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  1. I'm hoping it's apocryphal but supposedly there's a child in the Greenock area called La-a. It's pronounced Ladasha according to the mother.
  2. What a ridiculous cycle lane. I know where that is and the road is so quiet it doesn't need a cycle lane. The money could have been far better spent elsewhere- that's just a box-ticking exercise to say they've provided a continuous cycle route.
  3. And she pocketed the money from that charity fundraiser we all did recently.
  4. He knew how to get round the train congestion in Edinburgh and now you've gone and told him how to get round the Hampden crowds as well. Next you'll be telling away supporters about the easy parking in Whitehill that lets you get out to the expressway quickly.
  5. Not really as it's what we agree to when we sign the contract. Some people work longer hours than what I'm contracted for and some have a shorter working week. In any case, I generally work past 5 if I'm busy but some of the others are out of there on the button.
  6. We get to finish at 4.30pm on a Friday! Although we do start at 8.45am every day.
  7. This may be a daft question but I've never driven an electric car so don't know - are the charging points at the side of the road generally free to use?
  8. Has the video been edited or has the camera managed to register their presence and follow them? Would that not trigger some alarm in the security company's control centre?
  9. I take it you've not visited Fir Park in a while. The pitch has been like that for a good few years now. Not that it has always looked as though we want to play the ball on the ground but the pitch has been magnificent.
  10. Let's just say that the Aberdeen support booed every short corner afterwards. Eventually you changed to just swinging a cross into the box (to ironic cheers).
  11. I've seen some poorly worked corners but it really took some special effort to collect a short corner, run back towards your own end and then pass straight to the opposing centre forward who had a one on one against the only defender who had stayed back. No wonder the Aberdeen support booed the short corner tactic from then on.
  12. Yeah, my Christmas night got a bit messy in The Grove last year but I've been in Strip Joint a few times- pizzas are good too. Enjoy!
  13. I've only recently started listening to a few of the podcasts, including the Andy Robertson one, and enjoyed them but maybe it helps that I can't see them. I tend to download them and listen to them in the car to help pass the time when I'm out and about so watching them isn't really an option.
  14. Don't be surprised if they let her go and replace her with somebody younger and cheaper. Sounds ridiculous to think that can apply to an 18 year old.
  15. That's a lovely pint in there - Krusovice is it not? Sounds like an expensive day! The Grove might help with that.
  16. Just as well we're not cramming a huge number of games into the next month or so then. Oh, wait a minute....
  17. Don't know if it's still there but last year there was a small bar on the Saltmarket in Glasgow which was full of retro arcade games. Pretty bizarre place to be honest. Edit: not Saltmarket actually- Super Bario on King Street.
  18. I got the train to Euston this morning and as it was at 6.30 I knew I'd be looking for a bit of a kip so I booked a seat on the quiet coach. Two women across the aisle were blethering but I didn't know the woman behind them was also with them until another friend got on at Motherwell- cue endless shite talk. Why would a group of four women book on a quiet coach?
  19. Another of life's great joys is when your shite comes out so easily in one go that you know you don't even need to wipe (but you always do to be on the safe side).
  20. They made her put her baggage in the hold. I think it was to warn her she'd be slightly delayed and not to be alarmed when her bag didn't appear. Don't know if she told them she was visiting a pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands!
  21. My wife is on her way back from a work trip to the Netherlands. Not sure if she's bringing me back any treats but she's sent me a text to say she's been 'randomly' selected to have her luggage searched when the plane lands.
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