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  1. I thought Melissa had tried to move on and doesn't talk about it whereas Michaela seems to be trying to become a bit of a minor celebrity and make a living of the back of her story.
  2. The visibility isn't great there when coming from the road on the left either, past Gilshochill Station.
  3. Really impressed with KVV. Great touch, huge and likes clattering people- definite bit of the Higdons about him. I think we need a vote on whether he's going to get more goals or yellow cards. Both could easily be in double figures.
  4. You obviously wouldn't have seen much of St. Mirren last season but that soft penalty yesterday but would have been well down the list of soft penalties they got last season. Welcome to the Premiership.
  5. He's got nice hair though. And calves, don't forget the nice calves.
  6. Thanks guys for the heads-up on the Lidl beer festival. I headed to my local shop at lunchtime today but because it's being renovated they didn't appear to be taking part and just had their usual collection. I did pick up a brochure though to see what I was missing. Anyway, enjoying this 'juicy lager' although it's a bit more like a IPA.
  7. And who was it directed to? Looking forward to my return to Fir Park on Sunday but I've just found out it will be from row C of the Cooper [emoji3064]
  8. I know you may well your tongue in your cheek but I'm not placing a lot of stock in 20 appearances in the second tier of the Irish league.
  9. Sitting through some black and white Polish arthouse film because it had a red triangle in the corner of the screen.
  10. That's the only vote I can remember on a one-off issue other than elections of board members. There was talk of there being a vote on some of the issues relating to ending the Covid season early but I don't think it got that far.
  11. If you're going by those criteria then you'd have Alexander, with over twice as many caps, above Davidson.
  12. I'm not on Twitter or Instagram but it looks as though they're mainly used for crazy stalking shit. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether I'm talking about Capt Oats or Tony Watt.
  13. Obviously there's been an assumption that all or part of the club's windfall was being used as a signing on fee but do the players get paid for playing at the Euros by the SFA or does all of the payment go to the club? I've heard he got a very substantial payment for playing at the Euros but have no idea whether that's from the club or SFA.
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