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  1. Oh here we go again it's the fud of the month with another crazy post!!
  2. Keep going your well ahead in the race for fud of the month!!
  3. Well Raith had the chance to have a fifth fife team in the SPFL but voted against it πŸ€”
  4. 3 signings for Kelty tomr πŸ€”
  5. Wtf? If your so bitter why bother looking at the website it would save you making an absolute [email protected] of yourself.
  6. No sympathy, you chose not to vote for reconstruction knowing full well Hearts and Partick would go to court. Raith were only interested in Raith with no consideration for Falkirk or other clubs that missed out on promotion. Self interest at its best.
  7. Shame they have given him an old strip πŸ™„
  8. How is it a load of absolute shite, Raith voted against reconstruction that's a fact ?
  9. Exactly couldn't have put it any better myself, self interest will now come back to haunt them when all this could have easily been sorted so no club would have been disadvantaged.
  10. Nonsensical comment?? It is clear the 2nd division clubs don't want change, don't want anyone else coming into their league and if you look clearly you will see Cove are not in the league they have been promoted despite the global pandemic. So if it suits go with it if it doesn't close the door on the pyramid. Oh and please remember about the cost of the bus.
  11. That won't happen for a long time, there is a fair chance SPFL will pull the plug on pyramid system again, as Brora said its a closed shop.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53068849 Have to agree with Brora.
  13. Sugar daddy? I have no idea about the running of Kelty Hearts you clearly do so feel free to share?
  14. All Kelty are trying to do is better themselves, some folk can't handle that as they appear happy being mediocre, that's fine if you are just don't complain about a team that want and have put a lot of work in to get promoted. With the Brechin chairman on the SPFL they have closed the door on the pyramid system(a slap in the face to the LL/HL) so taken away the chance of them going down despite finishing bottom.
  15. You really have an obsession with Kelty Hearts, you clearly have no idea how well the club is run, hopefully the lock down will be over soon and you will get out moreπŸ˜‚
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