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  1. At the end of the day McBride picks the team and is in charge of training during the week and must take most of the blame for the poor performances. I agree that he might not have had much say in the crazy contracts dished out in the summer but he is the guy that is supposedly in charge of the first team. The results and performances have been poor for weeks now and we are still conceding goals from set pieces...what do we do in training every week? I've yet to see any benefits from full time training. We haven't looked fitter or better organised than any of the part time sides we've played so far. Even during games when things aren't going to plan he is reluctant to bring a sub on when everyone in the stand can see that's needed to change things. Does this show he doesn't think the young lads on the bench are good enough? I'm not sure what the likes of McLaughlin or McIntosh have done wrong to get so little game time when regular starters Boateng, MacDonald, Leitch, Brown and Fitzpatrick and the rest have been rubbish. McBride and his backroom team have to go now to give us a chance of making top 4 but that shouldn't mean Dalziel taking over.
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