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  1. Just come through duty free in Stansted and it's very slim pickings for domestic travellers. They gave me a taste of Longmorn from Elgin which I hadn't heard of before. It was nice but not nice enough to spend £56 on for 70cl.

  2. Certainly one of the best worked. But favourite. Far too many others too choose imho. For me top 5:
    5. Jutkiewicz in 6-6 Hibs game
    4. Marc Fitzpatrick - Hearts League Cup Semi
    3. Reid - Aberdeen away to clinch 2nd in 2014
    2. Louis Moult - 2nd goal in League Cup semi v Rangers 
    1. Stevie Kirk 4th goal - Scottish Cup final 
    Honourable mentions for Skippy Sunday and Lionel v Rangers in the play offs.

    Maybe there should two separate lists- best goals and best 'occasion' goals.
  3. Anyone, absolutely anyone filming themselves in any way celebrating a goal. Absolute fucking LOOK AT ME behaviour and a wanky trend right now. 
    Hopefully subsides quickly like Ring of Fire, the Icelandic clapping chant and Twist and Shout. 
    Just f**k off with it. 
    I suggest you never attend a Motherwell match. Good chance of the Motherwell clapping chant and Twist and Shout.
  4. The sheep joke is unoriginal (and confusingly banned from OTB?)
    The dyslexia joke is, well, dated at best 
    Was the dyslexia comment not more referring to Hancock' attempts at justifying his appearance by saying he would use it to raise awareness of dyslexia? According to Tam, and I don't know as I don't watch it, he hasn't mentioned it at all so far and he's digging him up for it. Seems fair and I don't really see the issue here, it's not as though he can actually write 'w****r' in the Record.
  5. Whataboutery isn’t an argument to justify charging £15 to stream the game
    I take it this is only legally available to those living abroad? Not likely to be affecting many people. We were £12 when people couldn't attend games or free to season ticket holders, how much were Celtic?
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