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  1. iirc its not quite like that, it's something along the lines that you must give way to the right.
    edit: I haven't cheated but to elaborate - its that you must give way to traffic *approaching* from the right. I think the myth is more that "oh now that I'm on the roundabout I have priority", which isn't how its worded/how it's meant to work, and very occasionally means people race to get onto roundabouts as quickly as they can so they think they have priority. There's some roundabouts near me with poor visibility at certain exits that I've learned to be extremely cautious of, I slow down significantly and have a good look not just to the right but probably even moreso to the left, as every so often cars try to just zoom through them without taking much of a look to their right.
    this is probably one of the more notable ones, around tresta road up at the crematorium. If you're coming this way you can't see shit to your right and its poor even once you're right up to the line.
    The visibility isn't great there when coming from the road on the left either, past Gilshochill Station.

  2. We'll be fine this season. A few of today's starting XI properly up to speed (Slattery, van Veen) and a couple of extra additions and we'll be fine. 
    We might need another no.9 to fill in for KVV in the 10 games he'll miss through suspension this season... what a lad! 
    Really impressed with KVV. Great touch, huge and likes clattering people- definite bit of the Higdons about him.

    I think we need a vote on whether he's going to get more goals or yellow cards. Both could easily be in double figures.

  3. Absolutely, its not often the officials of the SFA give you a numerical advantage and one of the softest penalty awards ever seen in the land - yet you still failed miserably to take advantage. For as shit as Dundee are, its heartening to see them swagger to a point with all that going against them. As for St Mirren, well, let's just hope the ideas are bucked up considerably. 
    You obviously wouldn't have seen much of St. Mirren last season but that soft penalty yesterday but would have been well down the list of soft penalties they got last season. Welcome to the Premiership.

  4. Thanks guys for the heads-up on the Lidl beer festival. I headed to my local shop at lunchtime today but because it's being renovated they didn't appear to be taking part and just had their usual collection. I did pick up a brochure though to see what I was missing.

    Anyway, enjoying this 'juicy lager' although it's a bit more like a IPA.20210730_194137.jpg

  5. There's a linked progression to 10k if that's what you want to do. Otherwise you can try to gradually improve your pace, find new routes and vary length of your runs e.g. 5, 6,7k depending on your mood. I'm not a serious runner and started with the C25k a few years ago and that's what I generally do. I have to admit, I really enjoy going for a run when on holiday as it gives you a different view of the place.

  6. Went on the B8024 Kilberry road in Argyll a few days ago - stunning ride. Started at Tarbert and up to the junction with the A83 (about 30 miles), took 2 cars as didn't fancy cycling down the A83 with the timber lorries.

    Had a bit of a fall on the last downhill, embarrassingly from a stationary position! Pulled over into a passing place for a car and when I went to start again my foot slipped forward and I went over on top of the bike. Bruises are coming up a treat but nothing like those above from @well fan for life 20210715_110055.thumb.jpg.e677f0c1dd2f2f4d7f367556d3c54733.jpg20210715_121625.thumb.jpg.e34802e7a5ba01d7ebfd0fd901b88188.jpg

  7. Yes, Grey Gull and family just out of shot - don't think my wife would appreciate the dating site!

    Strangely mid-Argyll seems to have been badly hit by a lack of deliveries with the bar out of stock of a few drinks and the Co-op in Lochgilphead running low on beer and soft drinks, Tarbert Co-op even more so with lots of empty shelves. I don't know if this is a country-wide issue.

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