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  1. Boxing Thread

    Super middle is a fairly weak division at the moment. Canelo should be able to clean it out if he wants.
  2. Starting XI v Israel

    Zahavi played and scored against Guatemala and he played the entire Chinese Super League season which just finished. I believe he has just returned from a dispute with the Israeli national team which is why he didn’t play last time. He’s a superb goalscorer and one we’ll need to be on our game to stop.
  3. Queens v Inverness

    That was a clear penalty and one that Queens fans should be annoyed about. There was no need for the lad (Dykes?) to chest that back towards the box. However, it was obvious that was what he was going to do and Jacobs reacted incredibly late and fouled Walsh. Even if Walsh hadn’t been fouled, we would have had another chance to attack, so very poor play there from Queens.
  4. Queens v Inverness

    The Inverness way. Is that 25 league games unbeaten now? We’ve not even been that good
  5. Queens v Inverness

    Having no full-backs has really come back to haunt us. We just about got away with it against Partick. Playing a centre back and a holding midfielder at full back just shows the lack of depth in our squad. We need Rooney and Tremarco back badly.
  6. Boxing Thread

    Also forgot to mention Johnny Nelson spouting absolute shite for weeks about how Bellew was going to outbox Usyk, only to pick Usyk to win several minutes before the walk-ons. It was so shameless I actually enjoyed it
  7. Boxing Thread

    At the time of watching the fight I was getting soaked into the atmosphere and had the fight just about level at the time of the stoppage. However, having watched it again with the (absolutely abysmal) commentary muted, I had Usyk 5-2 up at the time of the stoppage. I thought Bellew won the first two rounds as Bellew landed some shots and Usyk didn’t really throw anything, although his ring generalship such as cutting off the ring and his footwork was excellent. I thought Usyk won rounds 3-7. While Bellew was still in the fight in rounds 3&4, I thought it was clear he was starting to gas, mainly due to Usyk tiring him out being able to move Bellew wherever he wanted with his ring generalship and landing more often. In round 5 (I believe) Usyk started hammering the body and he couldn’t miss with his punches (including his excellent jab) and it was obvious from that point that he was going to win the fight. Bellew grew more and more tired and Usyk was relentless resulting in the beautiful trap he set up in round 8 for the stoppage, which Bellew walked right into and was sent to the canvas. It was an absolutely brutal knockout, something I didn’t expect. Overall, I thought Bellew performed reasonably well for the first 4 rounds although it was obvious he wasn’t going to maintain the pace he set early on, throughout the whole fight. I was impressed with the way Usyk stayed very calm despite him being behind and the crowd getting behind Bellew. One thing I liked about Usyk’s performance was his accuracy and how he didn’t waste any punches. I wanted to point out the absolutely horrific commentary from Sky, probably the worst I’ve heard yet from them. Adam Smith bizarrely pointing out the Bellew’s ‘Bomber’ tattoo had nothing to do with the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, Froch and Haye not giving Usyk any of the first 5 rounds and Adam Smith saying he hoped Lomachenko vacated so Crolla would get a vacant title shot were just a few of the offences.
  8. Queens v Inverness

    Can almost guarantee this game will be a draw, probably 0-0.
  9. Boxing Thread

    As I said earlier, Burns is still well above domestic level despite being over the hill. He absolutely wastes guys like Dodd and Coyle etc. Absolutely sensational knockout and performance but that was a bad mismatch. Hopefully he gets a better fight next.
  10. I feel for the Thistle fans as we were in a similar situation last year once we were relegated. The only difference is that we sacked our total shambles of a manager in the summer. We looked every bit as dire as you last season. I can quite confidently say Thistle won’t finish bottom though, very unlikely to be in the bottom two either. Alloa will fall away (is that even possible considering where they are?) as all part time teams do, and Falkirk look every bit as bad as you do. It improved for us last season and I think it will for you too. We had a the majority of Scottish football’s joke figures (Donaldson, Chalmers, McKay, Ridgers etc) and a lot of inexperienced no-marks (Oakley, Bell, Calder) yet we still managed to stay up and turn a few of those players into decent ones.
  11. Boxing Thread

    3 weight world champion is certainly an overachievement, which is to Burns’ credit. Domestic level is like Scott Cardle, Sean Dodd, Tommy Coyle etc. Imagine what a peak Burns would do to them. He might have overachieved but he was comfortably above domestic level.
  12. Boxing Thread

    Think that’s a bit harsh. He definitely made far more of a career than his ability suggested but he was operating well above British level for a while beating guys such as Martinez, Moses, Mitchell etc. For example, Di Rocco was the European champion for years before he fought Burns yet he looked absolutely terrible. Burns just ran Crolla quite close as well, I think he’s fringe Euro level whereas Cardle is lucky to be English level at the moment.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Burns should still have enough to beat Cardle. Cardle was never more than British level and he’s even regressed since then.
  14. Hopefully Brad McKay goes to jail before Saturday. That would be ideal.