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  1. No, they said they couldn't guarantee because a section of their main stand is currently not fit for fans to be seated in so they are using the away fans section  to sit them.
    They are allowed to do this as the rules for the Away support (I.e. minimum allocation offered) are still been waived. We could theoretically give 0 away tickets to the cletic support next month if they don't offer tickets for the reverse fixture. Wonder how many will try to get into the home end if that happened (which won't due to the money that we would lose).
    Is that not because the section is designated as a 'red zone' which Celtic are hoping won't be needed shortly but can't guarantee that will be the case for their New Year fixture?

    Is the empty section of the south stand our designated 'red zone' or is that just to keep visiting supporters back from their players when they're baying for blood like at the end of yesterday's game? Will be selling less tickets to Old Firm fans in any upcoming games to allow an empty block either side of the steps?
  2. We were expecting so little after the League Cup games that we are making the most of some good results while we can and getting optimistic that some of our later signings are actually going to improve us.

    On yesterday's game, I think it's fair to say that Scott Brown doesn't have the same aura (or however you want to put it) as he did playing for Celtic. Or maybe he's been like that for a while and that's why Celtic let him go.

  3. I had a bit of a chuckle at our chief Wind Up Merchant Tony Watt being antagonised into a booking by theirs, Scott Brown, only for Brown to absolutely lose the plot and spend the rest of the game moaning to the ref because Tony smiled and waved to him as he walked off when being subbed. Brown was absolutely seething - great to see.

  4. I'm honestly intrigued to hear what redeeming features there were today. 
    I was impressed by Ramsey and you certainly made enough chances. Your problem was they were all hit wide or straight at Kelly. I don't remember Kelly having to actually dive for any of his saves, he had to put his hands to the side of his foot for Brown's shot and that was about it.

    As for comments on their 'pretty' football, I can't remember seeing a team pass the ball straight out the side of the park as much.

    We didn't do much but didn't have to, just had to be organised with the occasional bit of quality up front.
  5. Especially as the stats are shit...  Grimshaw should have made it three from a cross-come-shot that was on target 
    Everyone in the Cooper Stand was convinced Grimshaw should have been launching a diving header at that. I still have no idea why we didn't get a corner after that, he seemed to give them a free-kick for some imaginary infringement.
  6. First time in ages, I haven't felt us ever throwing away a lead. Great performance from everyone. However, what is the BBC up to with their player ratings?
    Sportsound had a 30 minute discussion on Celtic's management structure between 5 and 5.30. Is this what football fans want to listen to coming back from a match. I was on the outskirts of Edinburgh before I finally heard Alexander's post match words - approx 2 minutes worth!
    Yeah, I dropped a mate off in Hamilton and was back in Glasgow before they talked about anything other than Celtic.

    I'm guessing very few people vote for players, particularly subs, so a few high votes for Goss can skew the averages. Crazy for him to be top-rated, in fact all of the scores are unrealistically low.
  7. 4 minutes ago, Alex_14 said:

    As an IPTV w****r, what’s the problem with watching it on Sky Main Event vs Sky Football? A million mentions of it here so it must be a big deal.

    The big deal is that if you've only subscribed to the football package and not paid more for the full sports package then you can't watch the Scotland game on the main event channel. The two football channels are showing Ireland and England under-21's.

  8. But you already know that before you go, surely?
    I come back to the basic point that if you're carrying  a wallet, a phone and a bank card surely to f**k you can squeeze in a tenner or twenty note just in case.  It won't self-destruct in 12 hours.  
    I know now that these takeaways don't take cash but when places opened up again after lockdown and pretty much everywhere was only taking cards I did get caught out a few times. I generally have a bit of cash but it wasn't enough to cover the cost of a takeaway for the family - no great problem and I went to a nearby cash machine.

    I mostly use cards nowadays but as I said, I more find it a problem when I run out of coins and fivers for tips in bars and restaurants whereas I normally have a pocketful of smash when using cash in the pub.
  9. One of the things I've noticed with the move to cards and not having cash is it's often difficult to leave tips. I wonder if bar staff have noted a drop off in the tips they get.

    Generally the only places I've found that don't take cash are chip shops and Chinese takeaways and it's a right pain in the arse when you find out they don't.

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