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  1. If it was null and void, they would have to compensate Ladbrokes as they sponsored something which legally didn’t exist.
  2. Not just now we won’t. No clubs are in a position to offer anyone anything.
  3. It wasn’t midweek, but you are correct. Spent a couple of weeks in Ninewells. Wasn’t the same after it.
  4. https://www.airdriefc.com/1920news/200520/Jim-Frame Former kitman has passed away. Great character and well-respected at the club.
  5. Terracing is safer than a stand with seats when you have large groups of fans standing anyway.
  6. At least at Dumbarton you can go inside for a heat at half-time.
  7. Doesn’t really work like that. Why the frosty relationship? The pitch at Cappielow is supposed to be one of the best in Scotland.
  8. What about non-playing staff? The groundsman for instance.
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bizarre-celtic-rangers-peace-plan-22017021 Hope there’s no truth in this. Embarrassing if there is.
  10. Exactly. Even for the clubs that voted against, it’s not as if they were voting on something which is goin to have a direct impact on there club. Unless......
  11. I would like to know who voted against. Fucking arseholes!! I’m honestly done with the SPFL!
  12. The club voted to end the season primarily to enable the prize money to be released. But make no mistake, the club were offered a place on the reconstruction task force in exchange for their vote. This was taken up as by increasing the leagues to 14,14,14 which I believe was the clubs preference we would get into the Championship.
  13. A lot balances on when football is allowed to recommence. If it’s not back until 2021, why would we keep players on and pay their wages when the furlough scheme ends if there’s no football being played?
  14. As far as I can see, the Premiership voting structure is the biggest problem here. I reckon that it’s increasingly unlikely that we’ll get an independent investigation into the SPFL board now. The Premiership clubs outwith Rangers will vote against it and will continue to toe the party line for as long as Doncaster and Co see them alright.
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