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  1. What was the third penalty decision? Was it the Alves challenge on Main that I've read about? Was it in the highlights because I didn't see anything?
  2. Aldred was brought in before Hartley was injured, presumably as back-up and to provide competition for places and it turned out to be fortuitous timing. I can't see why we wouldn't be trying to sign him in the summer unless wages are an issue.
  3. I don't think it was a penalty but I've seen them given. It was a much better penalty claim than the one May won in the recent cup game at Kilmarnock though, which was awarded.
  4. He does seem to jump with his head ducked a lot the time but seemed better against Hearts, timing his run and stretching to his full height rather than bent over.
  5. I'd much prefer Van Der Weg to play left back to let Cadden continue from where he left off against County.
  6. Doesn't surprise me at all. McCann's quoted in papers as saying "assistant referee said it him on the arm, why's it not a penalty ". If he doesn't know the answer to that then he needs to read the rules.
  7. How did the late penalty claim that McCann says was a stone waller look on Alba? Listening to the radio at the time Willie Miller laughed it off and said no chance.
  8. Having checked back, the train was only about an hour and a quarter from Milan so a lot quicker than I remembered. The station was about a 20 minute walk to the centre but it was a broad tree-lined street and a nice walk. There was a small tourist train which our (younger)kids liked and it let's you see around the place and get your bearings before you explore yourself. As well as the arena we went up the Torre di Lamberti in Piazza di Signori which had great views at the top.
  9. Oh and age-wise, she's older than mine but I suppose it's whatever she's in to. She might be too old for aquaria but the castle and the area of the park around it are nice for a quiet stroll around if you fancy a break from the busy city. Verona has the whole Romeo and Juliet thing going on if she's interested in that. I found it a bit mental but you can rub the statue of Juliet's boob for luck!
  10. I think it's about 1 and a half to 2 hours so it would be a day trip so I suppose it depends how long you're in Milan. The trains were good though and reasonably priced and we enjoyed the journey as we got to see a bit more of Italy. Just watch you don't get one of the trains that stops at every station. Even if you don't go to Verona you should visit the station itself - it's incredible, even the subway part of it (above ground anyway).
  11. I keep hearing this but Scotland brought in the Premier Division long before England with slight adjustments since. If anything, they copied us (but I'll give you the Championship carry-on).
  12. The seethe induced by Madden helping Ciftci to his feet after he was fouled for the umpteenth time was absolutely wonderful.
  13. As others have said the area around the Duomo is really nice. Spectacular inside (as is the galeria shopping arcade to the side of the square) and you can a little bit extra to go up on the roof although we didn't have time for that. What age is your kid? We visited in the summer of 2016 when going to Lake Garda and took the kids to the large park to the west of the city centre which contains the Castello Forza and an aquarium, both of which were pretty decent. Trains were really good and if you've got time Verona is worth a visit if you're interested in architecture and the Roman arena. And don't be surprised to see Tennents Super in bars and restaurants!
  14. Glad we kept hold of Trevor. Today was as clear an example as you'll ever see of the difference a good keeper can make.
  15. Both sides were pretty well matched and had a number of chances but it came down to who managed to take some chances and fortunately we did. Both Ciftci and Moussa missed sitters at the same front post and I'll be interested to see if Kipre actually was offside for our early disallowed goal. Hopefully BBC will have it as one of their featured games as there was plenty to show and it gets more than the 57 seconds or whatever we got of the Accies game.
  16. I was shocked to hear this on the news last night as I didn't even know he was ill. So young and very sad.
  17. While I don't agree with the principle of the proposals anyway, surely it fails on the merits of the clubs involved. Celtic have been fairly dominant at U-21 level in recent years (although I don't think they won the league last season) but Rangers haven't performed well at all at that level in recent years and even withdrew from the league to follow their own agenda. If this is such a brilliant idea then, to play devil's advocate, perhaps it should be Hibs and Ross County (for example) put forward.
  18. Motherwell and Thistle complained about that last year and were roundly laughed at.
  19. The thing is, when we signed Jules on loan, most people thought it was a promising signing. Scotland U-21, big and powerful- sounds good. How were we to know? As manager though, maybe McGhee should have known.
  20. They tried to go to Pat not long after I got back to the car. They may have already gone to him for a report just after the final whistle but I doubt it as they had Rangers to talk about. Surely a major part of being the match reporter is you provide a match report after the game? As much as they were laughing and joking about it, he should be getting his arse kicked for that.
  21. They tried to go to Pat Bonner at Fir Park after the game tonight to get a report and found out he'd already buggered off home!
  22. The main stands at Firhill, Fir Park and I think Tannadice as well are all still wooden. I'm sure there will be a few others as well. Possibly Pittodrie?
  23. That was some skelp on the coupon that Redmond took. Can an Accies fan explain to me, when Bingham went off were Accies really playing the end of a cup tie they were losing without a centre forward? Or was someone else supposed to be playing up front because it genuinely didn't look like it?
  24. I can understand most of these but Eliphas Shivute? I really can't think of anything remotely controversial or contentious he did in his short spell with Motherwell.
  25. Was loving the retro 'Broadfoot' chant from the Cooper stand. Can Killie fans tell us if he gets that anywhere else or is it just at Motherwell he gets a special welcome?
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