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  1. Barjonas, not for me. Wasn't impressed. Mcdonald is done as a player so no thanks. Robertson maybe
  2. Callum Smith is integral to the way we play and I hope to f..k he stays with us along with the vast majority of others. A few additions in key areas will hopefully see us good. Smithy is an athlete and works so hard defensivly too. brilliant team player.
  3. Don't understand the Leon chat at all. Cammy is a far better left back than him and he's not even a natural left back. Let's set our sights a bit higher than that please.
  4. Thats the conclusion I reached too. Genuinely wasn't sure of the laws mind you.
  5. Serious question, why is Rae a red card and McCann not. Not even a yellow? Both denied goalscoring opportunity? Is that not the rule? Also thought McGinn and Donaldson were lucky not to get 2 yellows each.
  6. Not over until the fat lady sings. Airdrie fans know that only too well. Only half time. Airdrie play the same way and take the game to them on Saturday. No sitting back.
  7. Congratulations on the title. Strong defence, very organised and strong mentality and physicality seems to me to be some of the key components for the success from the games against us. Hopefully we can join you in the Championship next season. Wouldn't mind if you're players 'enjoy' their weekend and it carries on through the week prior to our game on Saturday!!
  8. I'm really surprised by this score tonight. I thought having seen both teams in recent weeks against us that Falkirk were far more the most dangerous team. Wasn't impressed at all by dunfermline. Strange game at times this fitbaw malarkey. Apologies for some of my fellow fans on here rubbing it in, maybe they feel aggrieved at some comments after our most recent fame who knows. There's idiots follow most teams.
  9. Falkirk had a comfortable second half but we could easily have been 2, 3 possibly more up inside 30 minutes. It's fine margins but agree that we need to address centre half and add some bite in midfield. Other than that we are not far away.
  10. Utter nonsense to suggest we are looking like a league 2 side. Get a grip.
  11. Falkirk impressed me today eventually but again missed chances prevented us from going 2 or 3 up. Falkirk definitely won the midfield battle and looked comfortable in the second half. Fair play, they are much improved and in my opinion much better team than Dunfermline. Must feel good to beat us as we've owned you for a large number of games and even the 1 game you did previously you shouldn't have. What I don't understand is how your boy avoids at least a booking at the penalty?
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