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  1. Fixtures

    Nowt do do wi spelling mate and you know that .... you appear to be consistent for some unusual reason I will leave it at that
  2. Fixtures

    You can’t even spell their name right ... Bonnyton...... or refuse to for some strange reason. Played Preston this season & they were lucky to win, also played Camelon & although the score was bad they certainly new that there wasn’t 4 goals in it Knowing the coaches & the set up at Bonnyton I would say that they are not that far away from competing at that level every week, certainly be a lot weaker teams than them IMO
  3. Whitletts gaffer

    Will be interesting to see who comes in & who goes especially with the players returning from injuries
  4. Comfortable talbot .... superb

    Oops .... I forgot to give you another green dot Ya Wee Parasite (Referring to Maggie Thatcher) FYI ..... I had already congratulated Talbot earlier ..... you stay in your wee bubble pal
  5. Whitletts gaffer

    I ‘m not giving anything away that I don’t want to or need to Wee Man Unlike you I don’t need to hide behind a username #imaweefacelessvicsfan
  6. Comfortable talbot .... superb

    No disrespect towards Talbot & what they achieved yesterday....... by the way a couple of threads running on this But when this wee parasite pops his head up I am gunning for him as he insinuated that I am a Paedo Boys Club Coach ... his defence ... only banter???
  7. Comfortable talbot .... superb

    Here you go Wee Man .... another Green Dot that you seem to crave for ..... now go away and spank your monkey
  8. Whitletts gaffer

    Wee Man .... I am quite happy & comfortable to answer your obscure questions Do I know him personally..... No Do I know of him & what he has achieved ..... Yes Do I know any of his backroom staff, personally or otherwise ..... Yes Here is a wee clue for your “pea size” brain ..... Belmont Academy #ireallywanttobeavicsfanandliked
  9. Whitletts gaffer

    Christ ...... you were slow on this one Wee Man So much for your imaginary friend up in Irvine keeping you up to date .... I think you need to find another friend now, try someone In Ayr if you can #partimevicsfan PS .... By the way Vics, a good appointment, well done
  10. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Well done to Talbot & ex Ayr Boswell 1996’s BC player Big Craig McCracken
  11. Whitletts gaffer

    Are you sure Davie? The Wee Man has an imaginary friend up in Irvine that tells him all he needs to know
  12. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I thought Nobby left Kello as he couldn’t commit due to new promotion at his work??? I take it he will have some flexibility or something at the Mark then? Good luck to the new staff & I will be watching out for results/progress
  13. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    I’m hearing that Nobby is new manager with Jamie as coach is this correct?
  14. Whitletts gaffer

    Correction...... Billy Bawbag to you Wee Man
  15. Whitletts gaffer

    Us???? Your only a part time fan (if that) ..... Real Vics fans canni even be arsed wi you ya Wee Troll PS ... here’s another dot to make make you feel wanted Wee Man