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  1. I'm not always a fan of fruit beers but agree with you on the Roisin Tayberry - lovely and fruity but still very much a beer. Similarities with Ruby Leffe.
  2. In a way it's quite comforting to find out my wife isn't the only one who does this. She sweeps the kitchen floor into a wee corner beside the fridge and just leaves the pile. I've never been able to understand why leaving a pile of dirt in the corner of the kitchen is acceptable behaviour.
  3. 5 points in 9 games is an absolutely astonishing drop in form. Complete bottle crash. Particularly when Thistle's 21 points in 10 games over the same period is good but hardly outstanding.
  4. BBC now reporting that Maurice Ross made a racially insensitive comment to one of the players at Notts County.
  5. So 2 nominations for Paisley and one in Renfrew in the curry awards and St. Mirren fans are coming on to this thread to go on about our administration from 20 years ago and a cup game they lost over 40 years ago. What is wrong with these people?
  6. Don't know if it was only Motherwell that sang it but I remember a song that finished with the lines: But you've got to be frank, McGarvey's a w**k. Frank McGarvey's a w**k!
  7. I'm always amazed at the way some people driving 4x4's slow to an unbelievable crawl for fairly minor speed bumps.
  8. Frank McGarvey says we kicked them off the park so it must be true. Anyway, that reminds me of a little song so I'm off to that thread.
  9. I'm a fairly regular cyclist (although miles away from Day of our Lord's level) in Glasgow and have to say it sometimes feels as though I'm the only cyclist that stops at red lights. There's been plenty of occasions when I've stopped at the lights and other cyclists have come up from behind (Kenneth) and just carried on through. As a driver though, it doesn't get me raging, I just find it rather odd. Deliveroo riders though are something else altogether with no attention to any road rules and no lights or hi-vis in the dark.
  10. Definitely jag for me. Jab sounds more like a punch whereas a jag is similar to a sharp sting.
  11. Loch Lomond's Jaffa The Hut is a perfectly decent stout but really didn't get the orange flavour.
  12. I had the same problem but it's now resolved after following the above suggestions. However I recently got a new phone (Samsung A71) and have found that the Tapatalk app doesn't accept the format of the photos when I try to upload them. Any suggestions?
  13. Stewart Brewing's Hazy IPA and Fierce's Day Shift Hazy IPA were both lovely and very drinkable.
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