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  1. I've just noticed Rangers are at Liverpool at the same time. I had planned to listen to this game on the radio but coverage will be....minimal at best.
  2. Well hopefully he plays a blinder on Saturday because they're not going to see much of him before January. Scrap that, I forgot this game isn't on the telly because they're at home.
  3. A wee blonde on a Monday night. Not particularly blonde looking but very tasty.
  4. Just noticed I took a picture of the back side!
  5. McEwan's 80' in the Laurieston. Magnificent. No further words required.
  6. A pre-match pint of Hurricane Jack from Fyne Ales in the Laurieston. They've also got Tartan and McEwan's 80 and Export on draught. I'm in nostalgia heaven.
  7. I always thought Gordon had a strange look on his face.
  8. My arms may well be among those being thrown up in premature celebration in the view from behind the goal. I think everyone just assumed it had to go in.
  9. It's probably worth watching the highlights of the Hearts game just to be astounded by McGinn's miss. I know the photo shows Gordon trying to block it but in real time from behind the goal we couldn't believe it hadn't gone in. There was a dreadful miss by Aberdeen's striker late on against Hibs but I think this eclipsed that.
  10. Sorry, should have thanked you at the time. Went with your advice on the Bunna and it's a lovely dram. Back in duty free today but just looking as I'm on a domestic flight. Some people obviously have a MUCH bigger whisky budget than I do as a woman reached across me and picked up this 18yo Balvenie for the princely sum of £180!
  11. Ah, so the 6'4" guy wasn't just further away! That's tall but not unusual - I don't think I've ever seen anyone over 7 feet before other than basketball. Everyone else looked like munchkins.
  12. Fantastic photo. Where's that? Snow at this time of year.
  13. No[emoji1]. There was actually someone younger and much taller looking in another group! Maybe it was just those around him were smaller.
  14. I'm going to watch some House of the Dragon now, it's more believable.
  15. That's exactly who I was thinking of! Hen was towering over everyone else, even the guards with their bearskins.
  16. I don't know who the guys in suits are in front of the hearse but one of them is possibly the tallest man I have ever seen and is obviously struggling to take baby steps to march at the same pace as everyone else.
  17. Surprisingly jaunty version of The Skye Boat Song from the pipe band.
  18. I've said this before (well, it has been going on forever) but videoing a hearse seems a very strange way of paying your sombre respects. It seems to have become standard behaviour for the thousands lining the road though.
  19. These xG stats are a pile of pish, the St. Johnstone game being the best example. Both teams with an xG of less than 1 - actual scoreline 2-1.
  20. I called a company once for technical advice and their technical manager was called Peter Tobin. It was shortly after the girl's body had been discovered below the church floorboards and I got the impression he was fed up on people commenting on his name. Seemed a decent bloke but I'm not convinced by a minute's silence.
  21. I'm not a royalist and won't be grieving but there are plenty of people who seem to get a minute's silence or applause and I'll either join in or stay quietly in my seat out of respect for my fellow supporters who do wish to pay tribute. It's common decency. I just can't get my head round booing or singing through a tribute, no matter who it's for.
  22. I've got some stuff to do around the house this afternoon and I'm normally quite happy working away while listening to OAM. Change of plan- I'm not spending my afternoon listening to a Rangers game with token coverage of the other games. Podcasts for me. Edit. I've put the radio on for 5 minutes before I start and they are going to reporters at other games for goals. It appears they have reporters covering the games, they just can't be arsed putting them on OAM.
  23. Depends what mood I'm in! Currently drinking Hop Rocking Beats Hazy IPA from 71. Quite nice but not sure of the sour aftertaste.
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