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  1. Boxing Thread

    Defending phone use while driving (because it was David Beckham that did it) [emoji736] Telling depressed people to get a grip because soldiers have PTSD [emoji736] Crying about being insulted [emoji736] Deleting tweets [emoji736]
  2. Boxing Thread

    Anthony Bellew twitter meltdown
  3. Last season we put together a late run of wins which put us into contention. Yes, it was disappointing but it wasn’t expected. This time we’ve been 4th for the majority of the season and given our current form (aswell as Ayr’s) we should be expected to make the play-offs.
  4. La Liga / Copa Del Rey Ole

    Apparently it’s always been used as a tribute to the country that came up with the term ‘hooligans’. I’ve noticed it before a few times. Their ultras are called the ‘United Family’ and they use that name, not the Spanish translation.
  5. Seems like I’m going have to leave Inverness a week in advance to get to this game. What a fucking waste of money. f**k the SFA. Conspiracy. Someone needs to sort this out. CaleyJagsTogether? The SLO? Charles Bannerman?
  6. I wouldn’t say we have an outside chance of the play-offs, it would be pretty disappointing if we missed out on them and I’d say we have a good chance of getting in. Despite not playing last week, I hope our decent form will carry into this one and our next 3 games after (Falkirk, Alloa & Ayr). Unaware if McDonald or Walsh are back but regardless I’m hopeful for a win. Hopefully jagfox goes home in tears.
  7. Boxing Thread

    That’s pretty much it. Khan has also consistently fought the best throughout his career and based himself in America which makes him a credible name opponent over in the States. I understand Brook wanting the Khan fight but he’s got to give himself other options now and stop wasting his career, although it’s probably too late.
  8. The Quadruple

    The domestic treble yes, but the quadruple no. I am puzzled by the amount of people that seem to think it’s likely. It’s possible, but City haven’t been that good in Europe and mainly go out to the first top side they face. European sides don’t sit off them like the Premier League cannon fodder do. We saw it this season when Lyon took 4 points against them. This was a Lyon side that, contrary to common belief, hasn’t been that great this season and only won 1 (ONE) out of 8 CL games.
  9. The Overpriced Mercenary Leagues Thread

    f**k knows how Cannavaro has got that role. He’s a shocking manager.
  10. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    I’m also surprised so many people are tipping City for the final. As goos as they are, they’ve always been quite poor in Europe, especially against the better teams. I’d expect Juventus to beat them comfortably, and Spurs/Ajax will give them a good game I’m sure.
  11. Squad face March

    San Marino again lost 1-0 in their warm-up match. This time to Serie C side Imolese.
  12. Squad face March

    Artificial turf is meant to last about 20 years I think. Astana Arena isn’t even 10 years old so I’m guessing the artifical pitch is alright, by whatever standards they are held to.
  13. The Race for the Play-Offs

    Fan of pure massive club slagging club that’s above them in the table. Closet Falkirk fan found.
  14. Squad face March

    Just read the squad list and seen that NONE of Dundee United’s top 6 Premiership quality players have been selected. NONE. Also no St. Johnstone players and no Stephen Dobbie again! f**k you McLeish. Go f**k yourself.