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  1. Takam is #2 in the IBF rankings allegedly. If not him the shot will go to some other top 15 jobber like Andy Ruiz, Adam Kownacki etc. ETA: Hearn confirmed on Twitter a few minutes ago that Takam will get the shot.
  2. Didn’t see the Fury fight, and going by what I’ve read on here and Twitter i’m Delighted I never bothered. Watched Linares-Campbell yesterday morning. I had Linares up by a few. Incredible bravery from Luke considering his fathers passing.
  3. Atalanta-Everton & Arsenal-Cologne should be excellent ties tonight.
  4. 1. Hamburg 2. Atletico Madrid 3. Juventus 4. Leeds 5. Feyenoord
  5. Brilliant trip. Would recommend. Stayed in Zizkov, around a mile away from the two main squares. Old town was superb, really cheap (even in Sportsbar/Irish Bars).
  6. Eddie Hearn all but confirming AJ-Pulev for October 28th in Cardiff. Talk of Whyte-Breazele on the undercard there too. Hopefully see a bit of variety on the card, not just your usual Katie Taylor's etc. Imagine this leaves Wilder free to face Ortiz around the same time. I see a unification fight next spring.
  7. Cheers for the reply boys, much appreciated. Right now the exchange rate is sitting at £1 to 29 CzK. I really hope the shouts of 40CzK pints is correct
  8. Few of us are heading over in August (all early to mid twenties) Mainly looking for recommendations for things to do, as well as what the weather/transport is like. Any shouts regarding decent nightlife & how much a pint costs also would be appreciated too. Cheers in advance!
  9. I really don't mind my job. I work 4am-Noon 5 days a week with alternate weekends off. Pays well enough, not too much stress & I'm fairly routined. I personally think young folk these days are unfairly demonised for an apparent poor work ethic & poorer education choices (I.E. university). There's so much pressure on teens now to go to Uni & earn their degree that it's almost looked down upon to leave school & go straight into work like I did. That's just the vibe I get from older folk in my work.
  10. Death, taxes, a Sevco penalty & Aberdeen failing to win at Ibrox. Probably 2-1 Dons tbh.
  11. Must be one of the few who actually rates him. Do believe his ban a few years ago stalled his progress. Joseph Parker is a fraud. The idea that he'd be a threat to AJ, Wilder etc is hilarious.
  12. 1. Courteeners 2. Ed Sheeran 3. Arctic Monkeys 4. The View 5. Beyoncé
  13. Just watched the fight from Saturday. Probably the dullest fight in recent memory. Crowd was quite right to pish all over it. As for AJ, reckon he'll get Pulev out the way in the summer. Really don't think he'll meet Wilder/Wlad/Fury until next year. Would've added Parker to that list but I reckon he's dropping the belt to Dillian Whyte in the near future.
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