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  1. I preferred a 16-14-14 but nothing was getting through the premier league clubs or the League 2, all self centered.
  2. But they voted against league restructuring that would have benefited the WHOLE of Scottish football.
  3. It was the houses so close that gave it away for me.
  4. Is it Firs Park, East Stirlingshires ground?
  5. Should the HL not be reducing to 16 like the SFA are wanting them to so there shouldnt be a vacancy if Brora are promoted?
  6. Boring small divisions playing each other four times. Dark ages footy imo
  7. For Clyde etc it will be the equivalent of a relegation even if you don't want to call it that. I repeat come up with something positive. Change has to be made and under this change NO club will be really disadvantaged.
  8. Promoted along side Brechin who were fighting relegation all season, sounds fair. So what option do you suggest then? Come up with something positive and stop snipping at others comments.
  9. If we change to 3 divisions then the lowest division will be at tier 3, nobody gets relegated. Even though Cove would still be in the lowest tier, that tier is still at tier 3, where they would have been if they had been promoted under the old 4 division set up. Simples. I dont know what club would go down under your thiunking.
  10. Cove will be promoted. They will be in tier 3 next year instead of the tier 4 this season.
  11. Sorry if I missed it but is it the WOSFLs intention of reducing the Premier top 16 or 18 in the next few seasons?
  12. Sorry, what other club has the SOS lost? They have 16 at the moment so losing Bonnyton will make that 15. Also, what have I missed in the EOS? When did they decide to move to 18 next season?
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