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  1. Probably best doing something with the garage. Second best would be dormer windows. Do not remove the roof and replace with a steeper pitch- you'll gain very little and spend a fortune.
  2. You really need to talk to a local architect who is experienced in extensions in your area. They should have a rough idea of costs for the different options. You'll need to factor in fees for the architect, structural engineer and building warrant. If you know anyone who has had similar work done nearby it would be worth speaking to them to see if they would recommend their architect (and builder).
  3. I hadn't been watching but just turned on to see the score. Boyd was absolutely livid!
  4. There are all sorts of absurdities in that story but the one that stood out for me (apart from the obvious activity with dogs) is that he was "furiously " masturbating at the time. Did the judge question the witnesses as to his wanking style?
  5. I saw a couple of these wee birds with the red bills on the canal this morning. Haven't seen them before- are they some sort of duck? And yes, before anyone says it, I know the big white ones are swans!
  6. Really good episode. Danny Lennon was a great guest and I really enjoyed the feature on the card collector. I've got the Shuggy Edvaldson sticker in the 1978 Panini album with the terrible photo-shopping and was always amazed by it. Good to hear how they made it.
  7. Generally agree but I do like 1 or 2 like an Old Jock or McEwan's Champion to finish the evening. Anyway, tonight's offerings: Wasn't particularly taken with the Erdinger but the others are regular favourites. Washed down with some delicious Bunnahbhain 12yo and a lovely Glenrothes 10 before that.
  8. I can recommend a read of any of our recent match threads although you can generally stop reading when the match starts. Anything to take our minds of the actual football. Has to be garlic nan for me. Sometimes the curry itself is merely a sauce for the nan. I've never found shop bought nans to come close to those bought from a restaurant or takeaway and will sometimes even just get a fresh nan from the local kebab shop to go with the supermarket curries. Anyway, as usual I'm not confident about today. It sounds as though Hibs are fairly dynamic and like to keep the ball down so should win easily. We're far more comfortable when teams just lump aimless crosses into our box (see Rangers, Kilmarnock).
  9. A bit late but I've been catching up on last week's episode. Really enjoyed it, particularly the Campbeltown feature. Very good Last Minute Winner, nice to hear an original song but "George's Cross" - have they ever been to Firhill?
  10. I suspended my Beer 52 delivery for this month- getting the impression I made the right decision.
  11. Did he do ok? I wasn't watching closely but my dad said he looked out of his depth.
  12. The problem is that the two following games are probably more difficult (on paper) - Livi and Hibs so that could well turn into 3 points from four games.
  13. We've got an important week coming up. If we win today and on Wednesday we're pretty much safe and closing in on the teams that are vying for top six. On the other hand, if we play like last week we could lose both these games we're deep in trouble and the gap will no doubt have closed. Really depends which Motherwell turnup and how we cope with injuries - I'd settle for 4 points from the two games right now!
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