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  1. It's nothing new though, managers have always taken punts on players- some work, some don't. At certain points of Tommy McLean's tenure it seemed like Fir Park had a revolving door fitted to the players' entrance.
  2. Are all the abseiling and displays not more for their Armed Forces Day? I'd like to think the forces are able to mark the occasion with a bit more reverence- am I being naive?
  3. Did footage of the penalty claims appear? In the first half I thought Miller was just backing into the defender and fell over but I couldn't see the incidents in the second half. I assume there wasn't much in them as they didn't make the Sportscene edit (but I could be giving them too much credit).
  4. Surely anyone who has been to the away end at Easter Road has seen someone have their nuts removed by that bollard on the railway bridge.
  5. Millions of people quietly go about their daily business and wear a poppy for a few days a year, possibly attend a remembrance service and generally respect the individual's decision to wear a poppy or not. However it's the comparatively small number on either side of the 'debate' that make the most noise and seem to dominate the headlines and social media. The quotes from the British Legion in that article are so far from the behaviour of some of the remembering brigade and just show the intended meaning is lost on many people.
  6. I walked past Taco Bell a few days ago and decided to give it a go (I know). They were selling something called a Grilled Stuft Burrito. Piss right off.
  7. He's going to have some problem finding a girlfriend who's not going to be a disappointment.
  8. Fantastic scenes- well done. Edit: That was supposed to quote the Talking Baws Under 19s video but it didn't work. Anyway, well done.
  9. Have to agree with the Dundee supporters' pre-match posts, I really don't see what Kenny Miller brings to your team. We should have won by more due to a much improved second half after a fairly even first. Dundee didn't offer much up front although we retreated for the last 10-15 minutes. I was concerned about set pieces towards the end due to the height in the Dundee team but the delivery wasn't a patch on the first half when O'Dea was unlucky not to head home. As mentioned, if it's any consolation, you looked a lot better than St. Mirren did on Wednesday.
  10. Ican'tremember who it was now but I'm sure I heard someone refer to a club in poor form being on Struggle Street.
  11. Cheers. Yeah it looks a bit more behind him than I realised, admittedly from about 100 yards away. Certainly everyone around was wondering why he didn't hit it first time.
  12. I was surprised that anyone could match how poor we have been but St. Mirren managed it and then some. I'll wait until 5 o'clock on Saturday before commenting on Dundee though. [emoji6]
  13. I can only assume my eyes were playing tricks on me due to the distance but about 5 minutes in we played a cross into the box which made its way to Main. It looked as though he just had to tap it in but took a touch and got crowded out. It's not in the highlights which suggests it wasn't as clear cut as I thought at the time. Can anyone who saw it on Alba clarify?
  14. John Boyle's proposal for Motherwell to be a sort of Lanarkshire super club. Colin O'Neill's elbow on Peter Grant on the opening game of the season (1990?). I'm amazed if nobody has mentioned it already but the general reaction to Skippy Sunday would have been quite something.
  15. That dive from Ryan Edwards - wow! He looked rightly shame-faced and didn't argue with his booking. It did get me thinking though, Edwards gets caught diving and gets a yellow card. Jones dived for Kilmarnock- it's not spotted and he gets a two game ban retrospectively. Same offence but completely different punishments only based on whether the ref sees it or not.
  16. We've had some horror shows this season but I couldn't see St. Mirren taking any positives from that game tonight. Was that a fairly typical performance?
  17. For those who want to watch this again, the second half is about to start on Alba.
  18. Traditionally there's been remembrance services at churches and in the afternoon at the local cenotaph. Buy a poppy and go to one of them and that's you, you've paid your respects (and that's what people who actually fought in the two world wars would have generally expected). I do wonder how keen a lot of the people who seem to be to make a song and dance about it would be to take an hour on the Sunday afternoon and quietly pay their respects. They'd probably be disappointed in the sombreness and lack of triumphalism - not real remembering.
  19. I've only seen them on tv presenters. One week leading up to Remembrance Sunday or Armistice Day is surely enough. I don't know when it became so dragged out although there's definitely much more an element of needing to be seen to be doing something (not just remembrance) these days rather than just quietly doing it.
  20. What programme is this? I was stuck having to watch Sam and Cat yesterday with my daughter. [emoji6]
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