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  1. Let’s not kid ourselves, it all comes down to money. If he gets a better deal elsewhere he’ll be off.
  2. https://www.airdriefc.com/signings-190519 It’s the Wotherspoon era all over again.
  3. Kelty are probably offering more than we are.
  4. They did. https://www.airdriefc.com/squadmovements-070519 https://www.airdriefc.com/playersavailable-080519
  5. Don’t know. Goalkeepers definitely part-time. Murray was already full-time. No other staff full-time. Full time players will train during the day except on the days the part-time players train, then they’ll train in the evening.
  6. No. Although Broadwood is in Cumbernauld which is North Lanarkshire, Clyde are from Rutherglen.
  7. Anybody on here at the Trust POTY/Hall of Fame Inductions/Charity Night in the Workman’s last night?
  8. He is a local lad who I’m sure has played with the club previously in the academy. He has also played with Gartcairn.
  9. Or we get the full diamond on the front [emoji38]
  10. Re: Stewart and MacDonald, my understanding now is that the club wanted to re-negotiate their respective contracts which neither agreed to. Both are free to find other clubs but the door at Airdrie remains open.
  11. They are. It has been mentioned previously, but I do wonder if the club have any legal responsibilities. Will they need to pay up the remainder of their contracts?