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  1. Since we can gather in groups of 6 from 6 households, she has said her parents and brother are coming up on Saturday.  I advise her I am watching the Falkirk game at 12. She cracks up saying I am not sitting in the house when her family are here - as if they are the fucking Windsors. She knew fine well I'd be watching the football yet invites them up because it suits her. Her dad and brother are also Falkirk fans but would never pay for an away stream. 
    So now I am to turn the TV unit and point it out the patio doors so we can watch the game whilst sitting distanced in the garden. Absolutely fuming. 
    To compound matters, I am no longer allowed to call Mark Durnan and Connor Sammon useless c***s as it will cause offence. 
    I've never considered myself to be very rough spoken but this family are a bunch of vanilla c***s. 
    Sammon was useless at Motherwell but thought he might do a job at Falkirk after stepping down a few divisions - obviously not. The question then is, how far down does he need to go to be of use?

  2. Summer Nights at Kelvingrove Bandstand in July cancelled today due to distancing, we have concert tickets for September but I'm beginning to think it will be money back or rescheduled. We were told it was all about protecting the NHS which has been done and now the goalposts seem to be moving and too many people don't seem that bothered.
    We had tickets for last year that we were hoping would be rescheduled for this year but are now put off again. I'm assuming the organisers have decided it wouldn't be profitable to hold it with some sort of reduced capacity.

  3. I was brought up supporting Rangers as my dad was always a fan from childhood and living in Larkhall would really have been the easiest option but I made friends with a boy around my age that stayed on the same street as my dad in Hamilton when I was about ten and he asked if I wanted to go see the Accies. I'd been to Ibrox  a few times but the first game at Douglas Park was just something else, it was a shithole but the sights and sounds made me fall in love and I knew I'd never want to go to a soulless heap like Ibrox again. 
    It's no easy supporting a team like Accies (although cannot complain about the last period I suppose) but it's the togetherness that you get that makes the difference. You know all the faces at the ground and in the pub, just no the same relationship you have of you support a bigger club 
    Douglas Park certainly had something about it and I completely get your 'it might be a shit hole but it's our shit hole'. I grew up in Hamilton and would sometimes play football on the grass behind the stand or wander down with some school friends to watch a game.

    Anyway my dad started lifting me over the turnstiles at Fir Park when I was about 4 or 5 and I would run about down the front. It might have been some sort of punishment but we're both still going.

  4. The club's twitter account paid tribute to Robin Fisher who died at the age of 82. I knew Robin a long time but hadn't spoken to him for over a year due to lock down - life long Accies fan who didn't take it too seriously and always happy to joke about football with this Motherwell supporter. An absolute gentleman who had a positive influence on so many people - rest in peace Robin.

  5. Inveraray it was. Lovely spot for a wee picnic. IMG_20210417_134509.thumb.jpeg.c3ec46ff0241677b0a119890359e612a.jpeg
    I drive through Inveraray quite often (apart from the last year obviously) and always fancied a walk up there - great pic.

    Anyway, a few beers last night including a delicious Monomania 431 from Vocation and a Fyne Ales Sunrise Bliss grapefruit IPA (quite nice but not too much grapefruit going on and I prefer an Elvis Juice from Brewdog).

    I got a new phone last week and for some reason the photos won't upload - don't know why.

  6. Does anyone know how the payment works for players who play i the Euros? There's a general assumption that we've used the payment to us to help persuade O'Donnell to stay but what happens with out of contract players?

    Does the payment go to the previous club or a new club if he's signed for one even if he's not kicked a ball for them? I'm talking in general principles but obviously this is likely to apply to Gallagher.

    Does the player need to play or does just being in the squad mean a payment is made? We've obviously not been in this situation for a long time (if ever) - does Coyne playing for Ireland in the World Cup count?

    Lots of questions here but I've no idea how it all works!

  7. You'd need around 20-22 20kg bags by my reckoning if going down that route. Should then be able to compare prices. If you're close enough to the builders merchant you can do a few runs and save on delivery fee.

    0.216m3 x 2000kg/m3 = 432kg

  8. Rule of thumb: does he/she leave the world poorer for them not being in it, or improved?

    If the above does not produce a clear answer: did he/she try to improve the world when they were in it?

    For me, the likes of Thatcher fail on the first question, whereas Phil the Greek, and I feel I'm being generous here, gets to the second before failing.
    I've no great feelings one way or the other on him and was not involved in it but the effect the DOE Awards scheme has had on many people suggests to me he did try to make a difference.
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