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  1. I have an iPhone 7 which i've had for 3 years now. Only issue is battery life but i can deal with it. My sim only deal is £22 p/m at the moment (o2) but i'm considering switching to GiffGaff for £15 p/m and no contract (they use o2). What does everyone else pay for their contract? Any other GiffGaff users here?
  2. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Sillicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. A tremendous read, highly recommend it. I only found it as I was looking through GoodReads and seen that Bill Gates spoke very highly of it. I'm not a massive reader (getting better atm) but I fired through this and it was well written. 9/10
  3. I'm just back last week, first visit to the city and stayed at the Pod Times Square. It was the cheapest 4 star hotel we could find. If you get a decent price for it, i'd definitely recommend it. We had a view of the Empire State building from our room on the 14th floor, it's located just behind Port Authority bus station and there are plenty of decent places to eat nearby. There is a bar within the hotel that is really nice albeit expensive ($20 cocktails) and as I say, the location makes it a really good base to stay. The rooms are quite small however and not much frills, they advertise themselves this way though. You won't get a coffee machine, lots of storage and the likes in your room. However the bed is comfy, shower is fantastic and the place is very modern.
  4. Does anyone have any experience creating an online store where users can sell items also? I can create a store on sites like Wix but they only offer sales whereas I'd like the option for users to sign up and sell things too. I was hoping to use a template like this as opposed to getting a developer, is it possible?
  5. I've not watched wrestling for about 10 years (was always WWE). Obviously I'm a bit behind in terms of the wrestlers, storylines etc but what's the best way these days to keep up to date? Are there any independent podcasts and websites which are suitable for newbies like myself? Any independent youtube channels which have good catch up shows?
  6. Got a mtb last week for the first time in years. Ended up picking one up on Gumtree after various shops in Glasgow let me down. A few few jaunts last week and a wee one through a wildlife reserve tonight, i seem to have the bug!
  7. Got an offer for Sports Business Management at Stirling. Will be 23 when I start and after 5 years of working full time it will be strange, I cant wait though!
  8. We're looking to head over for the first time this year. We were originally pricing 18-23 of December but seen a brilliant deal for 2nd - 6th. I'm assuming the lights, tree, ice-skating etc will be set up by the 2nd.. though is it as good as it would be nearer the end of the month?
  9. Got River Plate 16/17 home shirt delivered today as well as the Colombia long sleeved home shirt. Picked up for £25 through mandm.
  10. Mrs had some water get into her MacBook Air which has created a sort of black bar down the right side of the screen. Apple want £450 to sort it and a place on Bothwell St want £400. Any recommendations for cheaper places? The laptop was only £800 new and being a student, she doesn't fancy paying half that to fix the screen!
  11. What’s the best app that I can pay to use on an LG TV that’ll give me access to BT sport live but also films and tv shows?
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