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  1. I'm told Hillhoose has improved since the short-lived child curfew days of the 90's. It has to be chicken when choosing pakora but, as mentioned, it's a bit much for a starter - I prefer chicken chaat (is that taking the discussion off on a dangerous new tangent)?
  2. You can book me on that train as well, I really enjoy Ferguson's enthusiasm. My dad was in hospital for an overnight stay and really appreciated Ferguson's delighted coverage of Motherwell's 6-6 draw with Hibs. Said his excitement really came over. Yes, his reports at half and full time can come across a wee bit stilted but I don't think he's comfortable reading out a written report. He was at the same school as me (a few years ahead of me) and I've heard him say he in interviews that he really didn't try a leg and he was probably playing at a time before players were getting media training. His enthusiasm still makes him by far the best of the bunch though.
  3. I was one of those celebrating in the stand behind the goals that day. If P&B had been around in those days I don't think I'd have been able to take my eyes off the thread although the various Rangers supporters coming on to thank us would have stuck in the craw. Unfortunately it wasn't on the go and I doubt even Steelmen Online's predecessor WellTrustfc.net (I think) was around. Strange to think the guy who ran that is now our Chief Exec. Not many clubs have a fan who's risen through the ranks in that way.
  4. I don't see the red dot shenanigans described on here as I generally use the mobile app version which doesn't seem to include them (unless I'm missing something). As a Motherwell supporter, our threads are usually reasonably civil (and recently curry orientated) which probably explains our lack of mentions on this thread. Anyway, we're playing Morton in the next round of the cup so going by some comments on here we should maybe expect some fireworks.
  5. Fair enough. To be honest, I wasn't convinced on first taste but it grew on me. I find some of the really rich cherry beers too sweet and almost like a cherryade although I do like the Bacchus Kriek. Anyway, wine tonight and this Portuguese red was very drinkable.
  6. Didn't realise they'd drawn the next round as well. If we get to the quarter finals then I suppose you've got to expect draws like that. Although Kilmarnock or St. Mirren are likely to get to the semi-finals without playing a top 6 side.
  7. I understand your point but Sportscene can have its advantages like multiple camera angles and slow motion replays of incidents which you don't get elsewhere. If I'm going to watch it then I'll record it and watch with liberal use of the fast forward button.
  8. And this red fruity Belgian number. Some of these can be too sweet for my liking but this was lovely. Strangely only 3.6% for a Belgian fruit beer.
  9. Belgian Saison from Beer 52. Very nice, like a slightly lighter Leffe.
  10. I like it and yes, I did recognise the name from the books! I've had a few before from my local Asda (much to the surprise of someone on here- I think it was Bairnardo). Reminds me a wee bit of Brooklyn lager in that it's more of an ale taste than a lager.
  11. Going to bed now but a nice range of well known beers tonight with a couple of Belgian beers from my Beer 52 delivery. The Kveik was an alright IPA but I didn't expect the Belgian Dubbel to be a stout (probably my lack of Flemish) but it was magnificent.
  12. Less than 48 hours to go and no thread? I would have loved to have gone through the usual ticket scramble shenanigans that comes with this sort of game and then made a day of it but it's not to be. Ppv being offered at £12 though. No idea what to expect from Fortmartine - just hoping we don't do a Hearts (or Albion Rovers).
  13. A few drinks of this tonight. Unfortunately I noticed the thumb hole in the bottom means there's a lot less left than I thought. Gorgeous stuff.
  14. I was really looking forward to this from the description but was surprisingly tasteless. Certainly wasn't getting the orange peel and coriander.
  15. A bottle of Vedett IPA. Quite nice but more of what I would consider a Belgian Abbey beer than an IPA. Maybe slightly in-between.
  16. That looks interesting. Where did you find that? This Belgian IPA from Brouwerij Lekker is lovely stuff. A bit of sweet fruityness- very drinkable.
  17. That's more like it. A bottle of Steen Brugge. Lovely blond beer with a wee bit more spice than others I've tasted.
  18. Decided to give Beer 52 a go again for the Belgian box and it arrived yesterday. First one, this Pilsner from Avans. Nice enough but nothing special.
  19. No, just the Hearts game with updates. Fortunately they've made a comedy start.
  20. A few different beers and finished off an Old Pulteney 12yo tonight. Loving the Hopo and a nice smooth peppery taste to the Midnight Sun.
  21. Really enjoyed that tonight, particularly the first 10 minutes or so before the first segment. Quite enjoyed the LMW but I'm sure I've heard it before somewhere.
  22. I think we all know how the voting is going to in later rounds.
  23. I occasionally see Liverpool highlights where they score a goal from a wonderful Robertson cross. I now just assume he's had loads of shite crosses as well that don't make the highlights.
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