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  1. I'm worried if that's the best they can do for his highlights reel playing for Man Utd reserves. Although the boy who scored from that first free-kick looked quite good, wonder what he's doing?
  2. I think it was more the art store room than cupboard, don't know where the alkies in other departments went.
  3. In my time, French class was all about La Famille Garnier - (a family in a Paris suburb, Creteil maybe). For some reason the only thing that sticks in my mind is when they had a bunch of removal men and one of them shouting "Hey Thierry " and the other other grumpy bugger responding "Bof". I'm not aware of our school having any nonces but we did have an art teacher who would disappear into a cupboard and come back a wee while later smelling of whisky.
  4. Cheers. No hurry if you think it needs a bit more time.
  5. I got mine through the post but my more local pals have gone to the club and collected them.
  6. Didn't know that song, would have gone for Beck. What was behind the clap? Was he a fan or someone at the club? Great 3 points. Can't believe I decided not to go on the day Grimmy scored.
  7. I think McFadden was 17 when he was thrown in but there had already been a bit of hype around him including a solo goal. Not much hype about the current crop but admittedly they've probably not played many games.
  8. But we get all flustered about Lawless publicly supporting another team. Douglas has also been mentioned. He's been at every level in Scottish football and one I more expected us to bring in at some point. I haven't looked closely at it but I suspect we were pretty well served for goalies when he was on his more affordable stage of his career.
  9. Sierra Nevada's Hazy Little Thing IPA. Alright but the IPA's haven't been cutting it for me tonight. Elemental Porter from Tempest hit the spot though.
  10. Four Pure Brewing's Bermondsey IPA. Think I picked it up in Asda. Nice enough but not much happening. Edit: On further drinking the citrus came through - quite nice.
  11. Four of us did the 5 ferries bike ride yesterday. Really enjoyed it despite the heavy showers that weren't really forecast and my legs feeling as though they were ready to fall off by the time I got to Rothesay (and that was with the short, flat final leg).
  12. Did anyone other than Craig The Hunter take you up on your generous offer? If not, I'd certainly be up for it.
  13. Hot Shot Hamish from the Tiger comic of my childhood.
  14. Seeing as there's only been two rounds of fixtures so far there's not really a lot of material to work with. Previous seasons' red cards are just to whet the appetite for the madness to come. [emoji6]
  15. I thought it was actually 4 red cards for Abercrombie. I'm sure this has come up on other threads- few punches thrown (alleged spitting from Stevie?) to break the monotony of a midweek 1-1 draw IIRC and Abercrombie refused to leave so got shown more and more reds.
  16. I'd forgotten about that. Crazy considering the United team must have been finding it hard to come to terms with what they'd witnessed.
  17. Probably about 15-20 years ago Motherwell were playing out a turgid midweek nil nil draw at kilmarnock when our goalie Francois Dubordeau came out to collect a long ball that bounced through to him late on in the game. Having caught the ball about head height, he then elbowed the oncoming Kilmarnock player in the head, getting sent off and conceding a penalty in the process. We lost 1-0 from the penalty. Wiki has him done as being a fans' favourite for a performance against Rangers but that's my abiding memory of him.
  18. I heard them talk on the radio about fans going on the pitch, I assumed it would just be the usual 5 or 6.
  19. How did our new signings do? Not hearing much about KVV - quiet game?
  20. I see the Daily Record has been carrying a story about Ojala being told nice things about the club by Valakari. They then go on to say he's in the squad for the St. Johnstone game having had to quarantine in a hotel for 10 days. He maybe did have to quarantine but he was a sub against Hibs and warming up right in front of me.
  21. Elderflower Hybrid Moments from Drygate. A lidl special - very light and refreshing.
  22. I picked these two up at lunchtime today but still to try. Just had the Loch Lomond Chasing Cars but found it pretty bland. Now onto 71's Ray's For Days West Coast IPA which is much better and going down a treat.
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