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  1. Congratulations! Although you're wife's probably not best pleased about her big day being overshadowed [emoji16]. In years to come you'll look back and she'll say "Remember the day we got married " and you'll say "Yeah, Graham Alexander got sacked "!
  2. That's a lot of cleaning up if he's got the salt cellar as Slattery.
  3. Who wins the Mark McGhee Transformation Award - Jim or Steven McGarry?
  4. Pretty much agree with all of that, including yum-yums. The mention of significant compensation would probably rule Valakari out. Interesting to see he was allegedly offered the job in 2015.
  5. Someone mentioned Fotheringham to me and, while I don't place much stock in his opinion, Alan Preston was singing his praises and recommending him for the job on Radio Scotland after Alexander got sacked. That probably just means he's his agent though.
  6. Highly unlikeable but probably still a better manager than most of the names kicking about.
  7. Looks like Cornelius and Efford getting stripped for second half.
  8. Is Andy Considine not due a set-piece header against us?
  9. Yes, the St Johnstone v Motherwell games in the second half of last season!
  10. To get that £350k we'd have had to have got through to the next round and I'd be unlikely to be able to bite my fingers just now.
  11. It would have to be that picture of his face when Mohsni's fist has just connected with his jaw. I just googled Mohsni to check the spelling and he appears to currently be playing for Dungannon Swifts in Northern Ireland which strikes me as incredibly bizarre.
  12. Who the hell was Scanlon? I know my memory is not what it was but I have no recollection of him at all?
  13. That's some spectacular pedantry but a proper pedant would point out it's an exclave and an enclave.
  14. The previous fixture had both sets of 'Ultras' jumping the barrier to run towards each other. Yesterday there was a line of stewards in front of the Motherwell Bois but only three or four in front of the St Mirren fans. Had they scored, they'd have been across the barrier before you knew it.
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