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  1. Queen's Park now playing their games at Firhill.
  2. One thing about Dunne was he seemed to take 3 or 4 weeks back in the team after injury to get his form back. No great surprise really but unfortunately those first few weeks tended to contain a few errors. After that he was really steady.
  3. We said before that we try to stick by injured players running out of contract and we've certainly done the right thing with Dunne. He's now got a 2 year contract with another club - fair play to him and the club I'd say.
  4. Surprised at that but good on him. Thought we'd offer him a deal if he could prove his fitness and expected him to head back down south if he couldn't.
  5. Ouch. That sounds a bad one. Hope you're OK.
  6. It's a bit odd that Gallagher is there but the likes of Long and Campbell aren't. Is that down to his contract extending to June, presumably as part of the 'gun to his head' negotiations in January?
  7. That's a brave start! Just had a Sapporo for the first time by the fire/bbq. Very impressed. Now on to a ABK Hell with my sausage and pepper. Lovely.
  8. That could just be from the number of has-beens we've brought in on short term deals in January.
  9. Kilmarnock should comfortably win that Championship but we said that before about Dundee United. At least if Dundee won it would bring back the Dundee and Ayrshire derby matches. It might take them 2 or 3 years to regroup but Accies will come back.
  10. There have been crowds at all the games in Scotland the past week although allowing in larger numbers would have been better. I'm surprised the SFA didn't look to host the cup final elsewhere when it was announced that Glasgow was staying in level 3 - pretty much anywhere outside Glasgow would have done for a crowd of 500 or so. Dunfermline for instance.
  11. I think Celtic had the opportunity to mess the club and Turnbull about last summer with a low offer and it's to their credit that they didn't and appear to have behaved in a very professional manner. It was noticeable that both clubs publicly thanked each other for the way they handled things- don't often see that.
  12. Did Gordon go from Hearts? If you're including Edinburgh teams as provincial then there's McGinn to Villa but he's the only one I can think of so your point stands. Sell-on clauses are massive for us, particularly if a player moves to England and his value shoots up.
  13. Is that one of the rides at M&D's when it goes wrong? I take it all the clubs linked with Campbell have nicer places nearby where the players live (St. Anne's for Blackpool), just like most Motherwell players probably don't live in the town.
  14. I saw some scenes from World War Z on the news last night.
  15. Partick Thistle got a guy in today to tape patches of what looks like black bin bags over a couple of adverts on the side of the main stand. I assume they no longer sponsor them. I can't post photos from my phone but, take my word for it, it's extremely tin-pot.
  16. Absolutely. Like that video of the nugget celebrating the Chelsea equaliser that got disallowed. Never mind VAR, what was he doing filming?
  17. If she doesn't accept Google Maps or Wiki, what about OS Maps? Or is she so far down a blind alley that she's not going to accept any sort of reason?
  18. I've been given a Pinter as a present which allows you to ferment then condition 10 pints of beer from a pack. Anyone got one and have any tips? I'm looking forward to trying it out but might need another fridge for it! Don't see Mrs. McSquackle accepting the kitchen fridge being emptied for it.
  19. I'm not on Instagram but I hear Cole posted clips of his goals with the message "over and out" which suggests he's away. Probably no surprise to anyone but would have liked to have been able to hold on to him.
  20. I'd imagine the bulk of Rangers supporters did similar. When you look at the clips of the mayhem you can see the numbers are way down on what they were earlier and it seems to have got to a point where the police decided the only ones left were those intent on causing bother and decided to clear the place (after giving several warnings). They're now saying there will be many more arrests and I expect most of these to be the ones who stayed on well past the point of celebrating.
  21. You don't think they would all up sticks and leave do you?
  22. There are lots of comments on social media about not arresting them but I think the police are quite happy to contain it, pick up the worst offenders and then just let social media identify the culprits. I know none of this makes sense but surely the young guy throwing the traffic barrier should realise this. He's going to be so easy for them to pick up.
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