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  1. A piece on Tommy Coyne and also managing to shoehorn in Marv's goal against Bell. Well played.
  2. Sounds good but what does TYB mean forthosenotup on theirtext speech? I tried googling it and it suggested Take Your Bitch or Tickle Your Balls which I assume weren't what you intended [emoji1]
  3. I've been in Argyll the last few days so had a few rides on some off-road and forestry tracks on my ancient and clunky mountain bike rather than my usual road bike rides. Plenty of climbing, completely different pace and enjoying the change.
  4. A bottle of Highlander from Fyne Ales followed by a few nondescript Beer 52 cans that I can't be arsed listing. Oh, and some wonderful Lidl Ben Bracken Islay 16yo to wash them down.
  5. A bit earlier but we also had John Sullivan regularly announced in our team on the radio when it should have been John Philliben.
  6. Snap - I had one of those as well tonight! And an Avalanche last night. I'm up at Loch Fyne for a few days after all.
  7. I'm a driver and a cyclist and there are unfortunately plenty of cyclists that give the rest of us a bad name. I put delivery cyclists in a different category from all other cyclists and hope everyone else does also.
  8. Not the best idea in the world if you're going in the Queen Street direction! Anyway, I give you 'Strathaven' which I remember Mark Radcliffe regularly pronouncing as it's spelled on the radio before I realised where he meant
  9. I was in a pub yesterday that sold West's German Pale Ale. Never had it before but thought it was wonderful. My opinion might be skewed however as I've not been drinking recently and this was the first beer I could actually taste after a bout of covid. I could live with the cold I had but the lack of taste was a complete bugger.
  10. I've been impressed by the new artwork going up outside Firhill. Forgive my lack of knowledge of older Thistle players but, going by the sign, I assume his name's McParland.
  11. It looks like a Juniors ground - what division is that in? Although the police that came on very much look like top division.
  12. To be fair to the Vatican, it's primary function isn't to be a tourist attraction.
  13. Someone decided 9am would be a good time for a Teams meeting tomorrow morning. Wouldn't it be terrible if it was still not working by then?
  14. For those who eere at the game, how did Woolery do? Are we likely to see Roberts come in after the break?
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