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  1. I think they should and move to set up an West version of the EOS League at tier 6.
  2. You maybe right re Elgin, im not sure that the SOS league would interest the likes of Clydebank or Kilwinning as their travel costs may be too excessive.
  3. Ive been thinking the same. It would give the likes of Auchinleck or Cumnock a quick stab at Tier 6 against weaker teams rather than wait a tier 6 entry in a few seasons if and when a WOS league gets set up.
  4. Is anyone offended at Newcastle being called Northern?
  5. Why cant people have a debate without turning to aggressive comments in a sensible debate. Your comment is irrelevant ion the debate about the North South divide.
  6. Western and Eastern isnt the issue as its the same no matter where in the UK you start from. Its where is North, Midland or South thats the issue. Maybe thats where you and the westminster Government are going wrong. In Buckinghamshire, where do you consider yourself to be located geographically?
  7. Yep, I see that they are talking about moving the House of Lords NORTH! Birmingham, or maybe York. As a Scot living in England I find it so frustrating (and get into too many arguments) about this idea of one nation. They seem to mean One nation England and not the UK. To me north is not Manchester or Newcastle, its Inverness and the midlands is Not Birmingham but maybe Preston/Manchester or Newcastle. When do these clowns understand that if they really want to be inclusive of the whole UK, they have to actually start by how they think of the UK. Ok, thats my first rant on this forum.
  8. As an Ayr United fan who thinks that we could do with as much income from gate money as possible it is rather short sighted not to have an away cash gate. However away fans should know the system at Ayr and shouldnt complain if they fall foul of it.
  9. Sorry but id take being 7th in the Premier league and having European matches at Ayr any time, so I wouldnt knock our neighbours too much on that score.
  10. Dont know, hope it is. Maybe I didnt read it properly. Positivity reigns again.
  11. Specially if going back to part time goes ahead as I saw discussed on here previously.
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