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  1. Latest Podcast is a chat with The Fitba Nomad about his blog and Airdrie visit https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/otl-podcast/id1458037240?i=1000567552357
  2. Not been munching Crunchy Carrots anyway!
  3. Latest podcast is up. Murray Out! https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/otl-podcast/id1458037240?i=1000563618237
  4. Congratulations to Queen’s Park. Over the 2 games created far more than us. Simon Murray a class act and the Queens Bench was far stronger than ours. Hard one to take for us with the points gap and missing out on promotion to a team that we’ve played 8 times and not lost in 90 minutes to. Them’s the breaks. Need to dust ourselves down and fight for top 4 v Dunfermline, Falkirk, QotS, Kelty, Alloa, Montrose and anyone else who makes a run of it next year.
  5. I believe you guys will be opposite the main stand. That’s based on me asking the club for a ground hopper mate. That’s what I was told
  6. https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/Z49AKKSTJkRfuPob8 latest podcast is up. Not the most difficult to talk about!
  7. Back then Sommerset had the skinniest goal frames I’d ever seen. It was like they were made of copper piping painted white and you could see the top corners had joining pieces that the post and bar fitted into. The bar didn’t actually break that day, it popped out of the joining piece. I always like quirky things like that (or say a beautiful pavilion). Shame that you’ve moved to standard ones now but they should cope with half a dozen fans swinging on them!
  8. Latest podcast is up. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/otl-podcast/id1458037240?i=1000559766103
  9. Off to the Championship Forum you !! I think Dylan’s mercurial nature and the fact so many of his contributions ended up on the SPFL Twitter Feed probably helped him to the award. Mitch will need to make do with a league winners medal!!
  10. https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/otl-podcast/id1458037240?i=1000559328837 Latest Podcast up What is your combined 11 between 03/04 and 21/22 I’m going with Currie Docherty, McManus, Fordyce, Lovering McCabe Frizzell Easton McLaren Gow Coyle Harsh on so many! Didn’t think Marv had a great season (possibly his least impressive as I loved him as a player). David Dunn was excellent that year. Docherty v Watson was tough and I’m probably shoe horning Doc in. Any way you cut it you’d get a great team…and bench!
  11. I think on that point, you’ll always be David Goodwillie’s Clyde! Chants of “we want our captain back” and the subsequent damage done to your club when your board sanctioned the loan deal have ensured that!
  12. https://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/airdrieonians-airdrie-diamond-scarf/ is this no use for Airdrieonians?
  13. DM me your address and I can send you an Airdrie United one. Probably at my parent’s house so may take a few weeks
  14. Even if we do go up you might get a Neilson Dundee United to Hearts type move with him dropping back down a league for more money. You’d be very wary of the Falkirk job though!!!! Can’t work Falkirk out. Rumours of part time football don’t quite add up with Griffiths or believing they could attract a manager away from a functional football club!
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