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  1. I was in a pub yesterday that sold West's German Pale Ale. Never had it before but thought it was wonderful.

    My opinion might be skewed however as I've not been drinking recently and this was the first beer I could actually taste after a bout of covid. I could live with the cold I had but the lack of taste was a complete bugger.

  2. As much as London is a fantastic place with endless amounts to do it’d maybe just scrape into my top 5. In no particular order:
    The latter brings me to my point. The Vatican is the peak of overrated shite attractions IMO. An interesting first 10 minutes or so was had then it just became a load of utterly boring or just plain disturbing tapestries followed by more tedious pish whilst crammed into room after room and corridor after corridor with far too many people in the one place.
    To be fair to the Vatican, it's primary function isn't to be a tourist attraction.
  3. I've only watched half of the episodes so probably shouldn't be reading these comments but, considering the programme name and the start of the first episode, I always expected the last game to be the squid game.

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  4. I was stopped at temporary traffic lights this morning. When they changed the cotr in front hadn't noticed them change for about five or so seconds before moving off. He gave me a wee apologetic wave as he started which I thought was decent of him but he then got through when the light was at amber and I had to stop(again.) I was, however, flaabergasted when the cotr behind me overtook me and went through a blatant red light.
    I've seen that a few times over the last few months, once with someone coming up from about 5 or 6 cars behind to go through as everyone else stopped for the light changing.

    I was behind someone this morning where there are traffic lights because the road narrows to go through a tunnel below the canal. For some reason he stopped a few car lengths back from the traffic lights and you could see a car coming in the opposite direction stopping at the lights on their side. The lights are obviously the type that can sense if anyone is waiting so after a pause they changed and the guy coming towards us came through. Rather than thinking he should edge up to the lights the guy in front of me decided they were broken and drove through the red light. I moved up and about 10 seconds later the lights changed.

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  5. c***s in a car park, blazing drunk old bam dressed all in pink sauntering down the middle of the road going into the car park. When I got out the car I heard her shout at me "Here mate... " and then it was just indecipherable words. Could have been happy words or angry, I've got no idea, absolutely out yer bonce on a Wednesday at dinner time though, some life. 
    I'm going to guess Lidl on Balmore Road. Sounds about right.

    Last time I was in there two women were having a shouting match across the shop from two different till queues. They were still at it outside the shop when I was stuck in traffic on my home.

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  6. I watched The World At War last year during lockdown and a few others had a similar idea with it being talked about on here at the time. I watched the film Stalingrad recently so decided to re-watch the episode on it to remind me of some of the detail. Quite a few of the episodes left me absolutely speechless and this was one of them.


    For some reason I hadn't watched the last episode and watched it earlier this afternoon. The figures are absolutely staggering with 55m dying in WWII (including civilians) - 20m Russians, 15m Chinese and 5m Germans (of which 1.5m died in Russian prison camps). Remembrance Day will be coming up shortly and there will be the usual stuff appearing in the Poppy Thread but for me the whole purpose of Remembrance Day should be for people to remember the dead and recognise the pure folly of war.


    If anyone hasn't seen this series (I got it on the Yesterday channel) then I certainly recommend it. It doesn't glorify war, it's not jingoistic, the footage and interviews are incredible and it makes you look at the world in a different way.

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