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  1. Wow, thats a bit low & 2 faced from you Fake News Guy lets put it in to context .... Shuggie has just recently joined Darv£l Posse on here & made an offer to me & another poster for wee chat doon the brae, Tea & Cake. I would be daft not to find out who he is. By the way Shuggie I never seen you at match, I was keeping a low profile as i am sure you will understand & i hope everything works out okay for you Fake News Guy .... a bit low not only trying to bring my family in too this, now you are questioning my work integrity?????? Who is actually the lowlife? For the record..... although I did not like & reacted to the bile etc. that DL spouted on here about other teams,players,pitches , results (My sons team included) I was howver the first to say that GC comment was out of order & should have ben removed/deleted. Yes, I have made some comments/reference about Sweeties but the big man sure gave it out to others in the past, so hey ho Lastly .... You guys are the ones that started The Trolling: “We know who you I are and what you do” I am more than happy to back off if thats what you want but your Posse has to also stop trying to bait me at the same time matey PS .... It’s a bit ironic that DL is being called out recently on Ayrshire Ammies Forum .... complaining about them being “Like a Pack of Wolves” if he makes a comment they don’t agree with I will leave it out there with you guys
  2. Sadly it looks like it mate, but I was doon the brae yesterday & not a peep, which was good 👍 I did however enjoy the fitba & banter but TBH I prefer Chapman’s Pies though 🤷‍♂️ Empire Biscuits are top notch though 👍
  3. I told you the last time When you made the offer, I don’t like the cake you have doon the brae ..... By the way, what’s wi The NHS Glasses & Jeans pulled up over your bellybutton all about?
  4. IMO you appear to have a decent squad down there & I hope you go on to have a good League campaign now
  5. TBH .... from where I was standing Darv£l outplayed yous in most departments It looked to me that your players were intimidated by Darv£l Posse/Rent a Mob at Shed area 😬 As Big Bad DL would say ..... Yous were PISH 😂 Have a good weekend & I hope it doesn’t piss on you today 🌂❌
  6. As there has been a fair bit of Fake News on here recently, I had a wee check & has been confirmed All the best Kempo & I hope it works out for you pal 👍
  7. Okay ... try telling same to Fake News Guy then instead of having a go at me on here
  8. I can’t see anything on their FB saying this, so I don’t believe you mate 😎
  9. Sums the Banjo Boys up now .... looks like you guys are trying some major deflecting from the real issue/problem oh how the mighty have fallen 🙊 In denial brother 😡 😀😀😀😀😀
  10. Seriously ... get over yourself .... it was your idiot DL that started the shit with me along with one of his other Posse members fae doon the brae and it had nothing to do with either of them and wasn’t on this thread either So get it up you ..... and maybe concentrate on something that is closer home to you than having a cheap shot at me on here ..... Karma 🤫 👩‍⚖️🤡🍭🍫🍬💋👎🏼
  11. so the Guy is an imposter now & we have to believe that now sorry but unless it is on your FB we on P&B shouldn’t believe anything that is said on here or so I understanD #comedygoldrightenough
  12. Aye .... you really had us all fooled 🤡 👩‍⚖️🍭🍬🍫💋👎🏼
  13. TBH, it’s bad news that a committee member & your manager had to come on here to tidy up your mess, if things aren’t bad enough doon the brae, they could do without a 🤡 like you ... Oh, look out for the ..... Aw too late Banjo Boy, damage & reputation is already fecked
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