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  1. Stewart Brewing's Hazy IPA and Fierce's Day Shift Hazy IPA were both lovely and very drinkable.
  2. I've been on a few Aldi specials tonight. Stewart's Unfined American Pale Ale was pretty nondescript, Fierce's Split Shift was much better- a really nice West Coast IPA.
  3. Hurricane Jack from Fyne Ales was very nice followed by a Lagunitas IPA ( a bit of a favourite).
  4. Just had a can of Paolozzi as well. Lovely! Back to Aldi methinks.
  5. I love the petty way that has been edited to stop just before the ball crosses the line. I take it Durnan is the defender in the middle who doesn't bother his arse defending?
  6. Did any Falkirk fans make their way to the towpath to take in last night's game?
  7. I picked up a bit of a haul from Aldi tonight. What's the difference between a Disco Pogo Stick and a Disco Forklift Truck? Is it just repackaged for Aldi? Also got some Cranachan Killer which I remember from their last beer festival as being outstanding.
  8. If you'd asked me last week where I thought he'd move to, Aberdeen would have my first guess. He's form has dropped off (although I thought he played well at Hibs) so less likely to attract interest from England and Aberdeen or Hearts are his likely highest potential payers in Scotland. He'll probably double his money and it's a fairly safe and obvious signing for Glass as a new manager.
  9. I walked past the Woody at lunchtime and they've now got a beer garden, well tables out on the wind tunnel that is Maryhill Road with the buses thundering past if Jags fans fancy celebrating.
  10. Thistle cranking We Are The Champions up to 11 on the PA system. Could hardly hear the commentator after the final whistle. Starting to wish I'd taken a walk down the canal to see the celebrations.
  11. One of the kids is now 16. I'd be delighted to leave him behind. [emoji16]
  12. Would that mean if we wanted to go on a family holiday we'd need to leave the kids behind? Result!
  13. Do we not already know it's not worth getting Hastie back? Having a few good games at the end of the season isn't going to make up for the rest of it.
  14. Nowhere near as bad but if you go to France now you can still get pissoir style toilets and the hole in the ground squat types which had the female members of my family thinking they had gone back in time. I've not been to St. Etienne though.
  15. Lee Anne Crichton with the outstanding insight there that St. Mirren would have taken a last minute winner.
  16. And Gallagher fancied it less than Kelly? Does either them have previous (good or bad) with penalties?
  17. I thought Gallacher was a bit more like his old self yesterday and O'Donnell played well also. And yes, Lamie was pretty solid apart from his mix up with McGinley.
  18. Thanks. We'll keep an eye on EBay. We had the table with the chairs below on the deck outside our caravan on holiday one year and were impressed with it so she's fancied getting it ever since.
  19. Very nice. That's the type of garden furniture that my wife fancies - mind me asking where you got it? I think Aldi had something similar but it sold out in no time.
  20. Disappointed to go out so meekly on the penalties but that was a cracking game. Hibs played really well for a large part of the game but was surprised they didn't change things when we turned the game on its head when Watt came on. Both teams had great chances to win it but I suppose our luck had to run out after already winning two shoot outs this season. That would have been great to go through to for a day out but the 5pm kick-off sounds a bit dangerous!
  21. McGinley should have shot there rather than passing to Lawless.
  22. Incredibly open for extra time. Really could go either way. Very entertaining but dreadful for my nerves.
  23. Why did we wait until being a goal down before realising we could pass to our own players.
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