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  1. Just what we need. As if my arse isn't chewing buttons in the second half most games anyway.
  2. So are AFC Wimbledon becoming some sort of rivals for signings?
  3. Might well have done, I still don't blame for taking the best move available to him. And I met his mum once - lovely woman.
  4. This is far too positive a post. We were looking for someone to boo, not sign.
  5. I'll be honest, I don't really have a problem with Cadden. He changed job - not his fault there was no arrangement between UEFA and US.
  6. Right, we play Hibs first. Nominations please. I can't actually think of anyone particularly anyone at Hibs these days. Where's Anthony Stokes when you need him?
  7. It just doesn't sound likely to me as I don't think we could come close to what he's been on at Aberdeen or could get if he returns south.
  8. So is it already on sale? I thought it was only the press release yesterday.
  9. I'm afraid I went elsewhere on my ride so I'm not one of those guys standing on their bikes and can't provide any updates.[emoji6]
  10. Are there are any vantage points from where you can see the pitch at Dumbarton? I'm about to go out for a bike ride and I sometimes go out to Dumbarton Castle and back with a stop at the Erskine Bridge for the view. I've got a feeling the view from the bridge will be more interesting than this kick-about though.
  11. To be fair, normally when you see a full kit w****r, they're not wearing a pair of smart brown brogues so he is making an effort.
  12. Watched Luca tonight on Disney +. Hardly groundbreaking or one of Pixar's best but still good family fun.
  13. I've always wondered what "working round the clock " means in this context. Are they just continually calling up Chelsea and saying "please, please, please can we have him? Pretty please?"
  14. Some representatives of Partick Thistle turned up at our office with the League One trophy and let us get photos with it. None of us are Thistle fans but they were still very friendly and happy to chat.
  15. Normally highlights reels for rumoured signings include a lot of them beating a man and then skying a shot over the bar so that is a lot more impressive than we usually see, to the point where you wonder what the catch is. As Gallus Numpty has said, maybe it's his age and his recent injuries.
  16. The line about battling a host of other clubs for his signature never bodes well.
  17. I don't visit Steelmen Online very often but there's a Mad Wullie thread there with a very touching tribute from Goggles and Flippers.
  18. I don't know who it was that posted the suggestion but thought I read it on here. Anyway, great to hear Jimi's first op went well.
  19. If it's a no-brainer why have only Rangers taken the full amount available to them. A few other clubs are close to it but others have taken considerably less.
  20. I did see he had changed his name on Wiki but no explanation. A bit odd but his prerogative. Anyway, happy to give him a chance. Hopefully he's someone the management can improve.
  21. Sorry to hear that. Best of luck in fighting it. I'm sure plenty on here will be willing to help any time you want to chat. Someone on this thread mooted the idea of a private thread for cancer sufferers to advise and support each other- don't know how possible that is or if there's even an appetite for it if people don't want to be too open about medical issues.
  22. The Peter Crouch Euros After Party was the worst TV I have seen in a very long time. I quite like him as an individual and the piece with Che Adams was good but other than that it was scripted garbage from a group of untalented, annoying arseholes. Not sure what Craig Telfer's role is- probably an attempt show they were also covering Scotland. When he did try a bit of banter with them it absolutely threw them off course and they had no idea what to say.
  23. Wrongfully Accused - a West Coast IPA from Peninsula in Spain. Delicious.
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