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  1. Asian Cup 2019

    Iran on their way to winning their first Asian Cup knockout game since 2004! Beating Oman 2-0.
  2. Asian Cup 2019

    China have advanced to the quarter-finals, beating Thailand 2-1. They came back from 1-0 down. Super sub Guangzhou R&F striker Xiao Zhi and Guangzhou Evergrande and China legend Gao Lin scoring within a matter of minutes.
  3. Asian Cup 2019

    Vietnam win on pens and it was deserved. Great game and Vietnam were the better team!
  4. Asian Cup 2019

    Jordan-Vietnam gone to pens....
  5. Falkirk vs Inverness

    Since Caley Shaun’s ‘Robertson must GO’ thread was created, we have won 2 on the bounce, scoring 5 and conceding 0. I’m afraid he has doomed Falkirk and we will win again...
  6. Inverness v East Kilbride

    3-0 now. Polworth I think. Not feeling this East Kilbride upset.
  7. Inverness v East Kilbride

    2-0 Doran
  8. Inverness v East Kilbride

    1-0 already through White. Thought we’d struggle without Walsh and Donaldson
  9. ICTFC 18/19

    Storer was never linked with us, is absolutely shite, and has already signed for Redditch United ages ago. Quitongo was never linked with us either, has just left Partick due to allegedly assaulting his girlfriend which we just got rid of Calder for doing similar. Stop posting absolute shite on here.
  10. Asian Cup 2019

    In terms of the Round of 16 ties, I’d expect Iran, Jordan, South Korea, Qatar and UAE to win quite comfortably. I think Japan will beat the Saudis fairly convincingly too despite it looking a good game on paper. The two decent games are Thailand-China and Australia-Uzbekistan. China and Australia the two better teams, but neither have been up to much this tournament and the Uzbeks are a tough game for anyone.
  11. Asian Cup 2019

    Yeah, I think Senegal went out because of that
  12. Asian Cup 2019

    The Round of 16 ties: Thailand - China Iran - Oman Jordan - Vietnam Japan - Saudi Arabia South Korea - Bahrian Qatar - Iraq UAE - Kyrgystan Australia - Uzbekistan
  13. Asian Cup 2019

    Lebanon 3-1 with a couple of minutes left, looks like they’ve just fallen short. Qatar 2-0 Saudi Arabia. Qatar been impressive this tournament. Edit - Lebanon won 4-1, out on yellow cards.
  14. Asian Cup 2019

    Lebanon have equalised 1-1 and Qatar are now beating Saudi Arabia 1-0