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  1. Sammon was useless at Motherwell but thought he might do a job at Falkirk after stepping down a few divisions - obviously not. The question then is, how far down does he need to go to be of use?
  2. A picture of a baby holding an expensive bottle of whisky? I assume they were being assisted!
  3. We had tickets for last year that we were hoping would be rescheduled for this year but are now put off again. I'm assuming the organisers have decided it wouldn't be profitable to hold it with some sort of reduced capacity.
  4. And make a very good living in doing so and fair play to him for it. He might even do a Bryson and end up at Aberdeen afterwards when he's broken.
  5. BBC news last night said there were around 50,000 flew from UK to India in February alone which I couldn't get my head round. Anyway got my vaccination appointment for next week through today. Bring it on!
  6. Do you think there's a similar Luton forum saying Motherwell is a hole?
  7. I know all the cup chat is very much tongue in cheek but I'm foolishly feeling my hopes start to build. I'm sure that will stop with a bang on Wednesday evening when I'm brought back down to earth. I notice the enthusiasm for the Accies game is such that no-one has even started a thread on it less than 48 hours before kick-off.
  8. Douglas Park certainly had something about it and I completely get your 'it might be a shit hole but it's our shit hole'. I grew up in Hamilton and would sometimes play football on the grass behind the stand or wander down with some school friends to watch a game. Anyway my dad started lifting me over the turnstiles at Fir Park when I was about 4 or 5 and I would run about down the front. It might have been some sort of punishment but we're both still going.
  9. The club's twitter account paid tribute to Robin Fisher who died at the age of 82. I knew Robin a long time but hadn't spoken to him for over a year due to lock down - life long Accies fan who didn't take it too seriously and always happy to joke about football with this Motherwell supporter. An absolute gentleman who had a positive influence on so many people - rest in peace Robin.
  10. I drive through Inveraray quite often (apart from the last year obviously) and always fancied a walk up there - great pic. Anyway, a few beers last night including a delicious Monomania 431 from Vocation and a Fyne Ales Sunrise Bliss grapefruit IPA (quite nice but not too much grapefruit going on and I prefer an Elvis Juice from Brewdog). I got a new phone last week and for some reason the photos won't upload - don't know why.
  11. Tam Cowan mentioned Goodwin has been very quiet since the footage which shows the dive to Stephen Thompson on OTB. He messaged Goodwin who responded to say "Stonewaller" with the little winking emoji.
  12. Pretty much the highlight of Hastie's contributions this season. Well taken penalty mind you (as they all were).
  13. Don't know why but I can't get my Chrome cast to work so stuck with tablet. That cross from O'Donnell was horrific but we're starting to open things out a bit by using Kelly.
  14. Thanks. Not to be sniffed at and we should be hoping that Gallagher is called up so we get an unexpected windfall. We might have come to an agreement with O'Donnell but that would seem unlikely with Gallagher. I assume the players get some sort of payment from the SFA anyway.
  15. On a one month deal? Tell them we'll split the payment 50/50.
  16. Does anyone know how the payment works for players who play i the Euros? There's a general assumption that we've used the payment to us to help persuade O'Donnell to stay but what happens with out of contract players? Does the payment go to the previous club or a new club if he's signed for one even if he's not kicked a ball for them? I'm talking in general principles but obviously this is likely to apply to Gallagher. Does the player need to play or does just being in the squad mean a payment is made? We've obviously not been in this situation for a long time (if ever) - does Coyne playing for Ireland in the World Cup count? Lots of questions here but I've no idea how it all works!
  17. That is priceless. Will the Record publish Morton's statement? Unlikely but I'd be surprised if the Sun doesn't.
  18. I would always have someone out the far side of the box for the amount of times we overhit the cross or it's knocked on with a head-flick.
  19. To be fair, I don't think anyone was too much up in arms about the award in the first place. Now that footage from another angle shows it to clearly be a dive I'm sure Jim will be pulling his player and announcing he's had a word with him.
  20. Much as O'Donnell singing was rumoured, it's still very good news. He's not perfect but we'd really struggle to bring in someone as good without spending a lot more. Also helps to have some continuity of senior players.
  21. You'd need around 20-22 20kg bags by my reckoning if going down that route. Should then be able to compare prices. If you're close enough to the builders merchant you can do a few runs and save on delivery fee. 2.4x1.8x0.05=0.216m3 0.216m3 x 2000kg/m3 = 432kg
  22. I've no great feelings one way or the other on him and was not involved in it but the effect the DOE Awards scheme has had on many people suggests to me he did try to make a difference.
  23. I think Kelly feigned to go to his right then changed direction which was maybe enough to make him think he was sending Kelly the wrong way and leisurely stroke it towards goal.
  24. The funeral is supposed to be relatively low key. Will it even be televised? If it has to be moved, can in not just be to 4 or 4.30pm and we all just get our curry deliveries ordered to come at full-time?
  25. I won't be surprised if Roberts is out for the rest of the season but he wouldn't be the worst option to bring in. He's obviously surplus to requirements at Hearts but he could well be on a much bigger wage there. Similarly, you could see wages being an issue with Kelly.
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