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  1. It took about an hour before Richard Gordon came on and explained to them how much pish they were talking.
  2. I've had enough of Beer 52's hit and mainly miss for tonight. Change of direction - Old Peculier with a Bunnahbhain Stiuireadair. Much better all round.
  3. Brew By Numbers 07 is an Orange and Vanilla Witbier. Not really getting the orange or vanilla. Not having much luck tonight - fairly average.
  4. Lever DDH Pale from Fallen Brewing Co in Kippen. Nice enough but fairly average pale ale. A bit more flavour at least.
  5. I was going to ditch Beer 52 but was tempted by one of their offers last week. It arrived today while I was watching the Motherwell game and I'm starting with this Phantom Hazy IPA from White Hag Brewing Co. A bit lacking in taste and fairly meh.
  6. Did these dares involve tasting them before or after the cakes had been in the urinal? Anyway, enjoying Luminous Lights from 71 Brewing Co - one of my regular favourites from Lidl.
  7. We're very fortunate to be level at half time. Need to change something. Maybe take off a forward and go 442?
  8. I wasn't convinced when it was first introduced but have grown to like it and appreciate its merits. The recent split introduced excitement that wouldn't have otherwise been there. I think it's mainly those that haven't really been involved in the battle for the top 6 who don't get it, mainly Old Firm fans.
  9. I've been at Tynecastle and thought they had Levein doing the PA even when he wasn't manager. Thought he just couldn't tear himself away from the place.
  10. They've taken the ill-informed stuff to a new level with their topic on who should get the 12000 or so Hampden tickets for the Euros. These tickets were sold by UEFA a few years ago and the number of tickets available will depend on the number of those tickets returned but not likely to be many (if any) left for the SFA.
  11. Our remaining fixtures will be meaningless after we've got the one victory that will pretty much see us safe. The sooner that happens the better for me.
  12. They're phrased in a way that some of them are just guesswork but I managed 7.
  13. I'm a regular visitor to Mid-Argyll but only found out about the Taynish National Nature Reserve run by Scottish Natural Heritage last year. It's a fairly small peninsula with rainforest and an oak wood. The scenery is absolutely stunning and quite other-worldly.
  14. Really sad news. Surprised he was only 54. "Lovely bit of squirrel" always raises a smile when we're having a chicken dinner. Now with a bit of added poignancy.
  15. Really enjoyed that episode. There's easily scope for a 30minute interview with Craig Brown to be screened. I thought the forfeit was for Sked to wear the Hibs top for the whole episode? Anyway, his bluster was quite amusing considering how far he was behind.
  16. Yip, John Boyle had a snidey whisper in his ear after the game and they had to be split up. Broon was at Aberdeen by the that point and the split was a bit acrimonious (obviously at boardroom level as well). Anyway, just watching this on catch-up - George is a bit pricey at £10 a haircut!
  17. Belgian Brown Abbey beer Tongerlo from my Beer 52 Belgian box. Mmm, a bit disappointing to be honest - a bit lacking and isn't a patch on Leffe Brun. Was going to patch Beer 52 but thought I'd give the Belgian box a go. Been fairly disappointed with it as I know there's cracking Belgian beers out there.
  18. And the subsequent manager sacking. Chick Young was pretty much reporting it as a riot which was laughable although he had previous for a game at St. Mirren. Extremely heavy-handed policing made mountains out of molehills on both occasions.
  19. Nobody else drinking today? I'm off tomorrow and my wife's away so catching up on Sportscene and AVFTT. Had a few others but just finished an ever popular Disco Forklift Truck and moving onto an Orkney Dark Island accompanied by a Ben Bracken Islay 16yo (What an overhead kick that is, by the way).
  20. Yeah, I can't believe such a thorough OP didn't mention the 1991 cup tie(s). I'm hoping to get through without extra time and penalties on this occasion. How are Morton doing these days? Any time I've heard OAM recently the commentator has been moaning about how turgid their games are. To be fair, a few of them have been Chick Young and we've not had a shortage of games that would make your eyes bleed this season.
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