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  1. Hertz now trying to block any club being promoted ! If they keep this up they may well piss off enough clubs to see themselves in danger of expulsion !
  2. Surely it will depend on whether we manage to bring someone in ?
  3. I see his previous club's last venture into Europe resulted in defeat by Connahs Quay ! He'll feel right at home in this league !
  4. "This will complement existing provision offering skills and qualifications in areas such as: catering, hospitality and retail, along with apprenticeships in grounds keeping and maintenance" This is a direct quote from Kibble website .
  5. Dunfermline have just signed a striker on loan from Celtic , doubt Watt will be going there !
  6. Hearts were never the issue , they were always going to strengthen and climb the league. I would think that, Hearts apart , St Mirren will be hardest to beat out of the rest in the bottom 6. With McGinn going it means we can afford at least another two bods in before Friday , hopefully both attacking players !
  7. Not happening , hope we're looking at someone with a bit more experience !
  8. St Mirren played a Paisley Charity Cup match every pre season from 59-68. Some great old names graced the LS turf. Denis Law , Chopper Harris , Bobby Tambling , Gordon Banks , Terry Venables , Ron Davies , Jimmy Armfield etc
  9. Great pic that , Fallon , McGrory , Collins , Tully , Fernie etc Even Kelly and Des White smiling ? When the Beeb used to cover the Daily Express 5s from Wembley Arena 68/69/70 , I remember Charlie Tully played for the Celtic Old Crocks , and still had it , died soon after sadly !
  10. Did he not play for Tranmere v Watford at the weekend ?
  11. Akin Famewo. They bought him from Luton Town in the summer.
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