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  1. It’s 100% reliable, won’t suit some people’s agendas on how badly DS was abused of course.
  2. The 5 second bust up happened months ago. Fitba players are big sweetie wives and talk.
  3. You would think o’hara and McKee played keepie uppie with a false eye in front of DS given the level of hysteria. Sheils accused o’hara of diving and o’hara stupidly replied along the lines of “ you need to get that fucking eye fixed” hardly crime of the century. O’hara has apologised to shiels several times and received a lengthy ban. McKee , as has been said,called Shiels and his father a c**t. A further comment was made, not about his eye and Dunfermline made a complaint about that. So McKee got a ban. Some stupid fans thought it was hilarious to throw false eyes on the pitch. No one died. KS has already said that DS isn’t that bothered. It’s others are driving the hysteria imo.
  4. Now he’s crippled ? That would be the hysteria I mentioned
  5. It’s absolutely relevant when there is unadulterated hysteria over dean’s monocular vision in the media and driven by his father. Yes all three incidents have been and are being dealt with and absolutely so. But the hysteria has to stop.
  6. For ease..... Monocular vision is when there is vision in one eye only. You will lose part of your field of view and you may have difficulty with depth perception. This may cause you problems with, for example, judging distance from objects, judging the width of objects such as door frames, people moving towards you but outside your field of vision, or pouring liquid into a cup. Eventually your brain, working with your remaining eye, will start to compensate and take over some of the work of the other eye. Unless you have a significant loss of sight in your other eye, you will not be able to register as “Sight Impaired/Partially Sighted”. This is because the sight in your other eye will largely compensate for the loss of sight in the affected eye.
  7. Again, he isn’t disabled. Check the RNIB site for “monocular vision”
  8. A disability hate crime. Shut the f**k up Check out the RNIB website for monocular vision. They don’t class it as a disability, but what do they know.
  9. The coaches and scouts seem to be very good at saying the quality isn't in the academy. Should someone not be questioning 1. Why the scouts aren't getting players in? 2 why the coaches aren't improving what is there ?
  10. You believe wrong mate. I've got a couple of friends in and around the club who pass on snippets of info. Nothing malicious intended, or trying to be a big shot by passing on what get told[emoji106] On one f they are saying Sam Stanton signed for next season. Don't know much about him tbh
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