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  1. Top of the table clash

    I/we hope so
  2. Top of the table clash

    Also just noticed that “Six Shooter Sean” is the appointed Ref I hope he remembers that the match is not about him
  3. Top of the table clash

    Not heard anything about who can’t make it ..... but so far no call offs as far as I know
  4. Top of the table clash

    I had a quick look at fixtures & I think Lochar will have a big say in who wins the title They are playing well & have still to play Bonnyton @ home & to play Stranraer twice ..... could be interesting providing Bonnyton can get a win away to Stranraer this Wednesday
  5. Club Licence

    If this was the situation they would have to overcome Killies other Senior Team first ..... Bonnyton Thistle Good luck to them though
  6. Top of the table clash

    It’s strange that game is midweek (I won’t make it) yet both teams are free this Saturday Should be a good one with plenty of good football being played I think, but a draw will suit The Blues
  7. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    28 @ Bonnyton game
  8. Uppers

    Oh that old excuse no having a full team ..... now where have I heard that one before ..... Pot & kettle I think Lucky ???? Nah Yes a player was injured but tbh I was surprised by your comments re sportsmanship and its pretty obvious you were not at game you idiot our physio attended to the player, we supplied full treatment and stretcher but what I was surprised at was the lack of care & attention from your team, no one callled ambulance & they made him wait until end of game before taking him to hospital approx1 hour after incident which by the way was a 50/50 tackle, our player was not red carded also see no mention of tackle your No 5 had on our lad towards end of game then lad had to use crutches to get to changing room once again sour grapes from you guys fae Moffat PS .... you will probably find that most of your injuries that occurred (apart from leg break) from your players diving before even being tackled trying to con the Ref ..... SPORTSMANSHIP
  9. Uppers

    To quote junior deacon..... great game today at Killie, Bonnyton gave the wee team fae Moffat a football lesson on how to to play fitba on a big boys pitch, no celebrations from the lads either as a lesson was taught how to win the game without looking for draw at home just a shame that we only scored 5, a wee bit disappointing ..... and I never bothered asking your manager for a quote as he was too knackered trying to play
  10. South of Scotland attendances 2018/19

    30 @ Bonnyton game
  11. Junior fitba escape room

    I would be happy to spend some time in the escape room with my wee pal iPhone Oh and he can also bring his imaginary pal fae up in Irvine too if wanted to (if he has found him yet that is) Would be a good opportunity to sit down and smoke The Peace Pipe & discuss things just in the name of banter etc.
  12. Fixtures

    Aye & your no getting any ya dobber
  13. Fixtures

    Not too sure exactly but plans are in place to install a covered terrace next then I believe they will apply A few other minor improvements too I believe
  14. Fixtures

    Aye right
  15. Fixtures

    Nowt do do wi spelling mate and you know that .... you appear to be consistent for some unusual reason I will leave it at that