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  1. Anyone know what the attendance was? What a difference a winning team makes. As said before, we’re never going to get a great atmosphere at home but all credit to the guys along the end for giving it a go. Pity the enthusiasm doesn’t reach the middle of the stand.
  2. Pitch was a bit firm last night, and it’s not to rise above -2 today.
  3. In all seriousness, if the referee puts it in his report, the club will be fined.
  4. Hope that neither our club or the Rovers are punished for a few of our idiot fans jumping the wall. If the referee reports it we could both be in hot water. We got a fine a few years ago when Dundee Utd fans jumped the barrier to celebrate their late goal.
  5. That prediction went well. Couldn’t finish his dinner. Crighton however...
  6. Will need to wear our wellies for traipsing through the muck on the way out.
  7. It was planned to hold 1000... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/albion-rovers-terrace-plans-double-4826333 ... however, that’s not to say that’s what it can hold and I doubt it could comfortably hold that number. Not that the Rovers have ever had to bother too much about health and safety mind you.
  8. [emoji815]️ [emoji815]️ We are top of the league say we are top of the league! [emoji815]️ [emoji815]️
  9. You’re very knowledgable Stuart. I often wonder if we could have found a way to develop Broomfield or whether it really was too challenging logistically, and cost prohibitive. I’d imagine the pavilion being a listed building was an issue and apparently the terracing that backed onto the railway was subsiding. I seem to remember the council having an issue with the lack of parking as well.
  10. Just seen a preview of tonight’s A View From The Terrace. They’ve got a feature on the Dumbarton Ultras (the young boys with the drum that follow them) They faced a lot of opposition from the fans at the start but are beginning to win them round. Duffy commented that they were losing to Clyde and the team weren’t playing well but the young boys kept backing them and it gave the players a lift. Got me thinking that we should encourage the young crowd we had to come back (even if it means they bring the drum) Thoughts?
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