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  1. Again, he isn’t disabled. Check the RNIB site for “monocular vision”
  2. The coaches and scouts seem to be very good at saying the quality isn't in the academy. Should someone not be questioning 1. Why the scouts aren't getting players in? 2 why the coaches aren't improving what is there ?
  3. New 1 year deal for Kerr agreed apparently
  4. Seethe. Wow read back your own rant if you want to see some seething.
  5. Agreed, 5 over age players can play in these games. Change for changes sake this one I'm afraid
  6. Yip. Came in late. Spent time with his finger pointed in the face of a young steward who obviously arranged the whole ticket set up. [emoji848] Then got a seat and missed more of the match complaining to anyone around him Twat
  7. Aye Fifa want kits the same colour. I read somewhere they wanted Brazil in all yellow and were told to bolt
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