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  1. Just to clarify, Bonnyton Thistle played Stranraer Reserves who play in SoS League Both teams are Tier 6 Bonnyton Thistle won 3v1
  2. Also hearing that you have played a bounce game v U20s recently too .... I know you will deny it just like you did when the sun posted photos of arranged training stint at Mar Hall & never accepted consequences of bike ride to Edinburgh, but if true you lot should be ashamed
  3. Wow ... 6 points deduction plus a fine Do you think this will/should happen to Darv€l Fc too? https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/lask-linz-lose-austrian-bundesliga-lead-points-deduction-breaking-coronavirus-rules-a4454221.html?fbclid=IwAR2JaZ2GLxDIpepQ98HVF3db3HBhqryVjmRMkogmD-Jp6FjfJtaoMkNSxjQ
  4. No probs, looks like they have deleted statement from their FB Page 🤷‍♂️
  5. There you go Andy, you answered your own question
  6. Looks like The Sun managed to catch another two committee members being escorted oot of Recreation Park yesterday
  7. Wow ... That's a heleva statement fae Darv€l and not thanking the lads that have left the club. I see that a couple of fans no happy & looking to remove their sponsorship/boards etc. but suppose you can't keep everyone happy Good luck to the other new Galston Guys that have joined the committee & onwards & upwards etc. etc. etc. As for Jim & John Wylie, I feel your pain & look forward to you posting again soon here on P&B
  8. Or knowing this lot this could be their new signing ... everyone else is doing it & it starts on 1st August .... cheap Piri Piri & Killie Pie
  9. Here is a wee video of facilities at Bonnyton's ground Apologies in advance though .... No Mobile Phone Charging Points in Home Dressing Room installed yet 😁
  10. Full hospitality will be in place for season starting Only issue is who's pies we will be offering as quite a few local good suppliers in Killie area 🙄
  11. And include the Darv€l Committee too ... Now that takes some doing
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