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  1. Had to traipse all the way over to the dirty wee Port yesterday to get a second go at the Aldi beer festival; luckily the selection and picks were worth the horrendous experience of being in Port Glasgow.
    The Roisin tayberry beer was excellent, nice and tart flavour while still being beer and not being ridiculously fizzy. Hopefully they will make it at least a semi-regular although there can't be too many tayberries kicking around to produce a lot of it. The Fierce pilsner is tasty and there's a smoked chipotle porter waiting for later as well.
    I'm not always a fan of fruit beers but agree with you on the Roisin Tayberry - lovely and fruity but still very much a beer. Similarities with Ruby Leffe.

  2. Fucks me off on school run that 4x4 seem to be designed for off roading onto pavement when there are parking spaces an extra 10metres away. To extent the kids can't actually get passed the cars.
    I'm always amazed at the way some people driving 4x4's slow to an unbelievable crawl for fairly minor speed bumps.

  3. I'm a fairly regular cyclist (although miles away from Day of our Lord's level) in Glasgow and have to say it sometimes feels as though I'm the only cyclist that stops at red lights. There's been plenty of occasions when I've stopped at the lights and other cyclists have come up from behind (Kenneth) and just carried on through.

    As a driver though, it doesn't get me raging, I just find it rather odd. Deliveroo riders though are something else altogether with no attention to any road rules and no lights or hi-vis in the dark.

  4. I had the same problem but it's now resolved after following the above suggestions. However I recently got a new phone (Samsung A71) and have found that the Tapatalk app doesn't accept the format of the photos when I try to upload them. Any suggestions?

  5. If you'd asked me last week where I thought he'd move to, Aberdeen would have my first guess. He's form has dropped off (although I thought he played well at Hibs) so less likely to attract interest from England and Aberdeen or Hearts are his likely highest potential payers in Scotland. He'll probably double his money and it's a fairly safe and obvious signing for Glass as a new manager.

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