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  1. We've got an important week coming up. If we win today and on Wednesday we're pretty much safe and closing in on the teams that are vying for top six. On the other hand, if we play like last week we could lose both these games we're deep in trouble and the gap will no doubt have closed. Really depends which Motherwell turnup and how we cope with injuries - I'd settle for 4 points from the two games right now!
  2. That's the first time I've seen the penalty claim and, as a supporter of neither team, that's never a penalty. He's got his arm naturally at his side and the ball is whacked off it from close range. It looks worse as he tries to move his arm out of the way after the contact but I really don't see it as a penalty. If he gave a free-kick to Celtic for something similar elsewhere than that's wrong but just sounds like old-fashioned inconsistent and pish refereeing.
  3. It's great that he filmed it so we can watch it but I don't get why the hell anyone would record so much of a game rather than just get on with watching it. Then, as a Rangers supporter, why would he bother posting it?
  4. And apart from McFadden? Surely saying he threw himself to the floor is saying he dived? Or do you need him to actually use the word "dived"?
  5. There's a feature on the BBC website showing it. He doesn't say "No", he's says "Well". So he is actually saying he took a dive.
  6. Sorry to hear that and best of luck to him. I have vague memories of him playing for Accies.
  7. I got one of the soakings of my life at that France game, standing on the open terracing. Was Johnston still playing in France at that point? Think he was.
  8. Fair enough. I wasn't able to post at the time and I was sure if he said "don't " or not. Either way I couldn't see the relevance.
  9. Alexander's new signings generally being nowhere near the team, does that mean they're not fit enough or has he underestimated the quality required?
  10. I listened to OAM for about 20minutes just after half time. At one point they were talking about some incident in a light hearted way and there was a laugh in the background to which Willie Miller responded with "That's why we don't have women in the studio ". Not a word was said in response and I was left wondering if I had misheard but I'm sure that's what he said.
  11. Game is over already and it's damage limitation for us. I would need to see the penalty incident again. There was contact but I'm not convinced he didn't throw himself.
  12. We (Motherwell) have certainly benefitted in the past from dodgy penalties but I can't think of any we've got this season (although I haven't put much thought into it). Goodwin is only coming out with this now because he's been on the wrong end of a decision. There's already a mechanism in place for giving bans for simulation, effectively labelling the player a diver. I'm not sure what else can be done.
  13. Even if there was contact on Erwin, it certainly wasn't enough to cause the rolling about as if he was halved. I agree with Goodwin's general sentiment and you were on the wrong end of a really poor decision against Celtic but he would help his cause if he said that St. Mirren had also benefited from other poor decisions. Let's not even go near the 2 penalties St. Mirren got against United (although one was for handball which is another argument).
  14. That sounds a bit too energetic for me. Plus it's absolutely Baltic outside so, nah, not for me.
  15. Aldi and Lidl seem to have a bit of an overlap with both doing Drygate and William Bros. I was in Lidl at lunchtime- starting on Samuel Adams and then on to a Gladeye IPA.
  16. As for that season we were in the play off, remember St. Mirren were still even more pish than us.
  17. Motherwell have been linked with him in what feels like the last 23 transfer windows. Might not be the most prolific scorer but he'll surely improve their forward line.
  18. As crazy as it sounds the new company (club, whatever- that's another debate) had to apply for membership of the league and no other club got the chance to apply at the same time, even if they had been waiting for years for the chance.
  19. If you fancy some of these grounds for variety maybe it's best St. Johnstone go down?
  20. Those sort of cold temperatures were widespread in Scotland in the cold snaps of 2011 and 2012 (I think). I'm sure Glasgow recorded -20C a few nights and was generally low minus temperatures during the day.
  21. I remember watching a French series which Mogwai had done the soundtrack for about people in a small town who came back from the dead. The Returned maybe? Mogwai seem to be cutting a wee niche for soundtracks.
  22. I remember seeing 'him' on Naked Attraction. Shudder.
  23. It has to be noted that this is central Glasgow and there doesn't seem to have been any attempt at gritting. It took me nearly an hour to get into work, mainly on an A road that didn't seem to have been treated and colleagues who live further afield said the roads were fine until they crossed the border into Glasgow and everything slowed to a crawl on untreated roads.
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