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  1. Wordle 342 3/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  2. Wordle 341 4/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833]
  3. Talk of the seaside leagues intended to mean the lower two divisions when there are probably just as many seaside clubs in the other divisions?
  4. He was working in Asda in Hamilton, not sure he still is. Could do a job?
  5. You do realise my post was mainly about Bellshill? I couldn't care less about Paisley and certainly can't be arsed arguing about it.
  6. Right, that's me off to the domestic cup forum to see what we could have won (or lost, depending on your view).
  7. Wordle 340 5/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833] Made a bit of a meal of it this morning.
  8. I commented on our match thread against Livi that it had our highest scoring player as someone (can't remember who) that only came on in injury time.
  9. Good on you for letting the fans have their say. I'm struggling to see the difference between options 1 and 3 - is it just the shorts or are there a few more small differences like in a competition? I'd be surprised if option 2 isn't chosen, surely much more like a traditional Saints top?
  10. Wordle 338 4/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  11. Is it just me or are there are a lot more sparrows about than normal?
  12. Bearsden yes, Paisley maybe but I wouldn't see Bellshill as part of Greater Glasgow. Properly in deepest Lanarkshire with non-built up areas in between.
  13. Wordle 337 6/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833] Fairly pathetic attempt from me this morning.
  14. Wordle 336 3/6* [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  15. Updates: The Squrl was so sickly sweet I couldn't finish it. Like drinking Nutella nut again and again and again.... Full J'Ale blurb now attached. Collaboration with Peterhead Prison Museum and Bold Brewing. From Brew Toon in Peterhead. Whatever that means.
  16. I did think the blurb was a bit odd, seemed to suggest it was a collaboration. Beer can descriptions are getting weirder and weirder. Anyway, a nice bit of Squrl. Can taste the hazelnut.
  17. Brew Toon's The J'Ale. Strongly flavoured hoppy red ale - lovely. Just read it's inspired by inspired by Peterhead prison - I had an uncle who was governor there for a while (well, friend of the family style uncle). Hopefully my local Aldi still has some of this and the Pineapple Pils left.
  18. Good stuff, I've got one in the fridge to try later. Pineapple Pils from Brew Toon. My taste buds are a bit dulled by a cold but this is cutting through them with a real zing. Some pineappleade from the Alpine Man vibes going on here.
  19. Strange business move though to piss off a sizable chunck of potential customers. I get it with Paddy Power as Rangers supporters probably avoid them anyway but doesn't seem very Ryanair.
  20. Wordle 335 3/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
  21. Wordle 334 6/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833] Likewise.
  22. Fair play to you if you get a decent chunk from a sell-on but do development fees really still apply to 27 year olds?
  23. Peloton Pilsner from 6 degrees north. Alright, a wee bit bitter on first taste.
  24. I'm putting the surprisingly quiet Rangers support down to them knackered from a day on the beer in the sun. They certainly look that way when they show close ups of the crowd.
  25. Wordle 333 3/6* [emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] [emoji833][emoji833]
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