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  1. Whereas Clyde have a player who's a household name for all the wrong reasons. I know which I'd prefer.
  2. 3337 at Motherwell tonight with 448 QotS fans.
  3. They announced just over 2700 at Motherwell with 58 visiting City fans.
  4. I thought it was because they would have needed to buy the property at the end of the row of housing as the full length stand would have cut across their back garden. Motherwell subsequently bought the house and used if for office accommodation (in the eighties I think) but decided they weren't going to extend the stand so sold it again.
  5. There's also Cafe EatItaliano on Almada Street for Hamilton but I see Colonel Mustard beside it has now closed. Nobody's mentioned Sainsbury's or the even closer Morrison's! Does the Bay Horse do food? Not been in ages.
  6. There's a big difference between signing a three year contract and being tied to a club because of the development fee.
  7. Well, this discussion has taken some strange twists. What I'm wary of with the development fee is that we end up with the situation Craig Sibbald had at Falkirk where no-one was willing to pay the development fee. Sibbald had no intention of staying at Falkirk but had to sign the offered contract for a year until he was old enough that the development fee no longer applied. It's the one big failing of the development fee system and it won't do us or Cadden any favours if we can't get something favourable sorted out.
  8. It would be like someone has taken recent Motherwell and Airdrie strips and merged them. Interesting approach. In terms of colour clashes, it would be even more useless than Motherwell's recently announced change strip.
  9. Terry Butcher admitted that he was influenced and it affected his behaviour until it struck him that he needed to get a grip.
  10. What about Robinson's time in the English Championship- where does that put him against Canning?
  11. Don't forget VAT. I thought we were rumoured to be due 25% to Hartlepool - have you heard 40%?
  12. I went a few years ago to see Motherwell- fantastic place, I'm sure you'll love it. Didn't do a lot of tourist stuff. Just liked walking around (old river bed to east of city centre is good) and the vibe of the place. The market near the centre is worth a wander round- bit different from what you can get here!
  13. I suppose they see that as being one of the benefits of being seeded although you would have thought avoiding the teams around you in the seedings would be enough. Strangely I thought when we drew rangers a few years ago we had to wait on the fixtures to find out if we would be home or away.
  14. There's two nominations for James McLean, although I can't see them having to share any greenies.
  15. A bit surprised at McLaughlin in goals, never really stood out for me. Would have gone for Gordon or Carson although Gordon may have missed out due to the amount of games he missed through injury.
  16. I'll nominate James McArthur (my auto correct tried to put in McCarthy which I think is pushing things a bit far).
  17. It could still have gone to extra time- needed to divide by 3!
  18. Remember being two up against them last season? I'd still be a nervous wreck for the rest of the game- I was only confident for the last 5 minutes of the semi.
  19. I was sitting in the stand with the bulk of the Thistle fans and it looked as though Cadden nipped in front of him and was bundled over albeit a bit easily. He was looking for the foul but it's still a foul although I admit it's frustrating when you're on the losing end. The ref and his assistant didn't have any idea who the ball came off following a Motherwell shot and awarded a bye kick to Thistle causing some fans to boo how clueless they were even although they were the beneficiaries. I think by that point they were ready to boo anything.
  20. I take it any investment would be similar to previous investments and really just some sort of loan that would be added to the debt?
  21. For all the blaming of Holt by various Dundee supporting posters, the highlights confirm that he was somehow left to defend against two Motherwell players on his own. Seems a bit harsh on him.
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