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  1. I've just seen a few snippets of the game on Sky Sports News. Watt's goal looks even better from behind the goal and I have some sympathy for Maguire. The United player misses the ball as it holds up on the pitch and Maguire slides through on him. If the ball had held up he might have put a decent challenge but he shouldn't really have been diving in and taking the chance.

    The game became farcical as the second half wore on but for all United's possession, I thought we looked smarter on the ball and the more likely to score.

  2. Mortlach is a fantastic dram and that is a great deal.  I've had some good airport bottles in the past - Bowmore 15y-o "Mariner" springs to mind, and Laphroaig PX cask.  Both were litre bottles too!
    Yeah, you can't beat thinking you've found a really good deal and then realising it's a litre bottle as well.
  3. In this day and age there's no way planning permission should be granted to any football stadium or other entertainment complex that doesn't have easy access on foot/public transport.
    Any planning application will need a transport plan which includes these things and probably a traffic study to assess the impact. It's also pretty easy to search councils' websites to see planning applications and accompanying drawings and reports (I'm just not that bothered to actually do it).
  4. I flew from Glasgow Airport this morning and they have some really good offers for anyone flying outside the UK- back to the good old days of Duty Free. Unfortunately I was on a domestic flight but it's worth bearing in mind for anyone due to fly abroad.

  5. As an outsider, this looks an interesting proposal but I do find it surprising you're being allowed to build in a greenbelt country park. Do you have outline planning approval for this?

    I appreciate you are looking to bring in money by selling the existing ground for development but the site looks fairly small and hemmed in. Looking at the size of it on Google Maps compared to surrounding housing I'm not sure you would get that many on the site.

  6. December 13th - St Lucia's day, probably.
    However, many Swedish homes will have 'four candles' that they light consecutively each Sunday to mark Advent.  And that could actually start in November...
    That's the Christian definition of the Advent season (it also extends a good bit after Christmas) and where Advent calendars stem from. When I was wee my parents went by the (traditional according to them) 12 days before, 12 days after and I've tried to stick by that but normally get nagged into the weekend before that.
  7. Think Bowmore, not saying thats what it is, but it has that profile. 
    I would say it's less peated and I prefer it to the Bowmore which I need to be in the mood for. I don't know about the standard Islay Ben Bracken though.
  8. 2 minutes ago, Tattie36 said:

    It’s easy to find on YouTube. He collected it from a throw in on the right side of the box, cut across beating two defenders before hitting an unstoppable shot in to the top corner. I remember at the time thinking they were very similar goals.



    Yes, they were very similar. As I said (not very clearly), the goal against Spain was right in front of me in the old enclosure in front of the main stand.

  9. Dalglish's belter was v Spain surely.
    Mo Johnston got both goals in the France game IIRC.
    I was replying to the post directly above mine which referred to the France 2-0 and Spain 3-1 games but I should have said it was the Spain game I was in the enclosure for. I was behind the goals at the France game. Yes, Johnston scored both goals- think he was playing for Nantes at the time.
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