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  1. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    56 @ Bonnyton .... good to see all the Lochar fans that travelled & trust they had a good time I our new clubhouse. I hope the player that was taken to hospital has a quick recovery
  2. Stranraer Reserves

    Put it this way, if they don’t win the League then some serious questions have to asked, no pressure like
  3. Top 6 predictions

    This is what you said about Bonnyton Thistle a couple of weeks ago, now you predict to finish 2nd From what teams I have seen so far I would put Lochar Thistle above Uppers
  4. Juniors In At Tier 6

    Just read some of these comments re Bonnyton Thistle, some fair & some unreasonable imo Just some facts for you to consider lads: Team is only in its second season (and doing okay) All players are on Ammie Contracts, in fact they were paying monthly subs last season Club has just invested in new clubhouse/changing rooms/treatment room Majority of team have come through their youth system & they also have a successful U20s, they also regularly involve Youth players in senior squad ..... U17s GK was used recently One of their current players was approached by a senior club end last season to sign but chose to stay & one of the main reasons was due to the high caliber coaching he was receiving Again in my opinion I think they have what I have seen a good future and what appears to be a very determined & well focussed committee & coaching staff From what I have seen this squad can certainly give a few Junior teams a good challenge, so I wouldn’t be quick to write them off
  5. 27/10/18

    No probs here Beardyman .......
  6. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    I didn’t do an actual head count (too busy watching my team getting pumped) but I would say 20 @ Bonnyton
  7. 27/10/18

    Aye .... it’s all Doom & Gloom up here ..... wheels have fell aff the bus etc etc etc Two poor results & now we are finished but that’s fine as we will turn up every week and take our punishment, so carry on lads
  8. 27/10/18

    And you keep posting your silly predictions & crap comebacks .... Clown
  9. 27/10/18

    Aye & I was told that your the clown that makes silly predictions Or should I say, The Village Idiot
  10. 27/10/18

    A step ahead??? Yes you did win but let’s put it in to perspective...... You went in to HT one up undeservedly and against run of play, your player blatantly used his hand, our GK was yellow carded for dissent 50th min our GK is given another card and went off, we then had to bring on our U17 GK Our LB is fouled half way up park .... Stranraer player went over the ball with studs up ....but ref played on despite our player badly injured & against 9 active players you scored another goal, by the way our player shins are in some state You can take it that I am being biased but I am telling you as I see it, yes you won 0v4 but let’s be honest ... a step ahead of us???? enjoy your victory but show some respect to your opponents
  11. Juniors in at Tier 6

    Pulled this off Juniors Thread

    Read that he played for Mids yesterday & has signed for them I believe
  13. Uppers

    What a crap comeback ...... Away back to your room and play your PlayStation & come back when your ready to have a conversation with the big boys
  14. Uppers

    Apologies ... wrong quote .... was meant for the twat from Moffat
  15. Uppers

    One thing I will agree with you is that young Ref was terrible and this game was far too big for him to handle ..... and that goes for both sides