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  1. So are we getting 4500 home fans in plus 2000 Hibs fans or is it 4500 total?
  2. There's a linked progression to 10k if that's what you want to do. Otherwise you can try to gradually improve your pace, find new routes and vary length of your runs e.g. 5, 6,7k depending on your mood. I'm not a serious runner and started with the C25k a few years ago and that's what I generally do. I have to admit, I really enjoy going for a run when on holiday as it gives you a different view of the place.
  3. Apologies for the poor quality photo but I went on a boat trip off the west coast recently and this is a young sea eagle sitting on the rocks.
  4. Couple of Croatian beers from Beer 52, both very nice.
  5. Fyne Ales is a lovely wee set up, shame I'm always driving. I popped in for a multipack of their classic selection a couple of weeks ago to accompany my break in Argyll.
  6. At least we're winning and Airdrie are losing but doesn't sound great from the radio.
  7. I've just got back from a bit of an all day pub crawl with the wife who told me Motherwell were on the TV inside the pub ( I forgot we are playing) only to find the radio has the Livi v Raith game on.
  8. I'd wondered about that. Only ever encountered it at Celtic and Rangers but not driven to either in ages (and generally don't go) - is it still a thing?
  9. Went on the B8024 Kilberry road in Argyll a few days ago - stunning ride. Started at Tarbert and up to the junction with the A83 (about 30 miles), took 2 cars as didn't fancy cycling down the A83 with the timber lorries. Had a bit of a fall on the last downhill, embarrassingly from a stationary position! Pulled over into a passing place for a car and when I went to start again my foot slipped forward and I went over on top of the bike. Bruises are coming up a treat but nothing like those above from @well fan for life
  10. Yes, Grey Gull and family just out of shot - don't think my wife would appreciate the dating site! Strangely mid-Argyll seems to have been badly hit by a lack of deliveries with the bar out of stock of a few drinks and the Co-op in Lochgilphead running low on beer and soft drinks, Tarbert Co-op even more so with lots of empty shelves. I don't know if this is a country-wide issue.
  11. A Singleton overlooking Loch Gilp with Arran looming in the background.
  12. Avalanche from Fyne Ales while overlooking Loch Fyne (Loch Gilp to be exact). Let's get this barbie started!
  13. Sky News showing still photos with their report which I can understand as they don't have rights to the footage but BBC news doing similar doesn't make sense. Is the news channel seen as a separate entity from BBC One?
  14. This Belgian strawberry beer is delicious. Excuse theglass - just finished some red wine and couldn't be arsed getting another glass.
  15. An extended trial like this is great for the club to have a really good look at him but I still find it unusual, particularly from the player's perspective as it seems a bit eggs all in one basket.
  16. Doesn't sound very convincing if he's been on trial for 4 months and not been signed up yet.
  17. I would have thought so, unless United are expecting to sell Siegrist shortly.
  18. Any explanation for it being filmed other than it obviously being staged?
  19. Looks like they've brought in the guy with the sticky bin bags who deals with old adverts at Firhill.
  20. I wondered about alternate claret and Amber stripes but maybe you wouldn't see the claret against the black.
  21. I was up that way at the weekend and went sea kayaking on West Loch Tarbert with a local company, Kayak Majik. Trickier than I thought it would be but absolutely glorious. No photos unfortunately as I didn't take my phone out for obvious reasons.
  22. You don't get bans like that any more either. Just the 12 games I think it was.
  23. They caved in to uefa pressure for the euros but the Murrayfield game makes no sense considering the restrictions. If we're coming out of restrictions other than face coverings then there should be no limit to crowd numbers after that.
  24. I had my photo taken with Fish from Marillion before the game. Other than that, my trip was nowhere as eventful as yours - my parents were going on holiday to the Nice area so I tagged along and milked the bank of mum and dad. Genoa was roasting, it was chucking it down in Milan and we didn't make the Sweden game (the only game we won).
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