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  1. Half time in the Spain v Poland game. Some very tasty Plerwsza Pomoc Polish Pils while Rio Ferdinand eats some humble pie.
  2. My guess is they're coked out their nuts.
  3. Anyway... . It's gone a bit quiet on here so I take it anyone actually in London is out enjoying themselves.
  4. Sorry to hear this. Awful illness and he always came across as a really good guy.
  5. I think Linfield have just won their 55th league title so not a different country?
  6. It's the only soft drink that's an anagram of vomit. Quite nice with vodka though.
  7. I don't know if anyone can help me but I've been having a clear-out and found some old paperwork for The Motherwell Supporters' Trust (or Motherwell FC Supporters' Society Limited) from 2004 when I set up a monthly direct debit. Is this still on the go or was it wound up and replaced by the Well Society? I think my payments rumbled on for quite a while with nothing ever being announced but I haven't paid in or heard about it for years. I assume this is also where WellTrust FC came from that started the forum which preceded Steelmen.
  8. I've worked out how to attach photos from my phone again. This is Thistle's attempt at removing previous sponsor's adverts.
  9. It appears to be the labels and not the whisky that are limited edition.
  10. Not really, they completely glossed over how much of an arse they made of things.
  11. I don't really know where to start with that (and it's probably best I don't waste my time) but here goes: Hearts had someone waiting to pay the development fee off the books. They were going to try and negotiate a lower fee by offering Roberts but still be arseholes about the fee by taking it to a tribunal. Going by this, they put a huge amount of effort into it only for Luton to offer Campbell nearly 3 times as much. If this how they're going about things I hope they've got another fly on the wall documentary series lined up.
  12. I'm reading that as we've agreed a reduced development fee for a sell-on clause.
  13. I got the LNER down south for work a few weeks ago and seats had to be booked and the seat next to you was left free to comply with social distancing. Sounds as though they're just throwing these measures out the window. They were also really strict on people having a ticket for the actual service they were on. If their ticket was for a different service then they were made to buy a new ticket at full price for that day. Obviously they can't enforce that if you're put on a different train because yours is cancelled but worth watching for if you end up just going on a different train.
  14. He shouldn't be shooting there as he should be more aware of the position of his teammates. He should realise that if his shot gets blocked then there's a huge gap behind him. While O'Donnell didn't have a great game he was there to be passed to. For the last year or so we have seemed to have tactics of playing everything down the left and ignoring the right. Fair enough if that's deliberate tactics but don't pick O'Donnell if you're not going to pass to him. I'm not saying Patterson is the answer mind you as I thought his defending was all over the place against Luxembourg.
  15. What's gun law like in Canada? Can general citizens legally own them?
  16. From the limited amount I've seen of Patterson, he looked better than O'Donnell going forward but didn't look great at defending. He was caught out of position and easily beat in full-back position a few times. If you know someone who can fulfil both roles please tell us. Other than that I generally agree with you.
  17. McEwan's 80 Bob was my favourite beer back in the 90's. A step up from bog standard Heavy (I occasionally still see Tartan Special) and better than Tennent's 80. Anyway, back to sweets and I used to love a Texan bar.
  18. My wife's friend married her cousin. They're no longer together but it still amazed me when I found out as I assumed it was illegal in Scotland.
  19. £500 in the first 6 hours is some going. Well done to everyone who has donated - smashing show of respect and a great charity.
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