on here giving us a lecture about talking nonsense ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š
  9. Who asked you to make a comment? I can honestly say that Bonnyton Thistle had ยฃZero Playing Budget last season ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ All the players are interested in is to play well for both Alan & Paul and appreciate their experience & coaching abilities
  10. Unlike you I don't need to hide ..... PS my favourite sweets are Mint Humbugs, make sure you bring some with you It will be a laugh though ..... Darvel Playing Budget last season ยฃ140K ...... Bonnyton ยฃ0 Look .... They are in the same League this season but Darvโ‚ฌl also had to threaten legal action to get there too ๐Ÿ™Š
  11. Thesoccerguy ..... Darvel Icon ...... aka Darvel Legend also know as BellEnd How many other usernames does he have on P&B?
  12. Here is my take on current situation & I stand to be corrected as I have not been involved at Boys Club/Youth level for a few years now: All teams up to & including U21's so far are registered to & run under the auspices of SYFA & goes 17s -> 19s -> 21s. Players normally pay weekly/monthly subs & coaches are unpaid U20's Development is a separate entity & these players are affiliated to their Senior Teams & signed under amateur status, therefore no payment should be made direct to them ( I could be wrong with this one but is my understanding) The only recognised Academies that I am aware of are with SPFL Clubs & these have to meet strict SPFL criteria/standards & awarded accordingly The ex Junior clubs that you mention above from Ayrshire, Kilwinning & Auchinleck have not in the past been directly involved with these Boys Clubs, same can be said for Hurlford, Beith, etc. just name only to my knowledge The only ones that I am aware of in the past have been Whitletts Vics, Troon, Glenafton & Cumnock plus Bonnyton Thistle (Kilmarnocks other Senior Team) but they were at Tier 6 anyway As stated previously It will be interesting to see what happens & it appears that the money men are making their moves, I fear for the future of some Boys Clubs now & also U21's League FYI .... I'm not going to bite back on this post but I hope it does raise some questions & also answers some questions that you may have had All the best & take care
  13. Hey Fake News Guy ..... Any update on "SweetieGate Scandal" since last time i was on here or was it just swept under the table? MIck .... This is The Grass I was telling you about .... watch out mate ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  14. Bollocks ... Fake News Guy Your supporter got involved when he shouldn't & didn't realise what shit he was getting in to .... unfortunately my Crystal Ball wasn't working AND when I did f ind out about this i apologised to him & wished him all the best ... that's you again trying to put a spin on something so low Oh and by the way ... so much for knowing all about me ya twat ..... I left this after getting threats from you & your posse but hat wasn't the only thing, I lost my mother at same time to cancer & 6 months later my father ... so if you want to get personal maybe you should come out from behind your keyboard!!!! Okay .... I will admit that I was out of order saying that Chapman's of Wishaw make better pies but that's my opinion PS ... remind me WHO IS THE TROLL????
  15. I tried to resist posting earlier and look like a right smart arse therefore pleased that you made comments about this one .... BUT I TOLD YOU SO ..... And it didn't take long either ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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