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  1. I think it's the "suspension required " rather than "subscription ".
  2. She's a serious actress and you've not to look at her 'attributes '.
  3. The big deal is that if you've only subscribed to the football package and not paid more for the full sports package then you can't watch the Scotland game on the main event channel. The two football channels are showing Ireland and England under-21's.
  4. The red button gives 9 games other than the Ireland game - the Scotland game isn't one of them.
  5. Yeah, I've got sky football and can't watch it as it's on main event. What's the point?
  6. I watched Cruella with my daughter and really enjoyed it. Much better than the run-of-the-mill Disney film I was expecting. A lot darker but not taking itself seriously. Great soundtrack as well.
  7. I think he's probably better at going forward than O'Donnell but SOD's a better defender so can see him playing against Austria. The main problem he has is he hasn't played in a while.
  8. I know now that these takeaways don't take cash but when places opened up again after lockdown and pretty much everywhere was only taking cards I did get caught out a few times. I generally have a bit of cash but it wasn't enough to cover the cost of a takeaway for the family - no great problem and I went to a nearby cash machine. I mostly use cards nowadays but as I said, I more find it a problem when I run out of coins and fivers for tips in bars and restaurants whereas I normally have a pocketful of smash when using cash in the pub.
  9. One of the things I've noticed with the move to cards and not having cash is it's often difficult to leave tips. I wonder if bar staff have noted a drop off in the tips they get. Generally the only places I've found that don't take cash are chip shops and Chinese takeaways and it's a right pain in the arse when you find out they don't.
  10. It was nowhere near offside. I saw footage after the game that someone had taken on their phone.
  11. Safely received my bottle of Elderflower Pale Ale [email protected] and drank it tonight. Lovely and smooth. Very light on the elderflower to begin with but it seemed to build as I drank more. Thanks again.
  12. It's certainly entertaining and much better than the usual clichés managers come out with but he doesn't half come out with some amount of crap. The environment line in the radio interview yesterday had me shaking my head in the car on the way to the game.
  13. You were either at it (probably) or the level of excitement in the general Dundee support didn't match your own. You had a pretty decent support though but at 780 it was similar to what we took to the cup game although you didn't outnumber any of the three home stands. You did play the better football though but didn't come out on top.
  14. I still can't make my mind up whether KVV will get more goals or yellow cards but I expect both to be in double figures. If Mugabi is the answer then I really don't know what the question is.
  15. I watched it for the first time recently with my daughter. My wife refused to watched it as she said she watched it years ago and it was rubbish so we waited until she had a night out. We both really enjoyed it, had a few good laughs and yes, someone must have been chopping onions nearby at the end.
  16. Had a few from my Croatian Beer 52 box from a wee while ago. The Pilsner was nice, the session ipa a bit lacking and the pale ale a bit better - pretty decent but not outstanding.
  17. We daughter just came down the stairs in hysterics and I had to evict this b*****d before it claimed squatter's rights.
  18. Cutting the grass at half eight is hardly outrageous behaviour.
  19. What's the justification in taxis being allowed to use bus lanes? Half the time they've got no passengers so it's not really about letting more people (other than taxi drivers) move quicker in the same way it is for buses.
  20. I'm worried if that's the best they can do for his highlights reel playing for Man Utd reserves. Although the boy who scored from that first free-kick looked quite good, wonder what he's doing?
  21. I think it was more the art store room than cupboard, don't know where the alkies in other departments went.
  22. In my time, French class was all about La Famille Garnier - (a family in a Paris suburb, Creteil maybe). For some reason the only thing that sticks in my mind is when they had a bunch of removal men and one of them shouting "Hey Thierry " and the other other grumpy bugger responding "Bof". I'm not aware of our school having any nonces but we did have an art teacher who would disappear into a cupboard and come back a wee while later smelling of whisky.
  23. Cheers. No hurry if you think it needs a bit more time.
  24. I got mine through the post but my more local pals have gone to the club and collected them.
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