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  1. Didn't know she was a Well fan! Never seen her at a game but she probably goes to the Main Stand.
  2. What? What have I missed? What are these revelations?
  3. What's the parking like around there? Do we just park on the streets at the housing near the ground? Do you know if Morrisons prevents parking?
  4. Does that mean we're not sure about him due to his difficulties with injuries last season? Maybe it means he's unsure about us but if that's the case then why not just look for a club down south?
  5. Once living and playing here, the players brought up from the English lower leagues realise the size of Rangers and what they could pay without necessarily taking in everything else that comes with them. Unfortunately in those circumstances they could become an attractive proposition - Nicky Law was even prepared to drop down the divisions. Of course they still have to pay the money if the player is under contract.
  6. The cynical side of me thought it was so non responsive that it might have been drugged and left out in the open rather than see them starve or it kill one of them.
  7. Didn't manage to see the game? After all the deliberations. how did the choice of venue work out? Much of a crowd?
  8. I live in Glasgow and drive to Motherwell for the home games via M8, M73 and M74 and it's generally fine at that time of day but a shambles at rush hour during the week. I've not been on it since the new diversion came in but I'll see how it is on Saturday.
  9. Fir Park does seem a strange choice to me but it's second in the poll behind East End Park.I take it the United fans see Dunfermline as a fairly sensible neutral venue that's easier for them to get to and the Saints fans are probably viewing Motherwell the same way. The one thing I would say is the surface is still looking great. I thought the surface at Dens looked great at the weekend as well but that's not really a viable option!
  10. Saints fans won't go via the roadworks - they'll go straight along the M74 and off at Motherwell.
  11. What impresses me from the highlights is the amount of chances we had in addition to the goals and the early disallowed goal which would have been the opener looked ok. Although it did look as thought the Aberdeen defence had given up at a few of the later goals.
  12. Well, they did sell the tickets on the basis of a "spectacular" underwater show when they were to hold their breath for ages. Instead they sat looking ridiculous and sang crap Disney songs. I can't believ they didn't get pulled up more for that either in the boardroom or the people that were duped into selling tickets. Paul may have said goodbye to the other two contestants but he conspicuously said nothing to Sugar or Karen and Claude.
  13. When I click on a thread title it takes me to the first post rather than the first unread post the way the old site used to. I'm using the mobile version - do I need to change something in the settings (can't see anything obvious).
  14. Scott McDonald. Boooooooooooooo! St.Mirren standard booing this afternoon. I was quite impressed with the sarcastic cheering when they got a free kick in the second half although I didn't think they had been particularly hard done to.
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm sure we'll go to the zoo and the war hospital museum looks interesting - will see if we can fit it in as I think we'll be going to the war tunnels. St. Brelades looks lovely and the forecast looks good so I think we'll give that a go.
  16. I remember that game well. I had an ingrowing nail removed from my big toe on the Friday afternoon and could hardly walk so went to the Main Stand instead of my usual spot. I was in agony every time I involuntarily jumped up. You could have probably done without knowing this little anecdote though.
  17. We're taking the kids for five days during the school holiday in a few weeks to a hotel in St. Helier. It's family orientated with a pool and we're not hiring a car so will be relying on public transport. Can anyone give us a few tips for things to do and how to get around? Kids are 11 and 7 if that helps steer suggestions.
  18. I don't know if the round they enter is seeded but I assume the set-up is designed to minimise the chances of them being drawn against a non league side.
  19. Thanks - it works on Chrome. My phone is fairly old (Samsung Galaxy S3) and I normally just use Samsung's Internet browser which is having the problem. You mentioned applying the "P&B Customise Me Theme". How do I do that as I can't see any mention of it in my account settings? If that means showing a theme based on supported team, then it is already applied.
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