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  1. The swerve on that shot is something else. Still surprised he's had to drop to that level though.
  2. What season is that from? No Tayside representation and a couple of current League One teams.
  3. Ah, I'm not going mad - I was sure I saw that picture (see-through body stocking?) and was wondering where it had gone. For artistic reasons obviously.
  4. I was there also. You can see me in the crowd- I'm the one in the gaudy late-80's anorak [emoji6] I had to laugh when they showed Cammy Duncan being carried off down the tunnel- none of your fancy stretchers, it's only a bit of concussion.
  5. I don't know anything about Barnsley's situation but I assume Sunderland have had their fingers burnt and won't be trying the young upcoming manager from the Scottish leagues route again anytime soon.
  6. I've not seen that much of either of them but from having a walk around while waiting for trains, Preston was idyllic compared to Bolton. What an utter hole.
  7. Well done to anyone who survives this killer of a weekend. East Fife did for me (and a lot of others). I was going to go for Motherwell but didn't want to jinx them - just shows I should have more faith in my own team.
  8. You hit the jannie with your snowballing??? I hope he had a bucket of sand handy to clean up the mess.
  9. Leaving me even more confused with this thread than the name change. Not sure why, she wasn't getting any stick.
  10. Well, this thread has taken a bit of a turn. I'm also confused by some of Rowan's posts being by RH33 but also listed as being by Rowan when quoted. I'm struggling to keep up as it is!
  11. Week 1 - Celtic Week 2 - Falkirk Week 3 - Raith Rovers Week 4 - Aberdeen Week 5 - Rangers Week 6 - Dundee United Week 7 - Cove rangers Week 8 - East Fife
  12. Yeah, I associate him with Raith Rovers but generally as being a journeyman and then thought, wait a minute I think he played for us for a short while. I looked him up and was amazed to see he made 29 appearances for the 'Well as well as 94 for Raith and 126 for Dunfermline (and plenty of other clubs too). He even scored 2 goals for us and Wiki says he's Jim Baxter's nephew!
  13. Once you've seen (and heard) one of these contraptions in action, you'll never get the memory out of your head.
  14. https://images.app.goo.gl/4TrETkUZYhe5dWFH9 Wasn't him, was it?
  15. She says she disowned her sister for giving her kids dinosaur toys as Christmas presents so I assume she's at the wind-up but it's quite well done. She pushes all the buttons that I imagine would get a lot of bites (but I haven't gone on mumsnet to find out).
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