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  1. I know it's pretty ubiquitous but Caesar Augustus (and Joker) is lovely.
  2. Eventually you'll get to the point where ALL footballers are younger than you, I'm afraid. Next up is remembering their dads playing more than them. [emoji853]
  3. What have been the reaction if someone told you a year ago that you'd see a Motherwell fullback playing for Scotland skin his Bayern Munich opposite number? I thought O'Donnell did ok, had a reasonably quiet game but mainly because they didn't use him.
  4. I'm not sure Billy Dodds knows what he's talking about to be honest. Probably taking it from paper talk.
  5. My family directed me to this from Hamilton News Stand Facebook page - c***s off the road. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159045387427649&id=717442648&sfnsn=scwspmo
  6. He'll be booted, not featuring in Alexander's plans by the looks of things (and hasn't helped himself either in that regard).
  7. I've not seen the goals but that sounds odd as he's supposed to be super fast. Slow to react or slow on the turn or just slow?
  8. We've not talked about it in detail obviously but I think you're right. Unfortunately my wife seems to have taught our daughter the same technique - another bulk-buy required from Costco.
  9. How would you apply for this job? Asking for a friend.
  10. I found out recently Matthew runs it with his sister Amy. Always assumed it was a Glasgow only business until reading on here they have several branches. Anyway, a bit of an American night for me from my local Asda. Boston, San Francisco and 2 from California. All nice but particularly liked the Sierra Nevada.
  11. I'm sure I can remember 4-1 and 4-2 defeats despite my attempts to blank them out my memory. That's not an invitation for Killie fans to go looking for YouTube highlights to post.
  12. We've been well and truly taken to the woodshed. I listened to the last half hour in the garage- does that count?
  13. Radio saying we had a penalty claim, maybe 50/50. Anybody watching able to comment?
  14. Were Dicker and Power not your midfield powerhouses in your high-flying team under Clarke? What's happened to them?
  15. How much were we due to get for Gallagher playing in the Euros because that's looking less likely every time he's not selected?
  16. There's something not quite right about the suggestion that any shortage will be down to an issue with supply from India. I was told months ago by someone at AZ that they were setting up facilities in India to supply elsewhere in the world (non-Europe) and UK was to be supplied by UK production. Also, the vaccine that is produced in India isn't tested here so can't be used here.
  17. If we win on Saturday we'll be 13 points above Kilmarnock with 5 games to go. I'm normally quite cautious but even I would consider that safe. The play-off spot, that's a different matter!
  18. It might just be the police are more wary at Motherwell games as there has been bother at the station. A few years ago they wouldn't let my father through the line of police and stewards to head in that direction even though he is in his 70's and was parked just the other side of the tunnel below the railway.
  19. I'm certainly not a fan of his but out of that group, at least Dodds has coaching qualifications and experience. How he actually gets information over to the players I really don't know as he can't convey his ideas very well on the radio. Whenever I hear I automatically just think of his character in the alternative Leigh Griffiths blog with him on his trike saying "Billy likes fitba'".
  20. Forgot about St. Mirren being so close. Accies is very close (but not as close) for home fans but visiting fans are generally made to walk the long way round, particularly after the match.
  21. Including your own (and mine - Motherwell). Which makes me wonder, which club is closest to a train station? Accies?
  22. I've only vague memories of this goal. Can anyone put up highlights?
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