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  1. Said goodbye to a bottle of Bunnahabhain Stiureadair with a generous measure while watching A View From The Euros tonight. Not quite as nice as their 12yo I finished a few weeks ago but still lovely stuff.
  2. I knew someone would be able to correct me! Wasn't sure if we'd had anyone playing for NI or the Republic- wasn't thinking of Namibia!
  3. Probably one for the Terrible Journalism thread but that's got us being of the "participant's" (with an apostrophe- sic). Anyway, Euros start tonight- looking forward to seeing Motherwell players take part in a major international competition for the first time in 27 years (unless anyone can correct me). I'm going on the basis that Michael McGlinchey wasn't our player when playing for NZ.
  4. This was a pretty big campervan and obviously had the power to go with it. I was in a line of traffic, evenly spaced and going about 50-55mph generally and a wee bit faster on some of the straighter sections but there's very little scope for overtaking on that stretch without taking risks.
  5. They're building a Costa and Burger King in Halbeath. Does that count as gentrification?
  6. My train journey from the North of Glasgow goes through the tunnel to get to Queen Street. Does that make me a Teuchter?
  7. Is he? He must make some cracking poached eggs.
  8. Ian Crocker seemed to take an unexpected level of joy out of people leaving early and missing the comeback.
  9. I'm half way through The Book Thief and also really enjoying it. I can see where you're coming from regarding the tears- it's already pretty depressing (with some black humour) and I can tell it's not going to get any cheerier.
  10. He said he thought they had the game won and then slaughtered the players for thinking they had the game won!
  11. I recently read Kintyre businesses are trying to launch an equivalent tourist route there - the Kintyre 66. The A83 to Campbeltown is a good road but the B road on the east side of totally unsuitable - single track with hairpin bends that the campervans will come a cropper on. That reminds me, coming back from Argyll a few weekends ago, I'd just left Inveraray and saw in my mirror a campervan overtaking the car behind me. He overtook me shortly later and then proceeded to overtake another few cars before going past another campervan and disappearing into the distance. Nothing wrong with a campervan overtaking but some of the manoeuvres were downright dangerous and there was no way he could see round upcoming bends to know the road was clear.
  12. I was at both those games. Our equaliser at Ibrox was a late penalty from another idiotic challenge from the keeper. Murphy wasn't wiped out by the challenge but lost his balance trying to hurdle the goalie. I found it quite funny to see Hughes assistant at Hibs was Brian Rice and Hughes' interview after the game was an absolute car crash of contradictions.
  13. Sky is showing the 6-6 Hibs game on SPFL Greatest Hits just now. Full game on until 4.30pm - could probably skip the next hour.
  14. Which one?[emoji6] It's pretty obvious where we got our inspiration for the fluorescent yellow one that Capt Oats posted above.
  15. That top instantly makes me think of Ally Mauchlen, Gary Mac and Graeme Forbes - our original 'psycho'.
  16. You had me confused with that one but I live in Glasgow and then remembered everyone else is allowed to do that sort of thing. Is he local anyway or is everyone just going to put 2 and 2 together and decide he's signing even if he's just meeting a few mates for beers?
  17. The detour to the McDonald's on Maryhill Road isn't very scenic! Unfortunately it's going to be in place for ages.
  18. The League Cup game against Queen's Park on Wednesday 14th July is now going to be at Firhill. Really hope we're allowed in for that one.
  19. Queen's Park now playing their games at Firhill.
  20. One thing about Dunne was he seemed to take 3 or 4 weeks back in the team after injury to get his form back. No great surprise really but unfortunately those first few weeks tended to contain a few errors. After that he was really steady.
  21. We said before that we try to stick by injured players running out of contract and we've certainly done the right thing with Dunne. He's now got a 2 year contract with another club - fair play to him and the club I'd say.
  22. Surprised at that but good on him. Thought we'd offer him a deal if he could prove his fitness and expected him to head back down south if he couldn't.
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