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  1. While Green should be accountable if he's done anything illegal, I'm also uncomfortable with someone signing a NDA, pocketing the pay-off and then being prepared to spill the beans anyway (if that is indeed what has happened here).
  2. What is with women blethering on their phones on quiet carriages?
  3. Is this going to be one of those stories where the name is all over the internet and the gagging order becomes such a waste of time that it ends up not being enforced? Ryan Giggs all over again.
  4. I've just watched the Wayfair advert with Lorraine Kelly - aargh!
  5. Every now and again I forget how shite the new stuff is and buy a can when I'm out and about. Tend to just get sparkling water now which I suppose was the intention of the sugar tax.
  6. The problem doesn't seem to be the level of achievement (or otherwise) but the completely unrealistic level of the expectations. Fortunately my dad took me to watch Motherwell at an early age so my expectations are pretty low.
  7. They got shunted around a fair bit, even being given a shot at the coveted breakfast show. They maybe worked best on the late night slot but I had more chance to listen to them in the afternoon. I still don't know how they got away with the vinyl collection! I think they knew there time was up at Radio 1 and were trying to see how far they could push it.
  8. As someone who doesn't get to listen to the radio during the day because of work, I still pine for the days of Mark and Lard on Radio 1 in the afternoon.
  9. At the time I thought it was a fair enough 50/50 but Robinson said replays showed it was possibly a foul. Are those stud marks? Certainly raises doubt over the fairness of the challenge but there's no doubt McHugh' s passback changed the game.
  10. The thought of getting this done had entered my mind but has now left, very, very quickly.
  11. I was being a wee bit tongue in cheek while pointing out there is one tie between a Scottish team and a foreign club. I doubt the good people of Sligo would be getting excited about a trip to Motherwell never mind the Under 20's. I don't think the Colt sides add anything to the competition. If anything it's a bit demeaning to ask a club from another country to travel to Scotland to play a club's Colts team.
  12. I take it you're not intrigued by Sligo Rovers' visit to Motherwell Under 20's? I'm sure the draw will be the talk of Sligo tonight. ETA - Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to Raith Raver's comment on the draw but I made an arse of it.
  13. I was in a pub/restaurant in Glasgow last week and the toilet doors didn't have male or female on them but cubicles on one and cubicles and urinals on the other. I assume this is for the gender neutral approach but there wouldn't then have been anything wrong with me going in the door only marked cubicles (I didn't) but I can imagine trying to argue my way out of that one.
  14. That's a hell of a lot of money on repairs without getting some form of second opinion. I'm not sure how it works with housing associations but some factors have their own building surveyors and they benefit from the management fees associated with carrying out this work. It might be worth approaching an independent building surveyors (I've had some dealings with CRGP near Maryhill and they're a decent bunch) for a second opinion. Even a phone conversation with someone who knows the score can help by laying out your options. They'd no doubt want to visit and provide a repair for which there would be a fee but it would at least give you peace of mind that you're not being ripped off or, preferably, provide professional advice that it's not all needed.
  15. Well I got that one spectacularly wrong. Serves me right for thinking Hearts were the easy option and I would keep them for another week.
  16. Did the Record actually print this comment (or post online)? If anything, that's worse that they don't weed out such guff.
  17. Due to some fairly bizarre circumstances I ended up taking the family down to this although I didn't know anything about the guys involved until I did a bit of googling before going. The place was rammed and it was quite the experience although I didn't think the main fight was as good as the brothers beforehand - Logan and KSI ended up with a fair bit of windmilling towards the end. Hopefully it will have given mainstream boxing a bit more exposure but it was a bizarre event. I thought Michael Buffer did better at the Motherwell v Celtic Scottish Cup Final though!
  18. What makes you think there'll be an announcement? I know fans are curious but that doesn't mean clubs have to discuss their business affairs in public.
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