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  1. The Spy Who Came In From The Cold with Richard Burton. Watched it tonight from Sky Cinema. I've seen the TV series but it was a long time and this film version was wonderful, just so clever.
  2. Just come through duty free in Stansted and it's very slim pickings for domestic travellers. They gave me a taste of Longmorn from Elgin which I hadn't heard of before. It was nice but not nice enough to spend £56 on for 70cl.
  3. That doesn't come close to the attempts made to get the game on at Inverurie! Postponed every few days.
  4. I think we were leading 1 nil through a Townsley goal in the abandoned game but the game was a farce.
  5. Did we draw the rescheduled game and take it to a replay? I've got a vague memory of losing the rag at Davies, which genuinely isn't like me. Hilariously massive police presence at the rescheduled game after they were caught out by the half time call-off.
  6. Maybe there should two separate lists- best goals and best 'occasion' goals.
  7. I didn't notice last night that auto-correct had changed Chiron to Chronic! It wasn't intentional but it's not that far off the truth.
  8. Chronic American Pale Ale from Thornbridge is disappointing. What little taste it has isn't very nice.
  9. 7 Hop Ale from Moonwake in Leith. Quite nice but not a strong flavour considering it's 5.5%.
  10. I was disappointed to see it only came up with my avatar from here and images from various threads I'd posted on.
  11. That's the one! It's complete nonsense and totally out of context considering the subject being discussed.
  12. I suggest you never attend a Motherwell match. Good chance of the Motherwell clapping chant and Twist and Shout.
  13. Seems a sensible post but there's still a bonkers response criticising the team.
  14. Sapien Double IPA from William Bros. Not much taste initially but then kicks in.
  15. I've only ever got that in cans from the brewery, where did you find it on draught? This Late Shift NEIPA from Fierce is lovely.
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