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  1. Big Gus straight in at number 3 on the Pervert list behind 1888Lichtie and WATTOO
  2. Pakistan playing their first Test back in Pakistan. Playing against Sri Lanka after their brutal trip to Australia. Imam-ul-Haq has unsurprisingly been dropped for Abid Ali. Sri Lanka 189/5, Abbas, Shah and Shaheen ripping through their batsmen early on.
  3. Great signing for the Kelty. Don’t know how he is now but I remember him ripping The Caley back in the day for the Well.
  4. If you have a job, and don’t vote Tory, you are stupid as f**k.
  5. Labour are offering to ignore the vote of the original referendum, ruling everyone’s vote as null and void simply because they cannot accept the result that was voted for. The SNP are campaigning using the slogan ‘STOP BREXIT’ which is entirely undemocratic. ‘Independence to escape Brexit’ is not the overwhelming will of the Scottish people.
  6. Not sure if I’m being whooshed here but none of that behaviour can be termed ‘democratic’ or ‘undemocratic’. It’s just simply poor behaviour. The list of politicians with poor behaviour is a long list, across all parties. The only big party willing to deliver on the democratic wish of the public is the Tories. Am I right or wrong?
  7. They are the only democratic party (Brexit Party aside) in the UK, yes.
  8. I don’t believe he did. The only ‘votes’ we’ve had on independence returned a 55% No vote which you seem to want to completey ignore. Current polls indicate that indyref2 would provide a similar result. So no, opinion polls are not more important than votes, but they both return the same outcome on this issue. I get that you think you’re really smart here, but you and many other Nats on this site provide precisely the ignorant, arrogant, undemocratic attitude that likely returned the No vote in 2014. The same would likely happen again.
  9. Having a majority of MSPs that want it doesn’t mandate it. If you think this then you’re pretty clueless. The public don’t vote their MSPs and MPs in based on the sole issue of independence. Until polls indicate that a majority of the Scottish public want independence, then indyref2 should not happen. It really is tantrum-filled desperation from the losing side once again here, just like with Brexit.
  10. Until the public want it, it should not happen. There is not a democratic mandate for it. Accept it, and move on. The sore loser tantrums will get your nowhere. Scotland is part on the United Kingdom that will be led by a comfortable majority Tory government led by Boris Johnson. Suck it up and drink it in.
  11. There is not a democratic mandate for it. Scotland voted no and public polls still show the public are more in favour of staying in the Union. Accept this and move on.
  12. Nobody is scared. It’s just a colossal waste of money and time, as well as ignoring the original democratic vote.
  13. Scotland voted No, and current polls indicate they would do the same again. Your repeated ‘it’s not fair’ child-like tantrums won’t change that.
  14. All parties scaremonger and lie. I’m voting for the only party that is willing to acknowledge the result of the democratic vote we had. That party will also cruise to a majority so most people clearly agree with me.
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