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  1. It's a year to the day since our Friday night game against Aberdeen was postponed around lunchtime. I was due to head out straight from work to meet some mates in the pub with the plan to also return there after the guy to meet some other non-Motherwell fans. It seems fairly wild now considering what happened in the following months that we just met up in the pub as planned (which was packed). Glad we managed it actually as ended up being the last hurrah.
  2. I saw her previously on AVFTT and she's an impressive and interesting character who obviously doesn't stand for any shit. I thought she asked a perfectly valid question, was given a reasonable response and she seemed to accept it with good grace.
  3. Not heard of this. I assume you've to get it to the garage for them to repair at their cost?
  4. If the three clubs you mentioned sorted themselves out and were challenging along with you, you could have some pretty big games with cracking crowds. Or it could all fizzle out.
  5. I remember folk being pretty much carried onto the buses at Fir Park. Not a good sign!
  6. Did it in Nancy but not Odense. Think we were quite settled in the pub.
  7. We completely underestimated the time it would take us to walk from the centre of Odense to the ground and were running pretty late. Fortunately some locals on their way to the game pulled over and offered us a lift - nice guys the Danes! If you're going to lose 2-1 in an away leg then a top-corner free-kick in the last minute to make it 2-1 is probably the best way to do it. I also did the overnight bus from Fir Park to Dortmund - for all the complaints about budget airlines they're a hell of a lot better than being on a bus that needs mopped out at Dover.
  8. Whatever it is, it's delicious. I was fortunate that one of my local Lidls still had it in stock when everyone on here was reporting it sold out and I picked up a second bottle. Maybe the more expensive bottles take longer to sell in Possil.
  9. What if they send Chris McLaughlin along to do that coverage?
  10. To be fair to him, Durrant didn't even protest. I'm not sure what that look on his face is though. Bewilderment? A slow dawning of what he's done? I don't think any referee could have not given that. The commentator wasn't half laying it on a bit thick at the beginning. Richard Gough biting his lower lip.
  11. David Robertson would be tremendous entertainment.
  12. And his agent. I'd like to see Cole here next season but unfortunately I don't think he'll be short of suitors offering more cash.
  13. I'm sure they had arranged a parade from Ibrox to George Square in 1997 to celebrate winning 9 in a row as it was a Bank Holiday Monday against relegation threatened Motherwell. Owen Coyle had other ideas.
  14. That's a bit like my Samsung phone recording my steps for the Samsung Health app with a monthly target of 200k steps. The folk at the top are doing the equivalent of ultra marathons every day for a month. So you've worked out a way to cheat the app - really? Why bother? I know I'm going to sound ancient here but the only person you're cheating is yourself.
  15. Few drams of Ben Bracken Islay 16yo tonight. Absolutely lovely as always.
  16. Had some red wine after dinner the a few beers. Really liked the 7 Giraffes. The Broughton Double IPA was ok - wanted something with a bit of bite to accompany the lovely Lidl special!
  17. Probably best doing something with the garage. Second best would be dormer windows. Do not remove the roof and replace with a steeper pitch- you'll gain very little and spend a fortune.
  18. You really need to talk to a local architect who is experienced in extensions in your area. They should have a rough idea of costs for the different options. You'll need to factor in fees for the architect, structural engineer and building warrant. If you know anyone who has had similar work done nearby it would be worth speaking to them to see if they would recommend their architect (and builder).
  19. I hadn't been watching but just turned on to see the score. Boyd was absolutely livid!
  20. There are all sorts of absurdities in that story but the one that stood out for me (apart from the obvious activity with dogs) is that he was "furiously " masturbating at the time. Did the judge question the witnesses as to his wanking style?
  21. I saw a couple of these wee birds with the red bills on the canal this morning. Haven't seen them before- are they some sort of duck? And yes, before anyone says it, I know the big white ones are swans!
  22. Really good episode. Danny Lennon was a great guest and I really enjoyed the feature on the card collector. I've got the Shuggy Edvaldson sticker in the 1978 Panini album with the terrible photo-shopping and was always amazed by it. Good to hear how they made it.
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