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  1. Thought it worked better from the Railway side of the park but we seemed reluctant to use it there. I think largely because Carrick looks like he hates it and made sure it was taken quickly before McKay get over to the ball!
  2. It was a handball but it wasn’t given. Airdrie highlights IMHO show the defender changing his body and the ball flicking his outstretched arm but the angle is poor. From the stand it was clear as day hence the shout you hear on the video but it wasn’t given so it doesn’t matter. League is there for whoever can consistently win games. Roll on next week!
  3. Guaranteed every Airdrie fan’s reaction to this was not positive [emoji85]
  4. Raith Rovers unbeaten at home in the league but having put in some poor performances of late. Airdrie coming off 6 straight wins and having won 6/7 on the road. It’s delicately poised. Really hoping Airdrie put in a performance on Saturday and win but no idea what to expect. Roll on Saturday [emoji815]️
  5. Plus a few folk hanging out of Windows!
  6. At Clitonhill, when the drum tried to play it was shouted down by the young guys behind the goals with a chant of who’s the banker with the drum. Then some older guys who were with them gave a few shouts of [email protected]*% off to Livi!! It definitely wasn’t centre stand moaners.... although I do sit there, and I hate drums at games...... and Plastic flags being left on seats! Each to their own though, there’s plenty room in the main stand and if there’s young guys and gals that want to do the Dumbarton thing then more power to them. They’ll find their own place to do it.
  7. Hi all Ahead of Saturday’s match, I’ve made a podcast with East Fife fan Donald Walker. Apple Podcasts link below and also on Spotify, Stitcher, Deezer or Smart Speakers under OTL Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/otl-podcast/id1458037240#episodeGuid=tag%3Asoundcloud%2C2010%3Atracks%2F719472892
  8. Latest Podcast up. Need to get a monthly catchup with the panel done but not sure how to cope with victories galore. For the moment, all you ever wanted to know about East Fife ahead of the big clash
  9. Podcast with my friend and East Fife Fan Donald Walker ahead of the top of the table clash.
  10. Bad day if Fifers think they can make inbreeding jokes about anyone else!!
  11. What happened? I was all packed and ready to move out!
  12. Anyone know what the permitted attendance is for the away end. Like you say, feels like we could take a bigger crowd than previously given that it’s a cup game and our recent Form. There’s always the overflow terrace up behind the wall!
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