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  1. La Chouffe Belgian Blonde (8% ABV (alcohol by volume)) kicks off the proceedings tonight.

    Been a while since I had a Duvel, but tempted to say Duvel is better. It is good though.
    That's a brave start!

    Just had a Sapporo for the first time by the fire/bbq. Very impressed.

    Now on to a ABK Hell with my sausage and pepper. Lovely.

  2. BuT wE JuSt DoN't KnOw.
    It does make a mockery of things when other home nations are allowing crowds when the case rates per 100k are broadly similar.
    There have been crowds at all the games in Scotland the past week although allowing in larger numbers would have been better. I'm surprised the SFA didn't look to host the cup final elsewhere when it was announced that Glasgow was staying in level 3 - pretty much anywhere outside Glasgow would have done for a crowd of 500 or so. Dunfermline for instance.

  3. It's just the market we are in. Which Scottish players have been sold from a provincial club to England for more than we sold Turnbull? There are perhaps others but Craig Gordon is the only one I can think of from the top of my head.
    As sad as it may be, a player we sell to Celtic who goes on to be their best player in his first season there's value skyrockets. Had Turnbull stayed at Motherwell this past season and scored double figures again from midfield, his value wouldn't have changed remarkably. This is exactly the reason that sell-ons are important for a club like us.
    Did Gordon go from Hearts? If you're including Edinburgh teams as provincial then there's McGinn to Villa but he's the only one I can think of so your point stands. Sell-on clauses are massive for us, particularly if a player moves to England and his value shoots up.

  4. Aye, that had a similar feel. World War Z too. I was actually thinking of pairing it with the remake of Dawn of the Dead, as I haven't seen that in a long time.
    28 Days Later was a remarkably influential film. Revived the zombie movie, despite not featuring zombies, and you can feel the same atmosphere in a host of films that have been released since. Only another nine years 'til 28 Years Later  :thumsup2
    I saw some scenes from World War Z on the news last night.

  5. Complete and utter ‘yer da’ post coming up..

    Why the fcuk are people filming the players celebrating, if your lucky enough to be invited to the party join in and have a bit of fun.

    Really boils my piss when you see folks first reaction nowadays is to whip their phone out. Live in the moment and enjoy it.

    Like that video of the nugget celebrating the Chelsea equaliser that got disallowed. Never mind VAR, what was he doing filming?

  6. Accelerates towards red lights then brakes late. Absolutely baffling and infuriating. And insists that she doesn't. She always has.
    Saturday morning we had a full blown row as she insisted that a town near our house isn't called Alexandria, it's actually called the Vale of Leven she says. On asking her why then would the town signs say "Alexandria" and explaining to her that the whole area is called the Vale of Leven and contains several towns including Alexandria as it's a valley with the river Leven in it she insisted I was wrong. Her evidence? "I've lived here for most of my life". Apparently explaining that this only makes it more incredible that she doesn't know the names of the area and gets them backwards is apparently me being unreasonable. We then went down a whole rabbit hole where she insisted that the neighbouring towns and villages are all parts of Alexandria as well despite all having their own names, that Alexandria is the whole district and the town name signs saying Alexandria are "just to tell you where you are, the town is actually called Vale of Leven". And my online map and wikipedia evidence is wrong as it can be edited. How can you not know where you live or what it's called?
    If she doesn't accept Google Maps or Wiki, what about OS Maps? Or is she so far down a blind alley that she's not going to accept any sort of reason?
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