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  1. 'Just the Goals' from Hearts Women's 24 goal victory over Raith Rovers LFC from Sunday 11th August 2019 in SSE Scottish Cup Round 3.
  2. 'Just the Goals' from our first two home fixtures of the Scottish Building Society SWPL 2 season.
  3. Interviews with Hearts WFC coach Andrew Enwood and several 1st team players. Plus the 2018 media day Crossbar Challenge!
  4. We’re always looking for new players as well across all the age groups, so if you have any daughters, granddaughters, sisters, girlfriends etc that are keen to play, then get in touch please. U9’s (coming soon), U11’s, U13’s, U15’s, U19’s, Development and First Team. contact: [email protected]
  5. Latest SWPL2 highlights from Sunday 26th August v Glasgow Girls (plus 'Just the Goals' below) : Please subscribe here: bit.ly/2P78NhE Just the goals:
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